Fuji X10 to get a firmware update for “sensor blooming”

In their Fuji X10 test, when shooting at bright lights, Dpreview found "white discs" surrounding the light source that are caused by sensor blooming. Fujifilm promised a firmware update that will "lessen the effects of blooming":

"Fujifilm engineers have examined a number of sample shots and have concluded that the camera is working within prescribed tolerances. The blooming issue is something not uncommon to many types of digital camera. It is possible to reduce the effects of blooming either by increasing the ISO or widening the dynamic range on the camera.

However, after receiving a number of comments from users, we can understand their concern and plan a firmware upgrade to lessen the effects of blooming. We will announce in due course when the upgrade will be available."

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  • I wasn’t aware that it was a problem, but it’s nice to hear they have a fix.

  • thosh

    great to hear! is there any information about an upcoming raw support for lightroom for example, too? in my opinion this is the biggest issue at the moment. silkypix isn´t more than a big joke…

    • Al

      I adore this little gem of a camera, but I can’t just use it for JPEGs – I need RAW!

      As for the problem in question, in all honesty I haven’t noticed the problem in the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken so far :-/ But its great they are acknowledging the problem.

  • Discontinued

    I just bought the X10. Love it so far. A real gem in its segment. Zooming by ring ! ! !

  • bs.lim

    I think the best solution is to replace the 2/3 sensor into 1 inch type!

  • Ian A

    Just to clarify – dpreview didnt find the problem. Their review was typically gushing without a lot of depth. It was users of the X10 on the fuji forum at dpreview who started posting images, highlighting truly hideous white blobs. Fuji are being disingenuous when they say it is blooming – it’s like blooming’s big brother on steroids and it completely ruins the images.

    • Fred

      Just to clarify – Fuji did not say they will fix the problem; they said they will attempt to lessen it. That’s the bad news. The good news is that so far, the majority of users have not encountered the problem. And of those who have, some have even posted their own software “fixes” (not great in my opinion but then, you are taking a picture directly into a light source with a small sensor camera). People who haven’t been able to produce the dreaded white discs have been savaged, called stupid, etc. dpreview has not, in fact reviewed the camera so it isn’t surprising they didn’t run into this problem during their cursory overview. Lastly, while it is true that dpreview raves about everything, it seems unlikely they will ignore the white spots when they do get around to doing their review. So far, everything I have gotten out of the X10, except for an occasional focusing error, has been excellent. When the X10 is NOT producing huge white blobs (100% of the time, in my case) the image quality is pretty impressive for a camera it’s size.

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