Read all about the new Fuji X-Pro1

Similar to the Nikon D4 leak, this article posted on Wells Fargo's website contains some details about the upcoming Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera:

  • custom designed 16MP APS-CMOS sensor
  • EXR processor
  • second generation hybrid VF
  • three new lenses: 18mm (27mm equivalent) f/2.0, 35mm (53mm equivalent) f/1.4 and 60mm (90mm equivalent) f/2.4.
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  • Drew Keenan

    The article is dated for Jan 10, looks like Greg Tarr is getting fired.

    • say_fuji

      lol… not really, it means some of us are living in the future and some of us who is living in the past is still catching up.

    • Ulysse

      Guess what ? ”Tarr” in Arabic means “flew” and is used to say “was fired” 🙂

  • say_fuji

    APS-C, customed CMOS sensor, 27 f2, 53 f1.4, 90 f2.4, make it splash proof, expand the ISO range, add a flash-gun, a reasonable sized battery pack and the race is over.

    Game Over

    • WT21

      Any chance of that 60 being macro? 2.4 hints at that. At least let it be closer focusing than 1m!

      • JG10

        If the 60mm is not macro that is a disappointing aperture. I’m guessing it will at least be fairly compact. This camera is going to be so expensive. But it’s gonna be great.

        • Nat

          The 60mm is macro, it has been leaked by a French magazine. Merry Christmas…

    • Mike

      Make it compatible with Nikon CLS… next game over too.

    • photonutz

      I agree! This is the CSC that we’ve been waiting for!

    • Paul

      Agreed. I liked the X100’s sensor but being stuck with a 35mm was a bit limiting.
      I liked the X10’s zoom lens but the sensor was a bit small and the lack of an EVF off-putting.
      This seems to solve both problems. Sign my up Fuji!

    • J Shin

      I agree. Fantastic specs so far! Great lens line-up to start with!

      The mount looks like it’s too small to be upgraded to full frame, which does give me a pause.

  • peter

    oh no, what about a 35mm equivalent lens?

    • JG10

      I’m guessing they don’t want to cannibalize the sales of the X100 if they introduced a 35mm equivalent right away. I’m sure once the X100 is discontinued they’ll come out with one.

      • LGO

        Having an X100 and thus not as affected by the lack of a 35mm (24mm lens), Fuji should still introduce the missing lens. The Sony’s NEX has the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 and while it is neither small nor inexpensive, the Zeiss renders beautifully and is a gem. Fuji should not be afraid to compete with its own products specially in the face of such competition.

        • CRB

          I agree…i was eagerly waiting for the fuji system, but with no 35mm lens, i prefer choosing other system. maybe oly comes with a better sensor soon…

          • Nawknai

            Then go buy an Oly or Panny.

            This thing is in a different league, son.

          • CRB

            Son? lol….different league? same as X100..strenghts and weaknesses…lets see if the viewfinder works this time…and same sensor as everyone else…SONY..d5100, k5, nex 5….lol

          • preston

            “and same sensor as everyone else…”

            The sensor is the same SIZE as those other cameras, but Fuji has leaked that it uses completely different technology for it which will give it better performance than today’s full-frame sensors.

          • CRB

   are talking about the marketing made by fuji..over dpreview , people are telling that this new tech is only to avoid moire and give better sharpness, since the camera has no AA…this is not the revolutionary tech expected..(organic sensor)…we have to wait and see the far fuji is giving great ideas with serious problems…eg ORBS for example

  • sflxn

    Wow, that would be very disappointing in terms of Fuji’s sensor. All that lip service for what appears to be another Sony sensor.

    • Steve

      Yup, definitely not the organic sensor.

      • photonutz

        The organic sensor was just recently announced. It will be some time before we see one

      • sflxn

        Those lenses had better be pretty fantastic and small to lure me away from the NEX-7 now. The camera body better be much improved over the X100 too. For as much as I love my X100, I do admit the known issues such as AF are hard to ignore.

        • sflxn

          The big annoyance I find with Fuji is that they are very stingy about adding optical stabilization. Instead, they often resort to digital image stabilization or auto ISO image stabilization. That would make the Sony a much better choice. I’ve got prime photos from the X100 that showed hand shake.

