New winner of the Fuji X100 camera picked

I had to pick a new winner for the Fuji X100 camera from Adorama because the previously announced person did not complete all the required steps in order to be part of this giveaway.

The new winner of the Fuji X100 camera is Michael Penn. Congratulation!

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  • OMG !!!

  • :'(

  • Keith L

    -_- grats…losing twice hurts lol

  • André

    Maybe yet another round is possible?? 😛

    • no sorry, Michael has followed the rules of the giveaway and I verified that already

  • ennan

    Oh silly admin! I think you meant Ennan Hamill won the Fuji X100 right? It’s ok, we all make mistakes! 😛

  • Whoa, this must feel even better than winning in the first round. Congrats 🙂

  • dbaechli

    Congratulation Michael ,-) Now I’m curious on your first shots!! Have fun with the x100 and if you get tired of it, pass it on to Switzerland ,-)

  • Oscar

    Michael Penn is indeed a good photographer …

    You can check his photos at

    he will make good use of teh X100 … I’m jealous 🙂

    • preston

      haha, he is IDEALLY suited for the type of photography that the X100 was designed for! Congrats Michael.

  • Congrats Michael.

  • Rob LaRosa

    Wow – I feel badly for Tony!

  • Hey, Congrats!

  • Brent Sudeck

    I’ve been following Michael’s work for quite some time now… He is an amazing street photographer! This camera is going into some great hands and we will all get to see how it turns out. Congrats Michael!

  • Thanks ! After I receive it and I spend some time with it I’ll write a small review.

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