Carl Zeiss: revenue tops 4 billion EUR mark for very first time

Carl Zeiss reported a record revenue of EUR 4.237 billion for the fiscal year 2010/11:

STUTTGART, Germany — 14 December 2011. Carl Zeiss has now presented its annual financial statements. In fiscal year 2010/11, the company generated revenues of EUR 4.237b (prior year: EUR 2.981b), an increase of 10 percent*. With a figure of EUR 607m, EbIT was clearly above the prior year's figure (EUR 423m).

“We have achieved record figures for almost all performance indicators,” said Michael Kaschke, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss AG. “Carl Zeiss has remained on track to continued profitable and sustained growth and has further consolidated its position as a technology leader and global player.” Carl Zeiss generated 87 percent of revenue outside Germany. Particularly strong growth in revenue was posted in Asia (+12%*) and America (+11%*).

The entire press release can be found here.

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  • photo_la

    its that sweet sweet german silica

  • Arno

    “Euro mark ?”
    WTF ?

    • Ojojo

      That’s mark as in “a level that is considered significant”, not the obsolete money.
      So I could say “APS-C sensors are now at the 24Mp mark”, for example.

  • i see they make more than lenses good for the company out of my reach i will settle for canon glass

  • Craig

    How much did photography (lenses) contribute to revenue? I bet not much when compared to their other lines of business.

  • Julien M.

    To think about where they would be if they finally decided to produce autofocus lenses…

    • Apparently it’s not a decision/”compromise” thing like the Zeiss 3D fanboys think it is. It’s to do with Japanese camera makers not giving the license to foreign companies to use their AF. If you want to see Zeiss AF lenses for Canon or Nikon, you need to ask C or N to take Sony’s approach. And C and N (and Pentax, etc.) being hardcore camera companies themselves (unlike Sony), you’ll most likely never see this happen.

      • stigma

        And what exactly stopped Sigma, Tamron and Tokina producing AF lenses? Nothing as far as I know

        • Simgata

          Sigma reverse engineer their af tech (at least in Canon EF mount), which means that it works now, but won’t necessarily work on future EF models. Maybe ok on a cheap Sigma, but I’m sure people spending thousands on Zeiss glass aren’t going to want them to become obsolete. Not sure about Tamron or Tokina.

          Also re. Sony, their Zeiss lenses are made by Sony/designed by Zeiss type (bit like Leica/Pana), and are positioned essentially as Sony’s own brand high end range not a third party alternative.

        • say_fuji

          the rumours say the bunch of engineers who founded Tokina are actually bunch of ex-nikkor from the cpu-chipped/ D glass era, that’s why the similarity in design, material and quality.

  • simpleguy

    they deserve every penny , just for their constant keeping the quality up , ZF/ZE/ZK line is amazing ! 🙂

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