RED drops a bomb


Red announced some detailed specs for two of their "Digital Stills and Motion Cameras". The first one is the high-end EPIC-X which will sell for $28,000. Pre-production version will be available this year and full production in 2010:

  • New MYSTERIUM-X 5K sensor
  • 5K (2:1) at 1-100fps
  • 4K (2:1) at 1-125fps
  • Quad HD at 1-120fps
  • 3K (2:1) at 1-160fps
  • 2K (2:1) at 1-250fps
  • 1080P (scaled from full frame) at 1-60fps
  • Increased Dynamic Range, reduced noise
  • Time Lapse, Frame Ramping
  • REDCODE 250
  • ISO 200-8000
  • New FLUT Color Science
  • Completely Modular System, each Module individually upgradeable
  • Independent Stills and Motion Modes (both record full resolution REDCODE RAW)
  • 5 Axis Adjustable Sensor Plate
  • Multiple Recording Media Options (Compact Flash, 1.8" SSD, RED Drives, RED RAM)
  • Wireless REDMOTE control
  • Touchscreen LCD control option
  • Bomb-EVF, RED-EVF and RED-LCD compatible
  • Multiple User Control Buttons
  • Interchangeable Lens mounts including focus and iris control of electronic RED, Canon and Nikon lenses (along with Zoom data)
  • "Touch Focus Tracking" with electronic lens mounts and RED Touchscreen LCDs
  • LDS and /i Data enabled PL Mount
  • Rollover Battery Power
  • Independent LUTs on Monitor Outputs
  • Independent Frame Guides and Menu overlays on Monitor Outputs
  • Monitor Ports support both LCD and EVF
  • True Shutter Sync In/Out and Strobe Sync Out
  • 720P, 1080P and 2K monitoring support
  • Gigagbit Network interface and 802.11 Wireless interface
  • 3 Axis internal motion sensor, built in GPS receiver
  • Enhanced Metadata
  • Full size connectors on Pro I/O Module. AES Digital Audio input, single and dual link HD-SDI
  • Support for RED, most Arri 19mm, Studio 15mm, 15mm Lite, Panavision and NATO accessories
  • Dimensions- Approx. 4"x4"x5.5"
  • Weight (Brain only)- Approx. 6 lbs (2.72kg)

Those are the specs of the Scarlet 2/3 inch camera which will be Red's entry level model (no price announced for now):

  • Increased REDCODE data rates
  • New FLUT Color, Gamma and Sensitivity Science. Now same as EPIC.
  • More extensive modular system integration.
  • Interchangeable Lens mounts including focus and iris control of electronic RED, Canon and Nikon lenses, along with Zoom data (Scarlet 2/3" Interchangeable)
  • "Touch Focus Tracking" with electronic lens mounts and RED touchscreen LCD's (Scarlet 2/3" Interchangeable and 8x Fixed)
  • Two independent microphone level channels, balanced input circuits, 48V Phantom Power, digitized at 24-bit 48KHz.
  • GigaBit Ethernet port
  • Scaled 1080P at 60fps

Reduser via Engadget

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  • grumps

    As amazing as the specs are, and maybe the people who end up using it won’t mind! It does, however, have not single ounce of design aesthetic in place!
    I would be very disappointed to pay this much, even for such great specs.

    • That’s crazy talk. The thing is beautiful.

      • GlobalGuy

        It looks like someone tried to eat and then subsequently threw up a Nintendo Entertainment System. Quite odd for an art-field related industry to have no sense of the aesthetic. I’m pretty everyone in the room thought it was hideous except the engineers.

        • Sky

          Yep.. ugliest thing you ever seen: The Red Bomb.

  • WoutK89

    What is the fps for shooting stills?

    • Human

      It shoots video at full sensor resolution, so the stills FPS should be around 100.

  • loickeri

    I can’t see any interest in that kind of cameras, I don’t want any motion on my camera

    • Video is the future of still photography.

      • Adam

        nope, there is a market for both. There are some things that looks excellent in photo that wont be able to replicate in video and there are some things in video that cant be replicated in photo.

        • I don’t think you understand.
          It doesn’t matter if this camera is shooting video or still. It’s all the same 5k quality. Any frame can be used as a still and look better than film. Now, photographers can take a continuous stream of photos and pick out the individual frame that captures what they were looking for.

          That is what I mean by “video is the future of still photography.”

  • hi

    which is the viewfinder or viewing system? the lensmount is at the top

    • Just a Thought

      “which is the viewfinder or viewing system?”

