FujiFilm makes plans for mirrorless interchangeable lens camera official

The Fuji X lineup (from the DCWatch coverage of the Fujifilm presentation in Tokyo)

Fujifilm had an event in Tokyo and gave some juicy details about their upcoming mirrorless interchangeable lens camera:

"resolution and low noise will surpass rival the 35mm full size sensor"

Prototypes of the new mirrorless camera will be displayed at the 2012 CES show in January (in Las Vegas).

There will also be a new SLR style camera called X-s1 that will feature a 2/3" EXR CMOS sensor and fixed 26x zoom.

FujiFilm press release about the new camera (Google translated from German):

FUJIFILM Announces a mirror-less Camera System 

Launch of a camera system with interchangeable lenses in the spring of 2012. 

Cleves, 05 October 2011 - Fujifilm today announced the launch of a mirror-less system camera announced. Shigetaka Komori, President and Chief Executive Officer, FUJIFILM Corporation, announced at a press conference in Tokyo: "Fujifilm will launch in spring 2012, a mirror-less system camera with interchangeable lenses. The clear objective in the development of lenses, sensor and processor technology to achieve the highest image quality. " 

Detailed information about the technical specifications and suggested retail price will be announced shortly before the launch.

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  • Paul

    That’s good news. Hopefully the new line won’t be ridiculously priced.

    • GoodJobFuji

      Previously I said “Who cares about the Fuji brand name anymore??” But now I am cheering for you guys, Fuji! If you keep your level of quality high, you can overcome the “analog” image that seems painfully retro and historic.

      Great job on your new cameras, and I think the only slip up was that your recent hit products didn’t have interchangable lenses — so nows your time.

      • GoodJobFuji

        Any plans on changing your name to “FujiDigital” any time soon, by the way? Sorry, but for us young generation, you mention “film” and we get images of dusty cardboard boxes fillled with rolls that our grandma’s were showing us……..

        Time to dust off the image, so to speak. 😉

        • Anon

          Fuji is one of the leading suppliers of film equipment. They just released a new 6×7 camera within the past year. Please grow up and get over it. I’m younger than 20 and I use plenty of FujiFILM products.

          • I Should Be Shooting


          • scurvyhesh

            Instead of waiting for the latest full frame camera I bought a sweet F5 to compliment my F4. Best purchase I have made all year. Got some pro packs of Velvia on the way. I’m pumped. Now to look for an E6 processor to put in my garage. Go FUJIFILM!

          • Hmm

            “Please grow up and get over it.”

            Flamer! The OP was in praise of Fuji and you know it. You might be some weirdo who is in love with the word “Film” but most people are not. “Growing up” means adapting to new times.

            FujiDigital was just tongue-in-cheek. “Film” definitely does sound like olden times. You probably use film because you aren’t old enough to be able to afford a DSLR yet.

            DSLRS are not going away — film all but has.

          • Anon is 12

            You can tell others to grow up AFTER you hit puberty, ok anon?

  • xatnep

    fkng hell! go fuji!

  • Anon

    fuji has their heads in the game.

  • EnPassant

    Better than which 35 mm full sensor? 5D MK1? I guess it vill not be fullframe then but APS-C? The mirrorless arena starts getting crowded. What will Canon surprise us with?

    • Teun

      Fujifilm is a (founding) member of the 4/3 consortium. A m4/3 camera is plausible.

  • brubeck

    I’m from Japan.
    “will surpass” was a wrong translation.
    Fuji just said “can rival the 35mm full size sensor”.
    This means that Fuji is not going to adopt a larger sensor than a fullframe one but slightly small one.

    • NanDub

      Even APS-C sized sensor will work. Honestly I just wish they upgrade the current (old) S5 Pro with a D300 body, they can even keep the same sensor, and I won’t even look at any new SLRs…

      • plus 1000

        Yes, +1000. A D300 body with S5 sensor is all we need, and will outsell D700.

        • ca_boe

          But the S5 sensor was a CCD. This will not work with live view.
          I would expect the new Sony 24MP APS-C sensor with the Fuji EXR instead of the Bayer pattern.

          • Teun

            The fuji s5 supports live view. (although with a maximum of 30sec.) CCD is actually better for video, since a ccd does not suffer from the rolling shutter issue.

  • EnPassant

    What’t the reason, by the way, so many cameramakers use X in their model number? Especially for mirrorless. Don’t they have any imagination? It’s like the red stickers in shops claiming Xtra something. That i myself live in a county that have the designation X is of course just a coinsidence! 😀

  • sflxn

    Hope the sensor is APS-C or larger. The X100 is an amazing camera. The IQ is very high. Anything smaller would not appeal to me. The smart phones are now my P&S camera. I have no reason to buy a camera with a sensor the size of m43 or smaller.

  • brubeck

    There are two different Japanese sources about the comment Fuji issued.
    One indeed reported “will surpass the fullsize”.
    But the other said “can rival the fullsize”.
    So my comment that it was a wrong translation was not neccesarily appropreate.
    I don’ t know which one was right.
    It might depend on the interpretations the two different reporters had.