          • Cass Roads

            Sure stabilization is nice in specific situations, but blaming the equipment for blurry photos seems like a stretch when learning the the relationship between shutter speeds and hand shake is such a basic part of photography – just got your first camera with manual controls kind of basic… My FM never gave me hand shake blur, and it had no stabilization and was locked at a single ISO (probably 50 or 100) for 36 exposures.

          • hexx

            I’m with Cass here, never really needed image stabilisation on my Nikon dSLR and I don’t miss it at all on X100 – it’s short focal length anyway so not really a problem. If your shutter speed isn’t enough use larger aperture or increase ISO. I’m getting acceptably ‘clean’ results from my X100 at ISO 3200, if you expose correctly your images will be ‘clean’.

          • Nawknai

            Don’t need it. Don’t want it.

            I’d rather they make it small by leaving that stuff out.

        • JG10

          I would not give the Nex 7 a second thought. The Fuji lens lineup is already much more desirable than the Nex lens line up. Fuji gets it. Sony has a done a terrible job with the Nex lens line up- at least as far as most enthusiasts are concerned.

          • sflxn

            We’ll see. Currently, Sony has the 3 lenses I would want to immediately get, the 24mm Zeiss, 50mm with OIS, and 18-200mm for video. I’d get an adapter to utilize my existing Nikkors.

            Fuji gets it for sure, but they also cut corners on things like AF, manual focus, LCD screen resolution, etc. The X1 Pro had better be top notch, on par with something Canon or Nikon would produce in terms of components and attention to detail. If they’re trying to do just enough to one up m43 low quality crap, then forget it. Sony is definitely higher quality than micro 4 turds.

      • Yes, I never believed that Fuji will be ready to use an organic sensor in their mirrorless camera.

  • I note that they identify the travel compact as the FinePix F750EXR, not the FinePix F770EXR as later announced, so I would recommend we temper our enthusiasm with a little skepticism.

  • Anonymous

    The tilting LCD is great news.

    How about any news on body stabilization? That would make it an absolute killer.

    and Global shutter??

    • Paul

      The “tilting LCD” is in reference to the X-S1 not the X-Pro1. I’d imagine Fuji would include built-in IS on both of these though.

      • Anonymous

        Body IS is a big deal, wouldn’t they have of included that in the article? I’m really hoping the Fuji mirrorless will have it as this will be a major advantage over the Sony NEX system.

  • JG10

    $800 for the XS-1? Anyone else think that’s a ridiculous price for a superzoom.

    • TaoTeJared

      If the sensor matches the X100 ISO control, I’m going to have to rethink this next years purchases or finely offload all of the film gear.

      I just hope each of the lenses are not in the $1000 range. $2,200 for a whole setup with a flash and that would be a good price for this class.

      • CRB

        He is actually talking about the superzoom XS-1, not the pro X…

  • Why on earth would these be posted (the D4 too) on this website? It has to be an intentional leak. But there are hints the writer doesn’t understand photography.

    • Because this site area is for Wells Fargo investors, and the more serious investors like to read company news and product releases. It’s like that on the stock portfolio site I use, but quite to this extent. Hope that answers your question.

      Toothpaste out of the tube early on this though and I think there may be some reprimands on this.

  • Andy

    I bet you were pretty happy to find that site Admin. I’m guessing that Wells Fargo is going to be getting a few calls today and a few less press releases in the future.

  • photonut

    where’s the wide angle lens? DOA

    • Seb

      Where is the full frame sensor ? This is not DOA, its DODB, Dead on drawing board. They could have kicked Leicas balls hard with this if they would’ve made it full frame. Now its a massive fail, just like the X100. And, if they ever gonna build one with a full frame sensor your lenses wond be compatible. Well, M9 for me this year.

      • photonutz

        Odd statement considering the X100 has been basically unobtanium for the last year or so and nearly impossible to get due to iy’s high demand. Fuji stated many months ago that this would be APS-C why the sour grapes act? Guess you gearhead types who sit in your own mess in your mom’s basement will never be pleased

        • Seb

          Seriously ? You can get an X100 here in europe around every corner. You always could. There was never a shortage. You just went to a store and bought one right after release. I just checked, in the major photo forums they sell 12 just right now in the second hand section. All for around 700 Euros. people are tossing them away since the first few days since it has massive af flaws, so its no big deakl getting one.
          Oh and, im by far not a gearhead, im a photographer. And photographers cant use silly half baked wanna-be cameras. they need gear that does what it needs to do.