      The viewfinder is a modular attachment which is not shown. Frm specs you can buy LCD and or EVF for it. Visit for more info and pics. This way if a better LCD or EVF becomes available you just attach the better unit. If a better sensor becomes available (Red calls it the Brain module) you just replace the module with the better one. Digital Modularity that the Japanese and Leica spoke about but never delivered on. In a way this the digital+video equivalent to the once typical Medium Format camera system from say Hassleblad or Mamiya for example. Maybe the USA will once again be the leader in photo/video equipment – nah – next we wait for Sony’s response and then Canon’s.

      Love the idea of being able to use Nikon or Canon or Red lenses with aperature control for same. Its about time the use of a single proprietory lens mount was eliminated. Red has shown that it can be done, albeit with adapters yet retain aperature control. It is also a win win for Red, Canon and Nikon. Now if only Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus could be convinced of this.

      2010 is shaping up to be a most interesting year.

      • catastrophile

        Modularity is great but always coincides with super-expensive prices. a standard EVF that RED-One shooters use is ~ 3000$ and a mount for that EVF is 1200$.( How cheap the GH1 is in comparison to this!!! OK this is apple-to-orange comparison, but if you think about how much your first RED system can cost you (just 1 iteration) compared to how much GH1 + GH2+….+ GH10 would cost you (in total), probably the sum of 10 iterations of GH’s is cheaper. so as it stands modularity is just unrealistic for most people and not interesting from the economic point of view.

        • Just a Thought

          You make some good points. Even with RED’s “beyond Leica” prices, they are apparently a bargain compared to the prices of hardware which was available prior to RED’s arrival. Im glad that I I never had the desire to get into video instead of photography (as I’m sure is the family Banker and Loan Officer aka wife). Actually you’ve given me an idea. Next time the usual negotiation about needing to replace a camera comes, I think I’ll ask the Banker to visit RED’s site and hint that maybe we might look into expanding into video instead of getting the replacement DSLR. She’ll probably phone in the order for the DSLR herself after seeing RED’s pricing. Much thanks.

  • Anonymous

    wait…. how many MP is 5k? over 30? Anybody know? This thing will be crazy

    • It’s right around 12MP. It roughly the size of a full frame 35mm sensor at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

    • catastrophile

      5K (or 4K …etc) refers to the horizontal (pixel) resolution, so on that basis they would say D300 & D3 are 4.2K and A900 or D3X are 6K. the current RED-One is 4.5K and is 16:9 (4520 x 2540 = ~ 12MP on a 24.4 x 13.7mm sensor comparable to APS-C ), but future RED sensors will come in many sizes, MP’s & aspect ratio’s (from squarish 4:3 to panoramic 3:1).

  • Just a Thought

    “It roughly the size of a full frame 35mm sensor at a 16:9 aspect ratio.”

    You remined me of something. Video and even Computer LCDs have switched over to 16:9. I wonder when Japanese still picture cameras will switch to this format for their sensors?

    • The lack of 16:9 in still photography probably has more to do with picture frame sizes than anything. Panasonic has a cropped 16:9 option on most of their cameras. Canon has it on their point & shoots too.

      • catastrophile

        Panasonic GH1 and LX2 do 16:9 and other aspects without any cropping, their sensors maintain the same diagonal length in all aspects, when you shoot 16:9 you get more pixels horizontally and less vertically, unlike with GF1 and G1 which do crop indeed and give you an image of 4000 horizontally in all aspect ratio’s while crop from the top and bottom as needed to achieve 16:9 or 3:2 out of the native 4:3.

  • catastrophile

    oops I meant LX3 not LX2 of course.

  • Sky

    ^ Check this out folks. This “red” camera will have 3 mounts available – for Nikon, Canon and RED’s own mount. It seems that the canon and nikon mounts will be fully compatible with the camera (at least in the means of electronics – don’t know how it’ll be with AF).

    Also the thing to note is that new camera will have ability to use FF sensors, just like normal DSLRs, but majority of system will be based on smaller sensors.

    Finally: Red system camera will be EVIL-type, not an DSLR (which is very sad 🙁 )

  • Chris

    You can’t really expect photographers to really be too interested without a really good AF system. I don’t see much mention about AF specs. Video looks awesome, but for photography, AF is extremely important. Even if this does have AF, it won’t work on Nikon or Canon lenses. This is really just a really high-end video camera that just happens to take pictures, rather than the current VDSLRs that are really good still cameras that just happen to take video.

    No point to take 100 FPS (RAW) if they are all out of focus.

    • RED is not going to compete with sport or PJ cameras. everywhere else AF is pretty much optional.

  • Anonymous

    wow even makes the 5DII look like a horse and carriage vs a Red branded space shuttle.

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