Rumors: Fuji LX10 will have an APS-C sensor, no hybrid viewfinder

This is the sensor of the Fuji LX10 camera - it will be an APS-C sensor. The viewfinder of the upcoming Fuji mirrorless camera will be "only" optical and not "hybrid" like in the X100 (unless this is a translation mistake).

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  • I still think Fuji’s mirrorless camera will have a hybrid viewfinder

    • Nathan

      Yeah, a built in optical viewfinder makes no sense on an ILC without Fuji’s own Hybrid technology. No way would Fuji do this. I think this is BS you got from some clown.

    • I hope you’re right. If it doesn’t have a hybrid VF then that will push me back towards the NEX-7.

      • drj

        + 1 (up to the availability of pancakes prime lenses for the nex range in a not too remote future)

    • Herman Hermit

      if you dont believe that your sources are giving you correct information, why do you post it?

      • Because I could be wrong or the translation may not be correct.

        • Herman Hermit

          so you expect your readers to do the work for you?

          well, thats one way of adding value and quality to a blog i guess…

          • I report rumors – some of them will turn out to be true, others not.

          • Jack

            Get a life dude. Do you know what a RUMOR site is? Are you paying to visit this site? How about you go digging for information on your own instead of coming here.

        • timon

          the Chinese reader said that it is like an 1.3x sensor, the replied in below.

          If it will be 1.3x or 1.2x, very good!

    • Huggs

      I think it does have a hybrid VF & an OVF. The earlier pics show the lever to toggle between the two, IMO.

    • MJr

      Hybrid doesn’t just mean EVF, it also means endless information overlay for the OVF. Which it can’t do without IMO when needing to be compatible with many of their own and third party lenses, all with a different FoV. Sure you could built-in a few framelines without the need of a digital overlay but that would be very limiting, and why would they leave out the most useful, interesting and unique feature that truly gave the X100 its name and fame.

  • MiTaka

    I don’t think this is true either.
    There is only one reason for fuji not to implement a hybrid viewfinder – the sensor is not capable of providing a constant live view.
    Also the sensor dimension is speculation based on someones thumb size …

    • z

      No video then? Bummer..

  • Huggs

    “According to informed sources, the new single electricity Fuji sensor used in some of the length of the circuit board sensor size is roughly equivalent to 1.7 thumb width, height, width of approximately 1.2 thumb.” Who’s thumbs are we using?

    • Huggs

      If it’s Apsc it should be affordable, right?

    • z

      1.7 and 1.2 is NOT APS-C aspect ratio… Just saying…. And based on other pictures, the thumb is so frickin small that the camera look gigantic.. m4/3 anyone?

    • Herman Hermit

      “thumb” is probably a mistranslation of “inch”

      read about it:

  • fants

    Are they seriously using “thumbs” as a unit of measurement? Classic.

    Also, I agree with MiTaka…it would be foolish not to use the hybrid VF unless they’ve got some new sensor tech that can’t swing a high enough refresh rate. Which in a way bodes well for some kind of advanced sensor – but seriously, no hybrid VF would be a big shame.

  • Miika

    How could a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses have an optical viewfinder? would it work for one focal length only?

    • Vaclav

      Leica has been making cameras like this over 50 years! 🙂 There are highlighted framelines in the viewfinder and they are changed according to the focal length.
      Of course, it’s not usable for wide range of lenses. On M9 its 28mm – which covers whole frame – to 90mm.

    • Mistral75

      There could be a zooming optical viewfinder (think Contax G), coupled with the lens’s actual focal length (which the body knows thanks to electronic coupling) together with an adjustable frame appearing in the viewfinder thanks to an LCD (think Fuji X100 and the way parallax correction is handled).

      • Herman Hermit

        that sounds like a great idea until you actually try one of these zooming peep-hole viewfinders. (eg fuji x10, gontax g1/g2)
        these (compact) zooming finders are typically not very good in comparision with traditional RF or SLR viewfinders.

        • Herman Hermit

          gontax -> contax :-O

        • Herman Hermit

          further; in practice, zooming viewfinder equals *no framelines*.
          X10 doesnt have them and neither the contaxes.

  • D7

    Im still hoping at least 1.33 crop not APS-C..

