Quick weekend links

    Sneak peek into JAG35's wireless Follow focus from jehu Garcia on Vimeo.

    Just a Quick peek into our unreleased wireless system. This a working prototype unit, not perfect we still have some work but it works and its coming soon.

    AMP Digital Video from Mike Tocci on Vimeo.

    A fun video that introduces the AMP Camera Technology and gives a sneak preview of the GEN II camera features. AMP captures three images with the exact same exposure time, at the exact same moment in time. A custom blending algorithm is used to combine the images to produce a true HDR image for each frame in the video. Of course, we can't display true HDR images (yet) so tonemapping is left to the user. For this video, we chose a wide variety of commercially-available tonemappers, just to get the idea across that all the HDR data really is there for every frame. AMP is a trademark of Contrast Optical Design & Engineering, Inc.

    • Fujifilm Infomercials : FinePix X100 production plant:

    • At NAB Birger Engineering demonstrated functioning concept models of a new lens mount system for both the Sony NEX-FS100 and the Panasonic AF-100 cameras that will allow wireless follow focus. See this video for a detailed presentation of this product:

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    • JAG35: JAG’s external R/C controller is a nice concept. If Canon built than into the 5D Mark III, I would be pleasantly surprised but not astounded. I think it would put the 5D III back into top spot as a serious video DSLR.

      Amp: I really dislike the look of the video from the Amp HDR camera. I hate badly tone mapped images and lament its application in video as an artistic affect. Its use in technical video is another thing. Being able to pick out detail from a surveillance video or that welding video could be very useful. However, I think Fujifilm or another maker could adapt EXR technology or simply post process RAW video to achieve the same. Kudos to Amp for open-sourcing, though.

      Fujifilm: RESPECT

      Impero: The combination of an Impero follow focus controller on a Berger mount with EF lenses isn’t new. I remember being impressed by this concept ages ago. I can’t remember when and where, but the video below is two years’ old.


    • Stephen Hood

      Fujifilm wants to be number 3 in overall sales jumping over Samsung and Nikon. They believe it can be done organically.


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