Fuji X100 special edition

There is a new Fuji X100 special edition for the Hong Kong market. The price is 14010 HKD (a regular x100 costs around 11360 HKD), only 200 pieces will be produced:

Changes left to do by the Xingzi black brown generous X100, [FUJIFILM FinePix X100 Special Color Edition] official debut!!!

X100 will suit the form of special color edition for sale, including brownX100, light brown leather camera case and strap, of course, was the original Wushao generous hood and metal ring. Chung has a certificate of each camera with serial number that is absolutely unique system of choice.

FinePix X100 Special Edition Package only limited color Hong Kong, available at all Broadway stores (Google translation).

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  • Norman

    ARGH MY EYES, what have they done to it?!

    • Harshad


      • Uhhh

        If they were going for this colar, they should have at least used Ostrich leather. Or a dark snakeskin and make the dark alloy.

  • AM*shoots*SF

    Sheeettt…now fuji is taking on this ridiculous “limited edition” endeavor. Please, leave that superficial B.S. to the experts- Leica.

    • Provia


      We need more innovations like your built in Hybrid VF and not collector’s items. The other expert almost went extinct…

      • regular

        Did you read? It is just a way to get money from the new millionaires’ pockets in Asia.

        Hong Kong is a fiscal paradise, some people there are very rich out there.

        • Fuuuh

          Uh — I think I would rather have someone in Hong Kong MAKE that style for me for 1/10th the price, than be caught dead buying it.

  • fred

    Ooooh! Does it focus when I turn the ring?

    • John Richardson

      Not very well …..

  • ALAN

    Looks like snakeskin leather. Pity. Not a very responsible decision from Fuji. The snake leather industry in SE Asia is disgraceful.

    • Ben Y


  • Colm47

    I agree with Alan’s comment.

    It is also horrible looking.

    Leave the limited editions to Leica.

  • fuji


  • Camaman

    Chinese knock-off look!:-):-)

  • Eric

    What, no gold plating? Boring…

  • David

    I was going to say I thought it looked nice, and wasn’t much dearer, but I’d best not post anything positive!

    • Art K.

      I like it, sorry…

  • looks like a chicken;)

  • broxibear
  • hiplnsdrftr

    If Fuji really wants to milk some more cash from the X100 just release an ALL BLACK version… sans the snake skin

    • Zaph

      People have been calling for this since before the day it was announced, not sure why they haven’t taken note.

  • tony

    Something is not right here. If only 200 will be made, they should price it a lot higher. (or they don’t have much confidence. about it?)

  • joey howard

    Limited edition? I can’t even find a standard x100 in stock!

    • broxibear

      Hi joey,
      Still having stock problems…Where on the globe are you ?
      Lots of X100s in stock here in the UK.

      • sporty883

        Close to zero supply in Germany.

  • andy

    Could be crocodile leather. I like the colour but I wouldn’t pay that much extra for it.

  • Honk if you spotted the Honk Kong typo/spelling error. . . 😉

  • I like it.

  • I will wait black version. 😀 This color it’s not on my taste. 😛

    • sporty883

      +495398573945734 black edition

  • Hugh Bettcha

    They should release a special “street shooter’s edition,” just wrap it with black tape and sell it for $2000.

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