    Based on fujiguys tweet

    current mirrorless camera are X100, Nex 5 etc wth APS-C sensors..!!

  • If it is not hybrid, I would be flat out astonished, if it weren’t an EVF.

    As much as I – personally – like and enjoy the OVF/framelines concept, it is simply not flexible enough for most users – severely limiting the use of wide angle, tele, zoom, and legacy lenses. The recent progress in the EVF field also suggests this.

    • I agree. But more than that, the hybrid concept is what makes the X100 great. Want an OVF? You got that. Too near to your subject? Switch to you EVF. Nobody has done that before.

    • I agree too, but let’s not forget that the X10 doesn’t have a hybrid viewfinder.

  • Peter

    I don’t belive this either. If they can make an optical one, then making a hybrid one is just a bit more work, configuring an optical viewfinder to work at a range of focal lenghts is not easy (guessing it will be a zoom optical viewfinder).

    If you go to all the trouble (no other manufacturer did!) why wouldn’t you incorporate an LCD matrix in to it?

  • hexx

    Could this be an ‘entry’ model, more like X10 with larger sensor, w/o hybrid viewfinder and then it will be followed by XL100 ‘high end’ model l a bit later, once market settles down and Fuji could clearly see if there would be a market opportunity for more expensive camera?

    • Thinking

      That’s what I was thinking. Why have they called it XL10? That said, it does look pretty big and solid in the picture, and I doubt they would bother releasing an ‘entry level’ body that well made and therefore expensive.

      • hexx

        Actually X10 is very well made, I was surprised. Popped to local camera shop to try it out and it feels as solid as my X100. But the XL10 isn’t confirmed yet, it’s still a rumour. I just don’t understand that bit regarding lack of hybrid VF, from the leaked pictures it looks that there’s exactly same switch on the top left side from the lens like on X100 which switches between VF modes.

        I’d sell my X100 if this is the same as X100 but with more lenses and if they do sell 23mm f/2 lens separately, I enjoy that angle of view.

  • Camaman

    I call fake on OvF only! Why?
    a) its a step backward
    b) the prototype has a view/mode button on the back
    c) there are two small holes beside viewfinder hole in the back. Those look exactly like foles gor an eye proximity sensor like their other cams.

    Wow, here I was hoping for at least the finest EVF only and now we get showered with this cold OVF only rumor.
    I was hoping for zoomable hybrid viewfinder premium cam!
    If they make the OVF like X10 and with no information in it, its a dealbraker i am afraid.

    • I think your proximity sensor observation is accurate. What are those doing there if there isn’t an EVF?

      If Fuji is reading this and they really are planning on just using optical only then I hope they seriously consider changing their plans. Optical only would totally kill this camera for me…and based on the other comments I’m not alone.

  • Seb

    Hi Admin,

    I wanted my own interpretation of Fuji LX (motly because i want it BLACK! And i’m sure that black buttons may say that), so i make my own mockup :

    The most interresting thing i discover doing this is size. I take the only size reference i can find in the picture, the VF, and assume it was the same size/one in the mockup and X100, mostly to make my photoshop work easier, but i then discover that the mockup is roughly the same size as a X100, as you can see here (as precise a photoshop clue based on blurry undocumented picture could be, even less now this rumor of non hybrid VF came up, but anyway) :

    • Herman Hermit

      though it seems to me that the area surrounding the viewfinder on the leaked prototype lack the ‘bulge’ on the x100, and is in level/flat with the front. (except the far edge.)
      but perhaps its just lack of contrast in the snapshots.

      also, the front aperture viewfinder might be somewhat larger on the “LX” if the fov is adapted for 28mm equivalent.

      • Seb

        Yep, the vf bulge seems different. Didn’t have enough time to make a new one though, so i take the X100 one 🙂

    • Wow, great mock up. That looks perfect. I’m also hoping they make it in black. Although I could live with something similar to the dark gray Leica used on the M9.

    • I like that black body – I will publish it online for everyone to see.

  • lux

    Hi,admin. This Chinese website only says there is OVF, but does not say only OVF. So hybrid is possible.

    • Maybe wrong translation, OVF only doesn’t make sense.

      • Mike

        the chinese article says the viewfinder is OVF according to speculation. So it is correct to say it has only OVF, but note that the information was gathered from hearsay and thus it may not be accurate.

