Lytro light field camera briefly appears in a promotional video

Lytro released a video of a fashion model photographed with their light field camera. The camera appearance is blurred throughout the video except at the 1:26 mark where you can see a pixelated glimpse of the camera and its size:


Based on this picture, the camera appears not to be bigger than a regular DSLR.

The images form the photo shoot can be found on Lytro's website:

Here is the full video:

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  • Anon

    Honestly it looks like a Canon 1D mark-whatever that they’re holding vertically. I love how the masses picked up on this new technology so quickly, they thought it would be available in a point-and-shoot and it would cost less than $1000. At least for the first few years, this will probably be a $5000+ product in the size of a large 35mm or 645-sized DSLR .

    • Ke

      It is bound to be expensive, which is why I thought their ad which featured photos from a drunken party, was a bit strange. Why would you want to take a Lytro to a party?

      • BH

        I don’t know frankly, but I have an odd feeling its going to be something that operates in the same function as a telconverter or extension tube, that is to say some sort of device with a bunch of teeny tiny lenses in it that goes in between an existing lens and an existing camera body. This cuts down the R&D cost and time significantly and frankly would make it way simpler. going with that strain of thought….but what do I know, actually nothing

    • Nikonuser

      I am willing to bet that the current prototype is based on a modified existing DSLR body from one of the major manufacturers. Letting the shape of the camera show would not be a good idea if this is the case. They probably rewired the camera and put in their own sensor.

      • BH

        omg its not that hard, heres from the CEO’s Stanford dissertation on this bs

        go to page 41…. and yes unfortunately I have read it…..but page 41 Contax 645….its understandable with the medium format design its so easy to have access to the sensor and not have to worry about the guts of the rest of the camera.

    • 42PL

      I think it will be cheap and geared to the masses. Around $250. It will not be medium format or full frame or anything like that.

      • Ke

        Seems a bit weird to market it to the masses (although I agree that’s what they seem to be trying, although it’ll cost more than 250) since they talked about never missing a shot, with the massive DOF of the average person’s p&s you’re not going to miss much of anything anyway.

        • 42PL

          How much do you think it will cost ke? I don’t see it being much more than a nice point and shoot- and I think that’s how they will be marketing it to. It wouldn’t surprise me if the camera in the commercial is a prototype and the form factor has little relation to the final model. I’m not saying the technology doesn’t have great potential- but initially I think it will be somewhat of a novelty. I don’t see it being more than $349. And that’s really at the high end. I’m almost certain it will be cheap- both the build quality and the price. To build a serious system camera that enthusiasts and pros MIGHT be interested in would cost huge sums and take time. I suspect they’re gonna try to make their money by selling to the masses.

    • SZRimaging

      The masses think this because that is what the company said. The tech really isn’t that cost prohibitive as it is a layer of micro lenses on top of the sensor and some new software.

  • BH

    The only camera they have ever shown is in the PDF of the dissertation on their website by the founder. the camera shown and which they described as used for the images in the dissertation is a Contax 645 camera. now this shows two things. whatever their technology is it is something between the sensor and the lens. and two that the pictures were made using a digital back.
    so the size and the price are not surprising at all. looking at the images that they showed in that little video they would appear to have fairly significant quality which is a distinct characteristic of medium format.
    Also as to the vertical grip shockingly to some people they are medium format cameras with vertical grips. The Contax 645 had/has a vertical grip. And Mamiya/PhaseOne 645DF has the V-Grip Air. granted the Leica s2 has one too but it is not a likely candidate at all.
    Also another idea lets post men on every street corner in Soho/Downtown and if they ever try and do a stunt like this video again WE WILL CATCH THEM IN THE ACT and seize the camera and post pictures of it online and send it over to that site that dissects all those electronics so we can actually know whats going on….also I’m glad to see they are using that venture cap for important things….like models…for photo shoots….

    • MJr

      He seems to have trouble even getting his fingers around the lens, and it doesn’t look like he has small hands. I’m thinking medium format indeed.

  • David Burns

    i still see this as a novelty honestly. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t see any professional shooters adopting this, especially when you’re shooting tethered in studio with a digi tech checking focus, exposure.

    • BH

      Of course its a novelty! but damn its fun to speculate and talk about it.

  • Technology is interesting, no doubts. I’m curious about in what way Lytro will enter in oversaturated photographic market.

    • BH

      well they have their selling point….allegedly

  • grumps

    ….Great model in the shoot btw!

    • BH

      Thats an understatement, she is rather famous…

  • Theres way to many blown highlights = bad dynamic range, for me to EVER be interested. Not even under controlled lighting they can manage the highlights. Really extremely amateurish. Could not be less interested in this.

  • asdf

    no way commercial shoots will be using this. resolution take a huge hit with this camera. a lot of redundancy required to focus after pic is taken. idk, but to me resolution from that pic seems similar to a 6mp camera.

    • BH

      haha yeah there is a slight difference between the pics in the video and their silly final living shots or whatever they call them

  • Camaman

    So you guys think this camera is operational?
    Not just made up samples of how it should work?

    I am really surprised if they have a working camera producing samples like these! 🙂

  • MJr

    Admin: It looks more like a compact camera in this screenshot doesn’t it ?

    • MJr

      I don’t think what you’ve posted is the lytro at all, and that’s why they didn’t need to blur it. No matter how few pixels, if they didn’t want us to see the thing yet they’d blur it just for the sake of certainty, and covering up any silhouette. The model isn’t even around… wouldn’t make sense. Probably just a other dude documenting the shoot with his 5DII.

      • BH

        you people can be such downers sometimes

        • BH

          And I mean someone had to take the pictures in the video

          • MJr

            Meaning ?

    • Maybe the camera is covered by the photog head?

      • BH

        Or this might just be a very nice and cleverly orchestrated scam because someone wanted to shoot a super model.

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