Sony Alpha a77 is not out yet, but it’s already nominated for the Good Design Award

The highly anticipated Sony Alpha a77 camera (see detailed specs) will be released on August 24th. The camera appeared earlier today as a nominee for the Japanese Good Design Award. The page was removed shortly after Engadget reported the news.

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  • JG10

    Anyone else thinking this is gonna be the best APS camera ever?

    • justin

      yeah but with a very limited amount of lenses….

    • The best APS camera ever was the IXUX IX.

  • Just A Thought

    Aug 24th, where have I seen that date before… Oh ya, Nikon Rumors say that Nikon will have an announcement that day. Could it be that Sony finally bought out Nikon beating out Canon – hence the same day announcement?? Or did the camera guys get together to announce stuff at the same time so as not to give any firm an advantage – greater impact in numbers after the earthquake and tsunami disaster?? If it is choice two then expect Canon to maybe announce the 60D & D7 replacement and 5dM2 replacement on or around Aug 24th????

    • I say they get together and schedule those dates. I can bet Canon will have an announcement in the next 30 days.

      • Sky

        It’s a period of releases, so even if no Sony&Nikon announcement would happen – Canon still likely would release something new in this or next month. 🙂

        • Just A Thought

          To me there seemed to be a pecking order for announcements. The company with the smallest market share got to announce first – ex Sony Full Frame followed by Nikon FX then Canon updated the 1DS. By announcing together it could be that want to show that they do not wish to take “unfair” advantage of the problems caused by the earthquake and Tsunami disaster. Similar to the total lack of looting in Japan after the Mar disaster. We’ll find out soon enough…

          • Anon

            There really already existed some kind of pecking order before the earthquake. I’ve heard that representatives from Japanese camera companies dine from time to time and decide who gets to announce their products at certain time.

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