Samsung NX-10 specs and release date

The latest rumor is that Samsung NX will be announced on December 10th, 2009 (the previous rumors pointed to an early 2010 release). Those are the expected Samsung NX specs:
  • Mount: Samsung NX
  • Sensor: 23.4 x 15.6mm APS-C CMOS 14.6 mega pixels (1.5x)
  • Body: polycarbonate sealed against dust and moisture
  • Image stabilization: Optical Image Stabilization system (OIS)
  • Processor: DRIM image processor
  • Format image: JPEG, DNG, JPEG-DNG
  • Video: FullHD 1080p/30fps
  • Recording format: H.264 HD
  • Recording quality: SF, F, N
  • Audio: Built-in real stereo
  • Audio format: AAC
  • Focus system: Contrast Autofocus with 16 AF areas, face detection and tracking mode, manual focus (focus by wire)
  • Shutter: mechanical shutter, bulb, 30s-1/6000, 4.5fps
  • Sensitivity: ISO 100-3200 (50-6400)
  • Viewfinder: Electronic Viewfinder 1080p/260Hz, 100% coverage, 1X magnification
  • Main screen: AMOLED 3″, 921.000 dots, 120Hz
  • Flash: Pop-up, GN12
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB 2.0, Video/Audio out, BlueTooth, WiFi
  • Storage media: SD/SDHC
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  • donde?

    Good thing you didn’t focus on the camera!

    • LOL – the picture is not mine – it is from Samsung Imaging on flickr, but I would have focused it the same way 🙂

  • catastrophile

    nice features but is the lady included in the deal or not?

  • Rokkon On!

    I can see why nobody’s noticed the typo in the headline yet. 🙂

    • now you know why I make spelling mistakes 🙂

  • WoutK89

    so, viewfinder with 1080p and the screen is still just 920.000, that is hard to believe

    • catastrophile

      to note here is that the resolution numbers of EVF is somehow inflated by 3x over the already inflated numbers of the LCD’s. G1/GH1 EVF is officially 1,440,000 and in reality about 480,000 which roughly the same as LCD res of these 2 sister cams. and if we want to very clear about these numbers they mean: ~ 460 (W) x 345 (H) x 3 (RGB) = ~ 480,000.

      • WoutK89

        Damn you marketing, you did it again 😛

  • I’ll be very interested in the electronic viewfinder. I think it’ll take some convincing for me to give up optical viewfinders, esp. after my A850 arrives.

  • Din

    The main screen say “AMOLED” and the EVF “LED”, until now Samsung doesn´t have a AMOLED better than 800×600, but yes a LED.

  • le_petit_prince

    I knew Samsung will blast something big.
    A lot of features to look for too.
    I still think there are a lot of misses that a camera company might have included but still there’re a lots to look for to for HD cam. If it’s K-mount then there will be a lots of old K-mount lens available W/O converter, which’s always plus for video shooting.
    Talk about a miss, I hate a EVF on a digital camera in this era. LED/AMOLED means less energy consumption, compared to LCD it’s better but having an EVF on there first mirror-less cam? just a bad design cue.
    Samsung already saw PANA’s GH and GF EVF-less design attracts~. mirror less for these class of camera should offer optional EVF.

    BTW, I don’t think anyone else has better LED or AMOLED but LG which is another Korean company.

    • catastrophile

      I agree with 100% that EVF’s are mostly stupid, they are intended for shooters coming from DSLR’s/OVF who still can’t give up their old shooting habits.

      There is a redundancy in having two electronic screens (LCD+EVF) that display the same things and differ only in that one is external while the other is inside an eye cup. why not simply provide an eye cup which converts the LCD into an EVF when needed? some 3rd party manufacturers are already making such accessories for example to use for previewing while shooting video with a video-enabled DSLR. like this:
      or this:

  • TomTom

    Stufff the camera… I want her instead!

  • low

    wow!!! beautiful chic!!

  • Mark

    What is the price of this Samsung NX???

    • Will

      The specs suggest this is a fully loaded camera, so I’m expecting the body plus one lens will be over a thousand bucks. Maybe $1,200? If it didn’t have an OLED screen and WiFi and true HD video, I’d have hoped for under a thousand, but their intention seems to be to win on features, not price.

  • Paul

    For video use an EVF is much better than having to switch to live view using an LCD screen, especially outside in the sun and for manual focus use.

    • catastrophile

      * no switching to live view you are in LV mode all the time since this no DSLR.
      * in the sun I would rather shade an LCD with my hands than look through an EVF that strains mmy eyes.
      * grabbing the camera to your face as a way to support it (primitive stabilization) as well known to SLR shooter , is applicable to the EVF and about the only way I have ever used mine.
      * to manual focus in LV you are likely to use the zoom x10 magnification, in the LCD that’s nice, but in EVF you’ll feel dizzy.

      Best solution is an accessory eye-cup or EVF not built-in, as that adds to the price/size/weight obligatorily.

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