Coming soon: Nissin Macro Flash MF18

The new Macro Flash MF18 from Nissin is compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras:

Nissin group is pleased to announce Macro Flash MF18, the latest flash model featuring high level of creativity and professional performances. This unique product maintains the outstanding functions with extendable flash head assorts with macro lens mount adaptors from 49 to 82mm. Using round flash tube and LED modeling lamps to give even flash effects and steady shooting result. Power ratio can be minute adjusted down to 1/1024 in the Fine Macro mode. Meanwhile, MF18 provides an extraordinary function Wireless TTL, by adding the slave flashes to achieve high quality performance in macro shooting.

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  • Camaman

    Nice… 🙂

    But why on earth does it have that enormous bulging fake flash part sticking from the hot shoe.
    How many batteries will that wonder-box hold??

    • Four, I think.

    • Harold Ellis

      well they reuse housing for another flash to save costs.
      handling and design is on maybe tenth place

  • I will love it if that LED can use with video. 🙂

  • Goose

    I believe they mean the LEDs are modeling or constant lighting but the unit will also flash.

  • Anonimouse

    Would anyone care to speculate what the price might be on a product like this?

  • Looks promising, but my guess is price-wise this will not be cheap. Also, no mention of flash durations…will keep an eye on what this toy has to offer when it comes out.

  • amien

    Admin is apparently erasing posts when talking about cheaper alternatives… This Nissin is about the same price as the Sigma macro flash.

    • Harold Ellis

      which doesnt matter in the end because both have bad capacitors inside. anything else is cheap as dirt.
      Reason why everybody buys nikon flashes (well except SB-900) is because they are stone robust and reliable. canons are not bad also, but nothing special.

    • No, I have not deleted any comments unless you were using inappropriate language. I will check the spam filter.

      • amien

        ok than, sorry for the “attack”. Maybe the eBay link was recognize as spam.

        Here’s the link of the macro flash I bough for my wife, under 95$ :

        It does not have an LCD, is fully manual, but looks great, hope it will work as promised though 🙂

  • kick and ouch

    so is it LED plus flash?

  • Jason

    I think this will be sweet. I really like what nissin is doing. I bet this will be priced at $449

  • storsinner

    Park Cameras uk are taking preorders at the moment at £299.99

    No confirmed release date yet though.

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