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RED Scarlet to include HDRx

Red’s CEO Jim Jannard announced on the reduser forum that they will include HDRx™ capability to their Scarlet camera. This will increase the price by $1000 and a cause a “slight delay in the program”. The price for a basic Scarlet “brain only” will now be $3,750. Here is a short HDRx test video:

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The rest of CES (part 2): RED Scarlet video presentation

Worth mentioning too: RED Scarlet and EVF presentation More pictures available @ Engadget.

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Red Scarlet price and more

Red Scarlet “brain only” will cost you $7000 – read all other details at reduser.net (too much to mention all here):

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RED drops a bomb

Red announced some detailed specs for two of their “Digital Stills and Motion Cameras”. The first one is the high-end EPIC-X which will sell for $28,000. Pre-production version will be available this year and full production in 2010: New MYSTERIUM-X 5K sensor 5K (2:1) at 1-100fps 4K (2:1) at 1-125fps Quad HD at 1-120fps 3K […]

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