Is this the Sony a77 camera?

Those two images of the upcoming Sony a77 camera just started circulating online and appear to be genuine. The back of the camera shows the previously leaked swivel LCD screen:

Via dyxum

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  • da

    look nice and real

    • FAKE!

      Just look at some of the buttons on the ridiculously bulky vertical grip, the button closest to the Alpha logo, is that a “HDTV” mode on the vertical grip, while on the camera it’s more like 4:3… LOL
      Look also a at the AEL button, the text is clearly much more stretched on the V-grip than on the camera body.
      Further on the picture quality is worse on the V-grip and the leather like has a different texture and shine, an the list goes on with many other details lacking consistency.

      FAKE 😀

  • Canon style, BTW!

    • Tony

      Buttons layout looks more Nikon to me.

    • Body shape is so CANONish, 🙁

  • Simon

    What an ugly looking grip. Horrible camera

    • ja

      thats just what i was thinking about the grip the camera looks fine

  • Mike

    This whole mirrorless thing sure saves on size! |-S

  • Jim

    Looks like a Pentax K10D or K20D…

  • McPIX

    If the images coming out from it look excellent – who cares about how it is looking ?-)

    • Joe


  • Camaman

    That grip sure is fugly!
    Quite a price to pay and thing to endure for occasional portrait photo.
    You better be shooting 80% portrait oriented to suffer this behemoth!
    I hope the EVF picture is big. Bigger than regular crop cameras OVF. The eyepiece looks tight.

  • The biggest grip ever! And ugly too…

    • Those vertical grips are a pleasure to use–I don’t know how other systems get by without them, but yeah, they aren’t as “pretty” as the integrated grips.

  • Eric

    if it had a mirror, maybe. I hate the lcd in the viewfinder, and yes ive used these, i sell these, well try to avoid selling these.

    • DrSmouse

      Well they’re supposedly updating that viewfinder to be OLED with double the resolution. We’ll see how it looks when it comes out.

  • Hai Nguyen

    it looks pretty nice to me!

  • i like, too bad sony didnt have this 2 years ago when i went canon

  • DW

    The battery grip looks a little large to be the real camera. Seems proportionately off

  • pavel

    the grip is as big as the camera 🙁 Why no to do it integrated? It still seems that the camera would be smaller with the integrated grip than many cameras without it (e.g. Nikon D700)

    • Heidfirst

      because then it would look more expensive than it’s competitors without a grip + not everyone wants a vertical grip …

    • Sky

      Simple: it’d make it more expensive, and by this: less competitive on the market. Majority of people don’t use VG anyway. Those who are interested will buy it. Those who are not won’t. In either way – none of the cameras at this price-point has integrated VG so why Sony would?

  • that’s odd

    that’s odd that the dial is exactly the same as my pentax k20d’s

    • Sky

      or older Sony cameras, or even: Minolta cameras. LOL

    • hard to tell, that’s why they showed this plastic see-through version 🙂

  • Tom

    Could be real. It’s shaped like the Dynax 7xi, which it fits in the same series…

  • Tom

    If it’s true… Sony has done something right with the deisgn. The 7xi was the most dareing design when it was launched… and I could also say it was one of the most advance camera, as well. Bring it on Sony!

    (I so hate the battery grip design… looks so huge!)

  • Herman Hermit

    even if these are faked, it’s probably very close to what the a77 will actually look like anyways.
    i’d expect the evf to be more protruding though.

  • kaze kaze

    May be it is just me, but the grip is not exactly user friendly, people will be like “naked monkey in hot water” whenever they trying to mount and un-mount the grip. Why you ask? Well, judging from what I can see on my small screen, the only way to mount/ unmount the grip is to spin the mounting-wheel-thing, correct? The front of it seems covered off and only access is at the back, and to make it more “interesting” the LCD on the body is movable and hence mounting-wheel is recessed, relatively. Good luck squeezing/ pokking anything larger then your pinky (without glove) inside that.

    • lolly

      “Good luck squeezing/ pokking anything larger then your pinky (without glove) inside that.”

      The back LCD can flip up out of the way so there’s more room to use the thumb 😉

      • Nikonos

        It can not, the hinge is what is attaching the screen to the body. It looks to have two hinges, one to flip down and one to flip up/out. But the bottom hinge above the wheel looks like it does not move.

        • Bernd

          If you look at previous posts, you’ll see that the bottom hinge is attached to a subframe. With the two hinges at either side of the screen you can flip the subframe all the way up.

          That’s a lot of hinges indeed, so be sure to budget some repair funds if you buy this camera…

  • “The front of it seems covered off and only access is at the back”

    Actually I believe there is front access, but is blocked by the lens in the picture.
    It looks real to me.
    Y really like the camera and the grip. I like big grips, specially with bigger lenses.

  • Katalog Or Id

    you’ll see that the bottom hinge is attached to a subframe.

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