LockCircle camera body cap for your Canon DSLR



There is a new high-end body cap for Canon DSLR cameras from LockCircle. A Nikon mount is coming soon. Here is the press release:

The LockCircle billet aluminum camera body cap is the ultimate eye catching accessory for your professional EF Mount camera! The knurled edge and the exclusive finger-fit design provides extra-grip in every climate shooting session, designed for total functionality without compromise!

Machined from solid billet aluminum features sanded textured surface with clear, titanium or black anodized finish. The highly precision EF bayonet locks the cap in position with a "swiss watch" feeling, providing the necessary seal from dust or moisture. The LockCircle was designed from the ground up to the most seamless and functional camera professional body cap.

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  • G

    Wow finally an accessory that will make me take better photos!

    • Shkacas

      LOL !!! Nice one… 😀

  • Anonographer

    It looks like an old school home telephone. They might think it’s an eyecatcher, I think it looks hideous. It’s thicker than the most body caps that come with the camera.

    And $100 for something that is not 24/7 fixed on the camera? If it was $15 I would’ve considered it, but 100.. that is a bit too much for just a body cap that can seal a bit more.

    • Steve

      Any chance we can start running a worst-10-bits-of-crap competition ? I definitely give this a special award as the most-ridiculously-unnecessary…..I mean come on, it’s not even carbon fibre, it’s cheapo aluminium…. now carbon fibre…. that would classy…. 😉

    • Iris Chrome

      It’s hideously eyecatching in a cool kinda way 😉 I agree with you %100. The last time my camera cap was on my camera body was probably the day I took it out of the box. $100 for camera jewelry that will be in bag %99 percent of the time? I don’t think so.

      Oh I can just see it now. People walking down South Beach with their D400’s and 7D II with their badass Lockcircle body caps on [GAG]

  • David Hansen

    Would have been cool if it doubled as a pinhole lenscap…

    • Apooo

      Agreed! At lease give it some function for me to want to carry it in my bag…

      PS. I don’t think the moisture sealing is a valid benefit… if it seals moisture out, it will also seal moisture in when you close it up on a humid day…

  • April 1st?

    If not, it’s a wonderful example of marketing to photographers who have more money than sense.

    Hats off to the designers for every penny they extract from the rich and gullible

  • Mike

    It’s not even black for that pro look. It comes in that entry level looking gray/silver/aluminum colour. Sheesh. No thank you.

  • Yellow Nikon caps are more practical in the field where you can lose your cap easily. I often drop off caps and viewfinder plugs and search them in tall grass. Sometimes it requiers over 10 minutes to find one.

    • Apooo


      Now that’s a good idea by far!!! I would rather pay money for that over an aluminum body cap any day.

      • Stanley Hoffman

        You could spray paint your Nikon plastic caps, but a primer coat would be necessary.

  • My 35f2 is my body cap.

  • Liber

    Now if it was lockable as an anti-theft device…

  • Yeah – that’s what we need; a body cap made from billet aluminum so that when your assistant accidentally jams you need a hacksaw to get it off instead of just breaking a piece of plastic.

  • Mandrake

    $100 body cap? Are you sure this is not a Leica accessory?

    • Sure not. Leica’s cap would cost $899.

  • Sub-par Daemon

    oh wow! an accessory that does not make sense AT ALL! congratulations! 😀

    (i mean… i don’t know ANY photographers who don’t keep a lens on at all times, and keep the body cap just in case the camera needs to be sent in for repairs…)

  • Mark

    I can’t remember the last time I used a body cap that wasn’t made of glass.

  • nyspete

    so f-ing stupid. what purpose does this serve other then make your gear heavier? nerdy wannabe photographers will buy this along with their canon t-shirt w/ there lens coffee cup and eos lens bracelet.

  • Mr kotku

    I’m a little worried about the aluminum galling on the mount and contacts. Plus there is the galvanic corrosion that can take place between stainless steel and aluminum. But wait the thermal expansion difference……… I think I will stick with the free plastic cap that sit at the bottom of my camera bag.

