Canon is planning something big for November 3rd

Canon is planning a "historic global announcement" on November 3rd, 2011 in Hollywood. What could it be? Maybe a 4k camera? Or a new DSLR with some mind blowing video features? Could it be Canon's mirrorless solution?

Via Engadget

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  • The Story Begins but the (hi)story stays the same.

    • Sky

      Last time Canon made a big announcement with trailer like this one it was a photocopier, so… I wouldn’t count or anything important. Especially: Anything important for photographers considering release place: Hollywood.

      • jake

        so?for you 4k video may be of no interest but for many of us , it is a big thing and it will definitely make all still-only camera obsolete products.

        • humenbean

          Age old argument that is wrong to so many degrees. Video is captured in 24p for the most part, paybe 30 or 60p. The shutter speeds to accomodate for these are 50, 60, and 120.

          As a photographer I’ll pass when it comes to 3 settings to record at.

          Stop this stupid argument already. They are in completely different worlds. Red1 talked about replacing cameras!!!! woah! but nobody switched over that was a photographer to use them for stills. Why? You record differently in every way possible.

    • LGO

      Nikon makes it a habit to make the announcement before Canon. So let Canon makes its announcement. 🙂

    • Jodiah Jacobs

      Look who’s first!
      But, hey, if this is a DSLR announcement that’s good news for Nikon users waiting for a product line refreshment. It’s been said a number of times that Canon and Nikon seem to coordinate announcement dates of new products. I’m still hoping for the big FX changeup. D400:800:4 puleeeze!

      • jake

        it will not be DSLR event as stated , it will be some kind of 4k video or mix of 4k super HD video with pro grade mirrorless camera system which will take EF lenses(I guess).

        so, it wont be any kind of EOS.

    • Herman Hermit

      that’s a (hello)fa truth!

  • Probably vide0-related – I’m sure there’s a reason they chose Hollywood.

    • Steve

      Damn, I was hoping for a new kind of ink cartridge for our copiers; one that didn’t get ink dust all over the place would be nice. If anyone can, Canon might.

      • Sky

        Toilet with integrated photocopier is my bet.

    • Paul

      I’m going to guess a EF/PL mount camcorder with a big chip. High probability of 4k.

      • jake

        or SED TV.

  • broxibear

    They’re announcing that they’ve bought Nikon…we all knew it was coming.

    • die, you wretch.

      But seriously, that’s not funny.

      • Brian Richman

        Indeed not funny at all!

        • MJr

          A little bit funny tho ..

          • LGO

            Too funny me thinks!

      • Jim

        All fanboys must die. Use whichever brand you prefer but shut the f*ck up about it.

        • jake

          you may also want to shut yourself up.
          fanboys are annoying but silly retarded kind of arrogance is more annoying.

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      That sounds more fitting for that ad though.

      A mirrorless or new DSLR is not important enough to deserve “The story begins” or “historic global announcement”.

      More like a partnership with some hollywood studio or something. I hope Canon buy out Nikon and liquidize it just to kill its main competition.

      • Canon wouldn’t gloat about taking over their photographic rival at a mega event in Hollywood.

        This is almost definitely video related. Do we have any indication that there is even a remote possibility that this is for the stills side of Canon? Probably a 4k/5k contender to rival the RED. Could be a DSMC—I wouldn’t put it past Canon to call old news like a RED wannabe a “Historic Global Announcement”.

        Of course, I wouldn’t put it past Canon to market their next powershot as “historic”.

        I mean, they’re Canon. 😉

        • Most likely film related and I wouldn’t put it past them to go after RED in terms of specs and claims. If they bundle it into a 5D housing moniker they will have numbers on their side and I would suspect the price would surprise even me (on how low they will go).

          RED is making waves the big boys don’t like… what did you think was going to happen?

          Christmas is shaping up to be an interesting season this year…

        • ron_fanboi

          Ron your a pure nikon faboi lol

      • jake

        Nikon is not Canon’s main rival , it is Sony that Canon thinks its biggest rival.

        When I was asked some Internet servey , Canon clearly stated that in the servey (email form).

        • jdsl

          you should not believe that “servey” 🙂

    • Greg Johnson

      Riiight. Nikon is part of Mitsubishi, a way bigger company than Canon.

    • Peter

      One of the principles of the Mistubishi group is to protect against hostile takeovers…

      Canon: $3.044 billion net income (2010)
      Nikon: part of the *private* Mitsubishi group $7.2 billion net income (2010). Operating profit increased 74% 2010 yoy.

      • jake

        ridiculous , Mitsubish is huge but Nikon is an independent and tiny company itself.

  • Greg

    Canon to announce Chapter 11 Bankrutcy after falling far behind Nikon in quality and sales.
    Bell & Howell to purchase assets and drop Canon name.

    • preston

      wouldn’t that headline be “The Story Ends”?

    • ah ah ah ah

      …still laughing after several weeks…..

  • Vince

    Maybe they bought RED 8-•

  • Ronan


    Canon caught up to Nikon! History is going to be made!!!

  • Erick Calderon

    It’s probably a competition with the Cine Alta Sony Cams priced for about 7k or so. Probably a full frame or APS-C cam hopefully will have 4:2:2 at least.