  • benjamin

    sweet! hope for a nice EBC fujinon 50 1.4 =P

  • Repeat after me: rangefinder! Rangefinder! Rangefinder!

    • Anon

      You people are cheering for rangefinders without understanding how one works. Have you ever used one?

      Fuji would have to either make an M-mount rangefinder (which probably won’t ever happen) or start their own system (which would be very risky). Lenses would have to be manual focus (if it’s autofocus, why do you want a rangefinder, just have a plain old viewfinder), and adaptors would be difficult to make and pricey, even from 3rd party companies.

      Honestly I have more faith in ZEISS to make a digital version of the ZM than I do in Fuji to make a digital rangefinder. Plus, the ZM is already virtually perfect in design, just add a screen on the back and fill the innards with a digital sensor!

      Or maybe if Fuji and Zeiss got together and made the Fujconteissax G3, a digital Contax rangefinder is still the perfect camera in my mind….and those lenses……

      • NanDub

        Nowadays when people cry for “rangefinder” they usually mean “a P&S camera with retro-styling which looks like a rangefinder”. I agree with you that the word “rangefinder” is being widely abused, tho.

      • What makes you think that I never used rangefinder? I’m aware about RF systems not less than you, so calm down or GTFO. FED-3, FED-5, Zeiss Ikon. Is it enough?

        Rangefinder has to have manual focus. AF doesn’t get it for variety of shots and it is ideologically not suitable to a true rangefinder. I have never seen any complains on AF absence from Leica users.

        Looking at the hype around X100, I bet that if Fuji will release rangefinder system instead of those hideous P&S’s with interchangeable lenses, this hypothetic camera will sell like a hot cakes and Leica will have serious competition. Keeping in mind prices on red dot cameras and lenses, Fuji wouldn’t exercise some problems here, so whether comes the fear?

      • BTW, I’m pretty upset on people from the internet which are trying to base their argumentation on their own surmises.

        • Anon is sterile

          Don’t worry slow gin. Anon is just a dentist who takes pictures if his clients when they’re “under” using his M9.

          When he first got it he posted on many online forums asking where the AF on switch is.

          Now he masking his shame by being the king of the rangefinder dicks.

          What ya gonna do? LOL

  • This looks interesting…I hope it’s at least a FF sensor inside a retro-styled body. That would give Fuji the edge over all other makers…

  • ennan

    Rangefinder would be amazing.

    But whatever they come up with I’m sure it’ll be fantastic. I hope they aim for a more pro market though and a retro X100 style body would be great.

    Looking forward to January!

  • Stu McConaghy

    A Fuji APS-C DSLR with a decent lens lineup right out of the gate would be a serious contender. If it surpasses the quality of the X100 (which is amazing) they’ll certainly get my money.

    • Sony is already claiming APS-C size market with NEX series. Fuji has some catching up to do. But I agree that it will be interesting times!

  • iluvhatemail

    As long as they keep making film they could produce easybake ovens as far as i’m concerned.

    • Gordon

      This comment completely reversed the negativity I was feeling from some of the above ones.
      Thank you.
      And long live a wonderful photographic world where film and digital coexist, complimenting each other, not competing.

  • Chris P

    Very much +1 on that.

  • Chris P

    My comment has gone in the wrong place, it was in answer to NanDub.

  • Zeddy

    Way to go, Fujifilm!

  • Mike

    Mirrorless with f-mount please! Rangefinder style!

    • Anon

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all morning. Why in gods name would you want an f-mount rangefinder. First of all, it would be impossible because of the way Nikon’s autofocus lenses work, and because manual focus lenses have no way of relaying the focus distance back to the camera (modern nikon cameras’ af sensors indicate when they are in focus, but this ruins the idea of a rangefinder system). A bayonet system like the Nikon S-mount rangefinders would not work with F-mount lenses either, because you will still be able to change the focus on the lenses which will throw everything off. And finally, the entire point of a rangefinder is to have a much shorter focal flange distance than an SLR. If you use SLR lenses, you completely ruin the whole point of that.

      People need to actually put some thought into what they say before they spew it everywhere. Oh wait, I just remembered, it’s the internet.

      • Mooboy

        ‘People need to actually put some thought into what they say before they spew it everywhere’

        He quite clearly said ‘Rangefinder style’… which has come to mean more the look than the controls. But yeah, will agree that suggesting F mount for mirrorless is not a well thought out idea.

    • Anon

      stop removing my comments.

      • Anon, I am not removing your comments, sometimes it takes few seconds/minutes for the post to apear.

  • Seb

    Great news ! Leica M8 owners, think about selling me your camera under 1000€ before this bring its price to peanuts !

  • Art K.

    Hey all the hopefuls! This XS-1 will have a FIXED SUPERZOOM! Forget about changing lenses on this one. BTW, why did they style this camera like a conventional DSLR? Since the lens is fixed, they could make it more original and ergonomic, kinda like the late great Olympus E-1. Now it just looks more “serious” in a copycat kinda way, so others will think You’re shootin’ with a “real” DSLR. Curious.

