Another Canon “Pro” announcement on September 22nd

DigitalRev posted on their Facebook page that they are invited to a Canon "pro" event on September 22nd (one day after the Nikon mirrorless camera announcement):


Canon is planning another “historic global announcement on November 3rd.

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  • venancio

    interested in knowing what it will be… deep down i sensed canon and nikon would give sony about 1 month headstart and limelight exposure before they’d reveal their own cards… keeping a vigil for pro DSLR…

  • MK

    gonna be a secret mirrorless they are not stupid

  • broxibear

    They’ll announce that their mirrorless is far better than the one Nikon brought out yesterday…so buy ours instead lol.

  • grumps

    Pro announcement can only mean one thing, although I know many of you don’t want to be disappointed.

    • venancio

      yup, the key word is “pro”… but what if canon will actually compete with nikon and do what nikon did on the expected august 24 announcement?… you think?… nah, too much to think about…

      • grumps

        Keep thinking bro… keep thinking 🙂

        • asdff

          1DsIV I guess. Or perhaps 5DIII.

          I hope so, Nikon needs it’s butt kicked so they finally release something.

  • dgreene196

    When a new S-class high-end compact appears, a new G-class high-end camera is sure to follow, especially considering the introdution of a new sensor.

    • For a second I thought you were talking about Mercedes

  • Nathan

    5D mk III most likely.

    Would love a Canon APS-C mirrorless a la NEX 7 though….

  • grumps

    As far as I know, only the 1-series is considered Pro models!

  • BornOptimist

    Canon had a Pro serie of PowerShot cameras once in a time. The Pro90 was supposed to be a “top-of-the-line” P&S. The Pro90 had a decent 10x (37-370mm) lens with f2.8-3.5. With todays standard that is a really fast tele lens. Canon has updated many of it’s P&S lately, but not the G12. Maybe it will surface as a new “PowerShot Pro” with a slightly larger sensor (like the 2/3″ in the X10).

  • totalreader

    Suppose APS-H mirrorless
    – madness?
    -not… just king of mirrorless!

    • pdc

      and Nikon can do it too by doubling up all the dimensions of the CX system (hello EX).

  • It’s a new Leica killer: the Canon 8 digital rangefinder/mirrorless.

    • Ke

      That Canon digital rangefinder rumour has been flying around for about 5 years, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  • Matt

    Mirrorless is still a very small market, and DSLRs are very dominant. Mirrorless are most definitely not considered ‘Pro’ by many companies, and most certainly not by Canon. Mirrorless is out of the question.

  • plug

    I’m confused. Is Canon pronounced Kay-non in the US? 😉

  • My guess is a combination alarm & compass, after their recent professional mouse-calculator thing

  • cant wait dropped one of my bodies in maine now i have only one

  • Miserable

    They put in a dslr (or an evil camera, well, who know) a new stabilization system!
    The sensor will be stabilized instead of the lens! so you can have all you lenses stabilized!

    .. ahm

  • lulz

    Canon is ready to unleash what photographers all across the globe have been clamoring for the last three years.

    New Powershots with direct to print buttons across the entire lineup.

  • MJr

    Canon is gonna steal all the Nikon users disappointed for the lack of D800 😉

  • dont holdyerbreath

    pro printers. or pro online services. or pro rental program. or some consumer niche lense redone as an L version that we won’t see for a year.

    mark my words – with only four days lead time, this is something underwhelming. camera companies have cried wolf too often with ‘major announcements’.

    • or some consumer niche lense redone as an L version

      As long as it’s not a zoom then things couldn’t get better.

      The “consumer” primes are not as ambitious as the ultra fast aperture L primes. Which means Canon can optimise them even better. They’ll be cheaper because of the simpler design but that’s only a side-effect.

      I have no more DSLR lenses of interest left to buy because I have the 24 1.4, 85 1.2 and 200 2 IS. But if canon makes a 14 4L, 24 2L, 85 2L that’s optimised as hell for IQ (not just the aperture) I’ll buy them all even if they’re the same price as the current, faster L models.

  • Enough already with all those “Pro” announcements. Save them for Photokina. Also, hire telepaths and come up with products people want to use. How hard could it be?

  • R!

    6D!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL HD TILT LCD BYE BYE NIKON I WONT CRY!!!!!!!!!

  • i want to go ff from aps-c 5d 6d mark v give me something to save my money for

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