  • kaze kaze

    lol… +1 above to kotku, and add to that on thermal expansion, try touching it with your bare hand/ fingers to twist it off, experiences learn from 3rd party metal gear shift in hot weather will tell you it’s not a smart one (I swapped mine too but it got a nice cool layer of nylon/ carbon fiber to be safe)

  • Oh dear that does look super stupid and totally overkill!

  • benjamin

    the C/Y carl zeiss 45 2.8 pancake is my new body cap! hardly protrudes past the grip and prism bump of the d700 and gives some really sweet colours.

  • cptrios

    If this actually LOCKED it’d be a different story. I could see it being a useful anti-theft device if it locked…or, rather, a “make the thief get frustrated and toss your stolen camera in the trash” device!

    • cptrios

      Hmm…if it had a GPS receiver in it though….

      • DrSmouse

        Quick, to the drawing board!

      • Apooo

        Now about an Etch A Sketch feature on the top lcd.

  • Joe

    It’s the accessory that says “I’m a pretentious D-bag.”

  • Pete Peterson

    If it had a cell phone module included, using the cap (connected to the phone module via WiFi) for dialling, that would be at least sensible. But this …?

    • peter

      A very long time there is demand for a DSLR with cell-phone capacities that stretch beyond making pictures and movies.
      However, even if this cap would make the DSLR function as a telephone – which it doesn’t -, it would be a crippled cellphone without the lens to take pictures and movies: nice try…

      This is no more functional than a LCD cover for the back of your camera with a print of Super Mario on it…
      … or a map Paris, for when connected to a GPS-unit.

  • nyspete

    METAL Expands when it get hot outside. it happens all the time with cheap filters. it can be extremely difficult to unscrew.

    im guessing this metal body cap was in China.

    This lens cap would be awesome if it can double up as a Gas Cap for your car.

  • WHY?? you must be an idiot to get one of these maybe for my hasselblad, lol

  • stepper

    It looks like an Iron Man movie prop – Which, needless to say, means it would look at home on the equally ugly RED cameras.

  • OH MAN AS SOON AS THE NIKON MOUNT COMES OUT I’M DEFINITELY GOING TO BUY ONE…………if it was free or they paid me. Now on a serious note (scoffs) it’s more than just your average body cap, it also doubles as a PAPERWEIGHT 😉

  • lucas

    This is by far the most useless piece of equipment I have ever seen. Hope this company will go bankrupt soon, otherwise they will try to sell you shit smelling lotion for your nikon next time.

    • Antony

      I hope your camera is short slits because besides not being a photographer you’re also an asshole

  • Gladiator

    If it locked and worked as an anti-theft device it might be worth it. $99 for eye candy, meh

  • i have a cap that came with the camera and if i need another i will get one for 4 or 5 bucks i dont need a cap made by evangelino favustralli from milano

  • Well…they got the marketing part right (canon) haha.

  • Phil

    It’ll double the weight of the body…

  • Shube

    How about a pinhole version????

  • nikkornut

    What for? The original body cap does a fine job- though rarely used as it is.

    • peter

      YES … I do need caps for the smaller and bigger lenses and the convertor (also a body cap for that one) to pack them safely in my bag, and yes I do need also body caps for the two body’s …

      And yes, if I act a bit hasty – for instance when any kind of eagle is doing some impressive thing in front of me – sometimes these caps get lost in grass, in water, or faling from a rock of any heigths.
      This happens once every – say – three years…

      So once every three year I look at a bill and see an amount like 15 euro for a 2 cents production cost essential piece of equipement.

      I then say something like ‘… sight …’ and press my code and the YES button,

      but no way am I willing to press YES for more than these rediculous 15 euro.

  • Eric Ok

    I’d buy it if it was plastic but then that would defeat the whole pupose wouldn’t it.

  • John Nguyen

    This is a stupid idea. The Canon/Nikon caps are plastic for a reason. Being made out of a softer material than the lens mount, any wear and tear will occur to the cap and not to the mount itself. Take a guess how long it’ll take before people start running into problems with this aluminium cap…

  • Man, you guys are harsh. I’d love a metal cap that locks on to the body. I think the Nikon ones come off too easily… but I think $39.99 would be a premium price I’d consider. This is outrageously expensive.

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