      • Zaph

        “Maybe wrong translation, OVF only doesn’t make sense”

        It could mean that the OVF is only an OVF. That it still has the OVF and EVF, with switching between, but not all the overlay info on the OVF.

        • Ben y

          That would almost make less sense and render the ovf rather pointless. I want my overlays dammit!

  • lux

    And the sensor size is not fix yet. They just said its length is around 1.7x size of thumb and the height is 1.2x. They guess it may be APS-C, but based on the thumb size of the one who takes this pic, the size could be larger…

  • WT21

    I am pretty convinced it’s APS-C based on what we see here AND the lens focal lengths. It’s starting to really stretch it to think that’s some giant asian man-hand hold a FF sensor, and that Fuji thinks an 18mm lens is the wide angle people want.

    On optical VF — I suppose anything’s possible, but that would be really dumb. If they can’t do a hybrid, then they need to do an EVF only. If it’s OVF only, how good could it really be, if there isn’t a rangefinder mechanism in there (and there’s no rangefinder focus window show). How could you focus? Will it be like using a Canon G12? OVF only makes no sense, IMO. Certainly would cool my ardor for the system, especially at $1400.

    • WT21

      Looking at the leaked shots of the backside of the LX10, there’s a “view mode” button — that has to mean EVF or hybrid, so the rumor is false.

      One issue, though, compared to X100. I don’t see any diopter adjustment, like there is on the X100 (I don’t have an X100, but I’m assuming the wheel to the left of the eye piece is a diopter adjustment. Present on the X100, missing on the LX10 shots)

      • every camera has a “display” or “view mode” button,
        but still i dont belive that fuji will handicap the camera in such way

        • WT21

          Not every camera has a “display” button. Those that have or support OVFs do (Canon G series, etc.) but not a basic point and shoot.

          But this is not a “display” button (as in on/off for display) but “view mode” — it would need to support two different options, not just on/off, but which mode, IMO.

  • keep on rumoring time will tell wait and see

  • thzone

    It Just say it have a optical viewfinder, but did not “Emphasize” have or have not got a hybrid one, I guess it could be compare to the case that having a electronic viewfinder or even didn’t have one. My English is not good, hope you know what i mean

  • Molko

    then good luck in their endeavours to impose yet another proprietary mount… the hibrid vf technology is the straw they have ahead of the competition, as for the decision making cycle: dumbasses!

  • Nobody Special

    So if it’s going to be an ‘optical viewfinder” how is it focused? In other words, the earlier images show no rangefinder focus window.

    Is there a way to show focus – even with an AF lens – in the finder window?
    if so there would have to be a mechanism or a ‘live’ display to be visible. So it would have to be either through a mechanical link or electronics – correct?

  • anonymous

    To me it looks like you will have to same manual focus system like a Leica M. The rounded window with the two mini holes to the left and the right to it in this picture could be a window for the distance meter like a leica m has.

    Auto focus will be done contrast based or phased based (which would be really cool). For macro shots maybe the rear display will be used, if they really don’t have an EVF. But I won’t be missing an EVF at all.

  • Mandrake

    OVF only! Frame lines! = Rangefinder!!! Yes please!

  • Camaman

    Those little holes looks exactly like a proximity sensor does on other Fuji cameras.
    Plus its got a “view mode” button.
    I think a mis comunication and not a defintive post and sentence in Chinese made us worry about nothing…:-)

  • derin

    I hope that it has a proper rangefinder like a leica where we can focus with visual confirmation and release the shutter without blocking the view.

    • WT21

      There’s no rangefinder window. It doesn’t look like it’s RF.

  • I’m starting to think, everyone’s expectations for the LX10 is way off base. People seem to think that this is going to be an interchangeable X100, and I am starting to suspect it is not. I suspect that the LX10 will sit neatly between the X10 and the X100.

    If this is the case, the price point will be closer to the NEX-5 or Pen P-3. It’s going to be under a grand, and it’s not going to need a hybrid viewfinder as you are going to work it off the the back LCD panel just like you would with the X10.

    Sadly, if this is correct, then I have no plans to buy it, and will wait for the LX100 (or whatever they call it, if they release anything at all) to come out. But the more time goes on, the more I think the X100 is going to be the top of the food chain.

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