RED also prepping for November 3rd

Canon already revealed their plans for a “historic global announcement” on November 3rd, 2011 in Hollywood. RED's CEO Jim Jannard also wants to announce their RED Scarlet camera on the same date and he was not shy to mention to stir up the RedForum with his comments:

“Details will come. Just not yet. We are very conscious of our competition”
“Canon announces… we announce. The best one wins.”
“We like to bring Bazookas to knife fights.”

Via Photographybay & Engadget

You can now rent the RED Epic-M camera at BorrowLenses.

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  • ycyxc

    bla bla RED.
    you somehow getting stabbed and lose milions in this knife fight. because every time you reload your bazooka, you get stabbed thousand times with knife.

    thats how it works

    • Moobs


  • Zaph

    RED announce that they are bringing a bazooka, but it’s never quite ready in time for the fight …

  • Camaman

    Lough all you want… But we all know RED is the grate-grandfather of HAL9000
    The resemblance is undeniable!! 😛

  • Yeahalright

    That’s a cute threat. It’s like that one kid who always said he was going to beat everyone’s ass’s in High School, but when the opportunity came up, just couldn’t deliver! (PUN!)

  • Canon? I think in terms of numbers of units sold, their closest rivals are …. Sigma.

  • Is any one actually on speaking terms with a single person who paid for or regularly rents a RED camera? I don’t. I don’t even know anyone that does know of a person. RED may as well be a myth.

    • adasd

      sure, they have been used in 5 movies out of 5000 recorded every month in CA

      but they have great PR.

      • I agree… do you know someone using them, or have you heard someone say that 5 independent movies were made with them.

        • Ivar

          Check yourself:

          Seems like 54 movies listed there, made with the Red.
          I also know some media production guys using the camera.

          Maybe not a big number altogether up to now, but it is used, for hq stuff.

    • Chickity

      Yeah, they’re pretty common. I work as a camera assistant in Austin.

      • JG10

        Yeah, RED has become fairly common amongst professionals in very little time. I understand people making jokes about them, because of all the delays, but really, I think they’re a success story in the filmmaking world.

        • Stepper

          People make fun of them because they never slack in talking up a big game but they always come short in delivery. If RED was a person, he would have very few friends.

  • fiatlux

    I’d rather borrow the RED Epic-M at LensRentals 😉

  • Pikemann Urge

    Were it not for the fact that EPICs are very expensive, I’d be using one right now. And I’m talking about still photography. I have my reasons, and they may be different from anyone else’s, and that’s fine.

  • Stepper

    Hahahaha!!!! Red, getting funnier and funnier everyday.

  • Pete Peterson

    Announcement in Hollywood? Hmmm … What will it be then – a comedy, drama or horror movie? 😉

  • Mark

    “Luis… couldn’t of said it better my self. Good job. ” -red forum topic

    I could “of”.

    And that guy works for RED? Everyone, “of” a nice day.

    • Ben Y


  • Dave

    I get a kick out of watching a company dig it’s own interment hole. Pride, arrogance, elitism, and just a general disdain for people in the DSLR filmmaking camp (read, not so wealthy, but talented) leads me to believe that we’ll be seeing this Red company give up the ghost in short order. I like watching that happen when it’s justified.
    Red HAD to disrespect Canon to keep up with their already tarnished image, and to show how well a company of 5-year-olds can “bazooka” the “big dogs”. And to think, the vapor of Scarlet has been floating around for years now, and they are forced to make good on it in short order simply because Canon is going to eat their lunch…politely, I might add.
    Red you are nothing but HYPE, and I don’t care about your cameras. Put ME on your list Jannard, I beg you.

    • JG10

      James Cameron ordered dozens of them for an upcoming project. RED is making strides. This cannot be denied.

      • There’s a minor detail issue that crops up after ordering……receiving! Hope James Camerons project has a ‘what action to take if there’s a delay’ section! Send out for some 5d’s maybe! 🙂

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