Fuji X10 camera UK’s price and availability

Amazon UK posted the price and availability of the Fuji X10 camera: £449.98 (around $700) with a release date of October 28, 2011. Fujifilm has not yet officially announced the price of the X10 camera.

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  • Jessy Plames

    There hasn’t been much news or hands-on since the big reveal. What’s the deal?

    • MJr

      Would love to see some samples, can’t stand the wait, but most of all would love to hold one because if just image quality was enough the S95/S100 would do.

      Pounds are just really expensive btw, just like Euros. Direct conversion to dollars doesn’t really work.

      They list it €599 in the NL:

  • Paul

    I might have to pickup one of these. Seems a better bet than Nikon’s mirrorless solution.

  • MK

    700 = flat out refusal, no way no how. 600 = will consider if IQ is better than competition. if not, m43 it is.

    • NanDub

      I’ve been enjoying E-P1 plus 17 2.8 for quite a while, the combo is dirt cheap nowadays. It is 2-yr old technology yet that doesn’t mean the pictures aren’t good – seriously it is better to have something to shoot with rather than always waiting for the next best cam on street and missing all the moments…

      • MK

        i agree. i had gf1 for a year, then had gh1 for 4 months and actually i never really learned how to use either of them. i couldnt take the gh1 around as much as the gf1 so that was sad. i missed taking some pics of the bean in chicago. had to use an s95 instead. just ordered a e-p3 for 699 with kit lens – 2 minutes ago haha

    • MJr

      It will be 600 … just not on the first day.

  • Joaquim Prado


    Any idea when the X10 will be available in Europe? Any chance to become available later this month or only in november? I will be in Paris and would love to have the change to find some.

    thanks, joaquim.

    • I think shipping will start at the end of the month.

  • whoaw. at that price it seems quick a catch !! say comparitive to nikon v1

    • LGO

      Agree but not when compared to the NEX-5N.

      $600 seems to be the ideal price.

      • MJr

        apples and oranges

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