You will be able to buy Fujifilm skin care products before their mirrorless camera

No, this is not a joke - Fujifilm just introduced its skin care/beauty product line:

Fujifilm introduces Astalift skincare products to the European market — To be launched in France in February 2012

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) is introducing skincare products based on its proprietary technologies to the European market with a view to expand its healthcare business operations. The Astalift series of skincare products, which have earned high user acclaim in Japan and China, will be launched in France in February 2012, to be followed by other countries in Europe.

The Astalift series is a comprehensive anti-aging skincare*1 brand, developed by using the findings of collagen research, anti-oxidization technology and nano-technology accumulated over many years of research and development of photosensitive materials. Containing the skin-replenishing collagen and astaxanthin, an increasingly-popular skin conditioning agent approximately 1,000 times*2 more powerful than the coenzyme Q10, the products have received overwhelming support from women who seek to maintain beauty of natural youthful skin since the launch in 2007. The brand includes base makeup items that control light absorption and reflection launched in Japan this September. In the worldwide market, Astalift skincare products were introduced in Hong Kong and Mainland China in September last year, with the sales region already expanded to Southeast Asia.

In 2011, the European skincare market is worth approx. 1.8 trillion yen, with France, U.K. and Germany making up over half of the total demand. The market has made solid growth since 2005, riding over the financial crisis triggered by the Lehman Shock. Demand for anti-aging products, in particular, has made the most prominent increase. Convinced that the Astalift series will address the needs of many women in the European market as well, Fujifilm has decided to introduce the brand to France and other European countries, following its introduction to China and Southeast Asia.

Details of the brand's European deployment

  1. 1)Fujifilm's 100% subsidiary “FUJIFILM Europe GmbH”, responsible for the company's European operations, has set up a new cosmetics business division in order to coordinate all operations of cosmetics marketing across Europe. Sales operations will be handled by Fujifilm subsidiaries in respective countries.
  2. 2)The Astalift skincare series of products will be sold at cosmetics stores and department stores in France starting in February 2012 through Fujifilm's local subsidiary “FUJIFILM France S.A.S.”. An online sales website will also be launched in France in February.

The brand will also be introduced to other countries in Europe, including U.K., Germany and Spain.

Fujifilm will continue to use its core technologies accumulated over many years to provide highly distinctive products that address the needs of many customers, thereby making contributions to people's health and beauty.


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  • Joe

    Maybe they’ll make a vanishing cream for the white orbs…

  • Kevin


    • Yessir

      +1 my hands were getting all dry from taking photos.

  • Ray

    it softens skin and develop Velvia too.

  • WoodmanDuc999S

    The new LX-10 camera is going to be so cool, so expensive and so impossible to find in stock anywhere that FujiLotion and pictures of the new camera are all you will have to “play with”.

  • Mike

    You know, the first name I think of when I think “skin cream” is FujiFilm.

    FujiFilm… a film of of cream on the skin?

    Nikon just found another customer…. Fuji is now using nano technology in their skin cream… the technology sharing partnership continues.

    Okay, I’m done.

    Up next; Olympus brand shovels…. “Dig yourself out of anything”.

    Okay, I’m really done now.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    And this is news to do with Photography?

    Skin Care?


  • DW

    It’s not a big news for electronic manufacturers in Japan. Sony did it couple years ago and their skincare / cosmetic products are still among the top sellers in the market. My lady friends in Japan said the quality is very good.

  • Banksie

    They should have named it Astialift instead of Astalift.

    • Gabriel

      that exactly what i read 😉

  • Does anyone know when the Astalift Mark II will be available?

  • Little A

    To survive,the company needs to diversify.Skin care products are very lucrative in the Far East and South East Asia. I am not sure in your part of the World. Today even men are using skin care products so the business even expanded.
    I hope this will help Fuji get back to camera business and will not evolved into a health care products provider and leave photography business entirely.

  • Mt

    They have sold their such products for these years in Japan.
    This is one of their largest business line in current situation.
    Without income from skin care business, we will never see LX camera.

  • Jfarabee

    I just had to check my calendar. It’s not April 1.

    • Seriously, I did too.

      • December

        Srly?!?! It’s December and you checked to see if it’s April?!?!

  • dan k

    fuji has been making skin care products for a long time. they share a lot similar chemical ingredients with their film department so they produce both products (skin care and film) in large batches several times a year.

  • A. J. Pylvänäinen

    Haven’t we heard people saying that a Japanese company diversifying to peculiar areas of business might be a sign of criminal elements infiltrating the company? A company moving to things like real-estate development and the like.

    Should we be worried about Fujifilm or does this really make sense?

  • Bob

    I prefer the Velvi-lift 50… brightens your face colors, and so fine you can see your pores from miles away!

  • Camaman

    next – FujiFilm bakery…

  • Max Archer

    I hope it’s more RVP 100F and less RVP 50.

  • Skin care?


  • Squirter

    Their probably making the cream for all these new camera junkies that love nothing better than to pop one off over the new camera they just brought but don’t use

  • anon743

    Hope this will make it to the US market soon.

  • Mech T.L.

    Those skincare products had been around for years, and doing good on the market. Not surprised that the company wanting to expand the business. Its currently their no.1 profit making product lineup among all of consumer oriented market / products.

  • does it remove noise?

  • kodak has a vanishing cream

  • googly shmoo


  • fred

    This is the result of Fujifilm research into using collagen instead of gelatin in the film emulsion layer. The project didn’t yield good results, but the group found that women liked to apply the substance to their faces while soaking in stop bath.

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