Fuji X10 appears on Fujifilm USA website

An image of the Fuji X10 camera is already up on Fujifilm USA website:

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  • fuji

    wonder what is the difference between xp20 and sp30????

    • badomen

      Those are the fuji underwater cameras, the X10 is in the image there, but not in the list beneath it.

      • Yup. Wrong camera in the wrong section. I find all the compact camera makers series very confusing.

        Taking Olympus for example:

        Guess which series the T-100 is in? No, not the T-Series and it’s not a ‘tough’ camera, it’s the V Series which means “cameras pack cutting-edge digital technology into slim, easy-to-use designs. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time user or an experienced digital camera owner – these cameras are fun and easy.” But it doesn’t include the XZ-1, which fits the description perfectly.

        Guess which series the E-PL2 is in? No, not the E-Series, it’s the Pen System which means “provides superior optics, interchangeable lenses and multimedia capabilities — combining the creative freedom of a sophisticated digital SLR with the simple controls and portability of a point-and-shoot.”

        That’s not even as borked as Lumix, which has series like “Stylish Casual” including prefixes FP, FH, S and L and “Advanced Creative” with LX and FX and they throw in “DMC-” at the beginning to add confusion. WTH does DMC mean anyway?

        Now given that I’m a part-time blogger and collector specialising in compact cameras, and even Fujifilm marketing has trouble figuring out the categorisation of their cameras, how does the man on the street make head or tail of this?

  • J-Bird

    Full specs and brochure are on Fujifilm Canada website now!

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