    • jake

      Cannot be FF , FF DOF is not always wanted in Cinema world.
      It might be an APS-C 4kCinema ,though.

  • Calibreton

    Canon will announce: our cameras can not possibly be improved any more. Any improvement in image quality will require actual skills and creativity from our users.

    • Dude

      LMAO, this made my night.

    • lynn

      thats what canon said about not ever needing a mirrorless.

    • paf

      …and they will gladly sell you a soldering kit for $499 to make the story yours.

  • 5Dmarkiii, obviously.

    • I thought the 5D was up to something like MMCXXXIV by now.

    • jake

      no, obviously no. it will not be any kind of EOS.

      it will be some sort of 4k video or SED TV or both.

  • Keshav

    as if canon has enough resources to buy a company like nikon. its possible the other way round though.

    • lynn

      sony will buy out nikon.

      • Sky

        Better: Sony couldn’t monopolize the DSLR market, so they decided to buy Canon, Nikon and Pentax.
        New history begins: Sonocanikonianoax.
        New cameras shall use AEOSFK bayonet. Compatible with all previous and future bayonets.

        • kyoshinikon

          Olympus is planning a 60mpx fullframe E-6

    • Art

      Canon is much bigger than Nikon ( cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers computer printers).

      • Joe

        And Mitsubishi is much much bigger than Canon (cars, airplanes, ships, nuclear energy, chemicals…)

        Oh, I forgot, and cameras, represented by Nikon!! Fantastic! Nikon is bigger than Canon!

        I think Nikon will merge with Canon and end the name Canon, because of its poor quality products.

        • What about Cakon name?

        • Al

          Apple will buy Canon, and the focus will shift to movies. Because of Apple’s ability at miniaturization, a pro level camera will fit in your cargo pants. Raw footage will be streamed live to the cloud, then you can edit them from your iPad.

  • DSLR is unlikely. Mirrorless would be nice, but my money’s on movie making.

  • JG10

    I suspect it will be something high end video related- something far too expensive for the typical consumer.

  • Seems like mirrorless and video go together.

  • iteotwawki

    Probably a new high resolution video camera to go with their PL lenses. I’m thinkin 4k.

  • Paul Lim

    1DS Mark IV!!!

  • iteotwawki

    I don’t know, but does it seem like HDSLR’s were a flash fire that seems to be fading?. It seems like the trad video camera companies stepped up their output and now Super 35 are now the chip of choice. Look at the new Sony NEX5n and their fs100. Not DSLR but far superior. Cost is an issue for the fs100 but the NEX5n is a killer deal.

    • Sky

      It’s too early to say yet, really. Big marketing boom is over, so you hear less about it, but for any trend to come out you need to wait a bit I guess.

  • Jawolken

    I bet they announce a camera or two with a “GLOBAL” shutter….

  • Vlad

    This historic announcement is about global legalization of marihuana for all Canon camera owners.

  • pavel

    I’m not a native speaker but shouldn’t there be “…a historic…” rather then “…an historic….”? Maybe a fake poster?

    • They are both sort of correct, even though “an” sounds weird. Btw, you should say “rather than” 😉

    • Peter

      The wording indicates the background and possibly the age of the copy writer. “An historic” would sound more appropriate to the British, some Canadians, New Zealanders and some US Americans over the age of 40. It’s an horrific minefield out there.

  • I have it on good authority that the global announcement is that Canon are going to announce their merge with Nikon in September 2012. The devastation to both companies from the earthquake/tsunami has been far greater than we have been told and the two super companies are planning to become an unstoppable photography superpower. Nikon will also have a global announcement on this date.

  • battousai21

    maybe canon is acquiring nikon… ;P. that would certainly be a historic announcement!

  • Kiat

    Canon bought Panavision ? Or producing Cinemascope lens for the mass?

  • Most probably mirrorless. When Nikon has it, Canon will do it 😀

  • Kwanon

    The announcement is that their AF finally focuses. Well, a bit.

    • kyoshinikon

      Best reply here yet

  • anon

    Canon will be announcing the splitting of their DSLR line up. The newest 2 cameras will be launched at different markets. Both will shoot stills, but one is made specifically for video shooters. Easily steadied body, bigger LCD/brighter viewfinder, enhanced playback options, better low light shooting and a more advanced AF system during video.

    • amien

      3 cameras are coming :

      – a 8K camera, designed for the film industry. (around 100’000)
      -Canon MarkIII (28MP, 2K video)
      -Dedicated Indie video cam : 4K, costs = 4K as well.

  • Rob Ellis

    Got it…A NEW POWERSHOT!!

  • Mark

    Canon is announcing another nail in the abandoned Red consumer coffin?

  • Ole

    They have headhunted Asston Kutcher for their commercials! 🙂

    • amien

      no, they hired CHARLIE SHEEN : THE REAL MAN !!! man man man man man man man…

  • grumps

    A new Canon TV or first commercial 3D projector?

  • RR

    Probably Canon decided to close their faxes factory and merge it with their copiers factory.. and decided to make a huge ultrasonic bread toaster! complete with UD elements , and sugar crystal coating.

  • Great. Now I have to wait to see if this is Canon’s mirrorless or not. Why can’t they announce this earlier?

    • You mean make announcements that they have no way of delivering on for several years like Sigma? Then charge nearly 10 grand on a $750 camera?

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