Zeiss cinema lenses roadmap for 2012

Zeiss announced on Facebook and Twitter their plans for new cinelenses for 2012: new compact, lightweight zoom and prime CP.2 lenses plus a new line of anamorphics lenses. More details about those lenses will be revealed at NAB 2012. More information available at FDTimes articles (PDF file, coverage starts at page 16):

Zeiss anamorphic lenses will be lightweight and compact - smaller than the working prototype shown here

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  • Camaman

    Wow, mention of Zeiss and still no comments!!?
    Must be the holidays are kicking in!

    70-200 from Zeiss? I would like to see their notion of “compact”

    Imagine a 70-200mm no VR and manual focus only! Lool!
    And how much $4300! LooooooL!

    • Mathijs

      It’s a cine-lens. Comparing their 70-200 to any still camera 70-200 is completely pointless, as those are un-useable for professional cine work. And from what I can see, that DOES look compact for a cine zoom.

  • R!

    The leica R 80 200 F 4 that I have, is a fabolous cine lens and is cheaper and lighter probably but I still want to see that one, mmm yum!

  • Bas Slabbers

    Okay, it’s time to crash the piggy banks – available for pre-order for $20k at B&H here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/857773-REG/Zeiss_1984_035_COMPCT_ZOOM_CZ_2_70_200_T2_9.html

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