    • Anon

      Fuji has a history of doing this. The XS-1 isn’t really at all revolutionary or evolutionary, it is IMO a finely-tuned version of previous cameras they’ve made, with the X10’s sensor in it. Nothing special.

  • Rahul

    “resolution and low noise will surpass the 35mm full size sensor”

    This is a very bold claim. I first thought that the mentioned small sensor size must be a typo but then followed the link and confirmed that.

    Fuji, how on earth are you going to beat a full frame camera in terms of noise using this tiny sensor. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that this would necessarily be a bad camera but why start comparing it with a full frame camera?

    • Ronan

      Their X100 APS-C sensor is already beating full frame sensors in High-ISO.

      People do some research… heck go buy some cameras and TRY them…

  • Disiderio

    Fujifilm need to address firmware issues with their existing line before investing too much $$$ into a new system. I’d love to be excited but my experience with the x100 left a lot to be desired.

    • Ronan

      What? X100 is great. Every camera has its limits, thats where your skills (or lack of it) comes into play.

      • pooh

        The thing just doesn’t focus in low light, even to infinity, and the MF experience is horrible. When in a preset distance for zone focus it’s still taking its time to shoot.

        The only thing to overcome such “limitation” I could think of is a flash, but gosh.

        I don’t even think they could get over this with firmware update. Maybe slightly more chances to get things in focus in low light, but that wired focus ring is beyond help.

        • Roy

          > The thing just doesn’t focus in low light …
          > The only thing to overcome such “limitation” I could think of is a flash, but gosh.
          > I don’t even think they could get over this with firmware update.
          Two infrared laser pointers that converge at 1000 meters, it could be three dots instead of one (each). Just measure the distance between the two spots (all three dots are averaged to avoid invisible pinpoint focus effect) and that is your focus point with the aperture determining the depth of focus around that point.

          It could add two bucks to the cost (retail for two laser pointers plus a bit of firmware).


          > “resolution and low noise will surpass the 35mm full size sensor”
          If it is a 24+ megapixel sensor with EXR then it could do one of those two things (“resolution and low noise”) at one time (with a single shot) and with two or more shots it could do both (or more).

          With ‘four-way-EXR’ (as opposed to current ‘two-way-EXR’) it could take a 24 megapixel resolution sensor and create 6 megapixel resolution images with an enormous amount of DR or SN – now that is a mainstream (easy to sell to everyone) use for a 24 megapixel sensor and leaves full size prints for poster fans (my printer does do that big).

  • amien

    Fuji = skin tone leader
    Fuji = color & film leader
    Fuji = best medium format & 617 systems on the market

    Fuji just needs to become a partner with samsung to fund the best cameras on the market & fight sony.

    • you are bad

      stop saying that, don’t want Fujifilm mixed with Samsung.

    • grumps

      Fuji is doing fine without Samsung. Samsung in the camera world hasn’t brought to market anything innovative, just somewhat fancy as far as the consumer market goes!

  • grumps

    FUJI pay attention!

    Two things you MUST improve over the X100. Focusing in both AF and MF.
    These were the two weakest links in the Fuji X100, that being focusing and I sold mine under a week!

    • Ronan

      AF is good. It needs a software improvement in the algorithm that deals with vertical lines and patterns. v1.2 will take care of that.

      MF… it was never meant to MF, i have my Leica’s for that.

      Now make the X200 or w/e the interchangeable one will be called accept M glass and we are set to go.

      • Robert Falconer

        I tend to agree. A future firmware update will improve the autofocus.

        The X100 is a magnificent ‘stealth’ compliment to a APS-C DSLR.

      • grumps

        I cannot disagree more! The AF is slow and in somewhat lower lighting conditions, the AF hunts. It needs to be at least DSLR quality.

        Also the silly comment about having your Leica for MF, the whole point of mirrorless solution is to carry as few cameras and lenses as possible. If your Leica was enough why do you own the X100? Neither is perfect!

        Again the focusing is NOT good, but there is one! It simply needs to improve.

  • ca_boe

    Maybe Fuji Leica cooperation?? Both are launching a mirrorless system with a large sized sensor in the near future.

  • Robert Falconer

    Looking at the hype around X100, I bet that if Fuji will release rangefinder system instead of those hideous P&S’s with interchangeable lenses, this hypothetic camera will sell like a hot cakes and Leica will have serious competition.

    I am wondering if this new ‘mirrorless’ model will actually be the ‘big brother’ to the X100 – same basic body but with higher spec and interchangeable lenses. That hybrid optical viewfinder in the X100 is a thing of beauty, though probably a more challenging engineering achievement if it is to work with more than one focal length.

  • Alessandro

    I (and I’m sure to be not the only one) wait from you a digital rangefinder camera!!!

  • Bob

    I have decided to cancel my X1o0 order this morning and wait for the launch of the new camera in January. Then I’ll choose which direction I go. For now: going out with the LX5 and a Nikon F100..

  • Trolol

    Man I totally want this. AN autofocus rangefinder with EF mount that would be so cool. No need for a viewfinder though, I’ll just use the screen on the back. Hope they make it at least 24MP, that would be awesom,

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