Canon will have $100 instant saving on 5D MARKII starting September 25th

Canon will have $100 instant saving in the US on the 5D MARKII camera starting September 25th (till October 29th).

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  • DP

    Body only has dropped to $1999 in Canada–at Henry’s and Aden Camera today at least.

    • Lozeau in Montreal also advertised a very substantial price drop on the Canon 5D Mark II body and kit with the 24-105 zoom a day or two ago. I personally think this strongly suggests that a Canon 5D Mark III may be announced very soon. . .

  • Historically speaking, does this normally spell the sign of a replacement for the beginning of next year since they also did a price drop on the body?

    • Around the time the 5D II first came out, the 5D (Mk I) was selling for around $1800 but it came down from an original SRP of 3299.

      5D II’s original SRP was $2699 and I guess we’re now at around the $2000 street mark.

      If Canon’s going to release a FF model lower in rank than the 5D II like CR is saying, they’ll have to price it between the 7D’s $1600 and the 5D II’s RRP $2400 which is right at $2000. Maybe they’re going for a go for a sub-2000 FF camera. It most definitely won’t have the 7D’s AF then. The next 5D very likely (hopefully) might have something as advanced.

  • Joseph
  • Is that US dollars or canadian? Still thats cheeeep!

  • i will wait to see what new comes out in ff i have 2 50d’s now want to upgrade

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