Canon patent: DSLR with touchscreen (and maybe Wi-Fi)

Canon filed a patent application 20110249165 for a DSLR with a touchscreen:

"The present invention provides an image pickup apparatus that reduces the likelihood that when a user operates a display screen with a fingertip while not looking through a viewfinder, the user's fingertip will be falsely detected, and makes it less likely that erroneous operation resulting from the false detection will occur, a control method for the image pickup apparatus, and a computer-readable storage medium storing a program for causing a computer to implement the method."

The screen shows also a Wi-Fi and network icons - maybe Canon will be the first DSLR maker to introduce Wi-Fi in their models?

Via Photographybay

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  • What’s a Canon?

    Canon is going to crash and burn while they waste time with these useless frills. How about getting some working auto focus for 5D full frame before Nikon takes the rest of your market share?

    • MJr

      it will all start tomorrow with the new 1D

  • Eduardnic

    I think that’s the external flash Wireless trigger indicator not the WiFi!

  • benjamin

    they re gonna need to patent a system that can distinguish between fingers and noses =P

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