Samsung NX 16mm f/2.4 wide pancake lens samples are out

Samsung published some sample images taken with their new NX 16mm f/2.4 lens which is scheduled "to be released soon":


Here again is the Samsung NX lens roadmap for 2011:

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  • it is nice that they find enough followers dumb enough to pay such price for 32mm equivalent pseudo-wide lens.

    • Din

      Harold Ellis, I think you are thinking with your M4/3 brain lobe…
      The NX cameras use an APS-C sensor, so the equiv. focal length for a 16mm lens is 24mm, that is a wide angle lens.
      A equiv. 24mm f/2.4 pancake is a very interesting nice lens.

    • Actually, it’s a 24mm equivalent actually-wide lens.

  • MirrorlessShutterles

    Question for Samsung:
    Why your pancakes do not have the same external design?
    My 30 mm is DIFFERENT than 20 mm and even material (plastic) is different and ring has different color !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Samsung are you dollar store or international corporation?
    To admin: DO NOT TRY. You have no right to kill my post. The post contains the TRUE statement, and therefore, it’s deletion would be considred free speech violation (which is a crime).
    It is unbelievable that so large corporation cannot produce uniform lenses like nikon or sony does

    • Petter

      You need to see the doctor about getting some chill-pills. Free speech violation? Dude, this is his website, he can remove whatever he likes.

      • MirrorlessShutterles

        And this is all what you have to say about samsung photography equippement?
        Not much pal.
        I consider people who attack me using arguments that have merit, as valuable contributors. You pal have not much to contribute. You are just idiot

        • Mike

          You must lead a very comfortable life if you are getting so very worked up about hobby camera gear and freedom of speech… on a blog. Take that camera battery out of your a$$ and lighten up.

          • MirrorlessShutterles

            Pal, this is photography blog. Please present your sexual deviance and deviant ideas on forum for deviants.
            And if you are one of the web site owner pretending to be guest, you know what you risk publishing your obscenity 😉

        • camerageek

          So poor little peasant, tell me how the design aesthetics of Samsung’s lenses affect your admittedly poor attempts at photography? Does the plastic of the 30mm make you poorly compose your shots compare to the 20mm?

          Does the color of the ring make your pathetic genetically dysfunctional and substandard brain incapable of pushing the shutter button? Those of us among the elite are wondering why a common peasant like yourself rail against the world so.

          • MirrorlessShutterles

            Judging from the content of your post, you indeed have capacity to be elite … in mental facility

          • MirrorlessShutterles

            @ camerageek
            And tell you few more things funny boy.
            Appearance of the product plays very important role in customers satisfaction. See for instance popularity of Fuji new mirrorless camera. And if Samsung would in the future bring classic camera (as it was presented on prototypes) they could sell 3 pancakes in one package as nikon did.
            You pal did not come here to contribute new ideas, you came here to spread attacks. You have attitude problem pal. Normal people apologize for such attitude. But you are of’couse “elite”

    • nerd

    • Din

      When the 30mm f/2 was out in the market, the i-Fn was not available yet, then the 20mm f/2.8 has a different external design because are including the i-Fn button and the material could be different to keep the weight down, the 30mm has 5/5 optical elements/groups and the 20mm 6/4.

    • watercam

      who cares about Sony and Nikon lenses? they are Samsung. otherwise you can brand them as copycat if they even try to be like those two. if you want Sony, buy a Sony. if you want Nikon, buy a Nikon. if you want Samsung, buy a Samsung. it’s that simple.

  • MirrorlessShutterles

    Second Question for Samsung
    samsung, are you going to force people to buy kit zoom with your NX200??
    How many kit zooms do you expect me to have?
    If on January I buy NX20 will you sell me another kit zoom?
    What am I suppose to do with you kit zooms? Shred them to noodles?
    Be real samsung.

    • Hannu108


    • camerageek

      Actually little peasant Samsung expects you to use all the kit lenses in a very special way. Just keep banging the rocks together and you will discover what that function is.

    • you are lol

  • osam

    Why is it that Samsung has, to me, the best prime lens lineup?! Baffling. I’d have expected Sony, or maybe even olympus… But samsung?

    I’ve long said all I need from a mirrorless system is a 24/50/100+ prime kit, with the smaller two preferably being pancake or almost, and I’d be happy. Now if their new sensor is any good…

    • fants

      There are far, far too few sample images out there for the 20mm pancake…that’s the one I’m really interested in. If it’s as good as the 30mm, it’d be amazing.

      As for this “announcement?” No full-size samples = completely useless.

    • Ke

      I’d still pick an Olympus m4/3 over the NEX or this NX – but you’re right about the lens line up. I think primes for the m4/3 cameras are an ok size, but Sony needs to really sort out their lenses out – they’re too big for the camera.

  • Eric

    Samsung is really starting to win me over. It bothers me that I can’t adapt M-Mount lenses to the NX system. I think they made a big mistake my making the NX mount too deep to adapt M-Mount glass, but if you can get past that the NX system is far more attractive than the Sony NEX system right now. Sony needs to copy that 30mm f/2 ASAP because I really don’t know what they are thinking with that soon to be announced giant Zeiss 24mm. A lens like that is fine, and I’m sure the IQ will be great, but a set of pancakes like Samsung has built is far more important to have for the start of a mirrorless system.

    • Indeed. Samsung is not the choice if you want to use Leica, Zeiss, Contax lenses. However, two friends of mine chose the NX; one sells adapters and the other is one of the country’s top rangefinder repair specialists. They picked the Samsung to shoot Samsung lenses on. They like the colour, contrast and definition and the price is right. They have no plans to use it with legacy lenses.

    • Din

      In eBay you can buy a “M mount” to easily change the mount ring and use the M lenses.
      It is very simple…

  • Michael Barkowski

    I’m surprised that anyone would want to use a flower picture which is so overexposed for a sample!

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