          • hexx

            do you actually own one or are you quoting unhappy customers who trash X100 on forums – never forget, if somebody is unhappy he/she shouts out loud. I don’t get all this AF problems on X100, I don’t use it at all, zone focusing or hyperfocal focusing is all I need. Pre-focus on something in MF and just shooooot, as simple as that.

          • Seb

            I had an X100 long enough to be seriously pissed about the bad AF. And ou cant always zone focus. What if you shoot wide open, or close distance ? Show me how you zone focus there. The AF on my Hexar AF is by faaar better and vastly more reliable than the AF on the X100, and the Hexar is over 28 years old now ..

          • hexx

            I see your point. I find 23mm too wide for close ups, so for me it’s mostly landscape/architecture and occasional street, for this zone/hyperfocal focusing is all I need. I barely use f/2 aperture, I find it a bit soft from f/2.8 is sharp. If I need precise focusing while in MF mode, i pre-focus on object then hit the back 3-way switch to ‘zoom-in’ and manually adjust if needed.

          • inteliboy

            Righty-oh-mate. Seb, you sound like the Simpsons comic book guy.

  • This looks like a news release pool for the financial investor segment. Some of the more savvy take interest in new product releases.

    Apparently a whole bunch of stuff has been released ahead of schedule. Here’s another link, this one to info about WiFi enabled cams

    • daniel charms

      There’s also some interesting bits about Canon’s “Super-G” (although there’s a bit of confusion concerning sensor size):

      “Canon U.S.A. is unveiling two PowerShot Elph-series point-and-shoot cameras and a new flagship Power-Shot G-series model. The G1X (shipping in February at a $799 suggested retail) will be positioned for advanced amateurs and professionals looking for a walk-around point-and-shoot model and offers a large 1.5-inch 14.3-mega-pixel CMOS image sensor and a 4x (28-112mm) optical zoom lens.

      It is said to have a shallow depth of field and an aperture range of F/2.5-16 affording better low-light capability.

      Other new features include 14-bit RAW file support, a new DIGIC 5 image processor with improved low-light support, high-speed burst HQ shooting of up to 6fps/4.5 fps at full resolution, multi-area white balance adjustment, expanded Smart Auto settings, child-weighted face detection system, handheld night scene and HDR mode. It will shoot up to FullHD 1080 video and includes a 720p Movie Digest mode to automatically compile a video log of all still shots.”

  • Flo

    Sounds like the mirrorless I’ve been waiting for 😉 > containing everything that was missing on the X100 😉

    Imagine a following 12mm wideangle plus a 90mm with fast aperture an fuji wins the game!
    Hope the optical quality of the lenses will be stunning.

    • Seb

      No, they wont win anything as long as they dont go full frame. With this they are again nothing more than a cheapo wanna-be pro camera. I bet Leica is laughing their ass off right now. Fuji could have kicked their balls, but instead they gave us another middle class camera. Its nothing better than a Nex, only by the fact that its not that ugly and has decent lenses not like sony.

      • photonutz

        Doubtful. More like Leica shaking in their lederhosen. This camera is aimed directly at Leica users. It will sell like hotcakes much like the X100 has. Gotta love deluded gear heads like you. Tell me when you measurebate and pixel peep in your mommie’s basement do you pull your pud at the same time you move the mouse?

        • Seb

          Haha lol no, its not aimed at Leica users. Its aimed at people who would like to have a leica but cant afford one. A Leica user would not in his sane mind change to something like this from an M. But guess you never had one. Oh and, i dont pixel peep, i shoot film 98% the time, so most of my pictures dont even make it on my screen. They only end up scanned from print on my clients computers, and i doubt they pixel peep ..
          But well, if everything you can do is being offensive and accuse people of things you apparently have no idea off, thats fine with me. Makes my day a little bit more delightful every time i read such nonsense 🙂

          • Nobody Special

            Oh, hold on there Seb.

            I’m a long-time Leica R and M owner/user as well as other brands. This is quite attractive IF the results are as hinted at. Leica is, has, continues to show a lack of imagination in product development. The M is a fine ‘traditional’ camera – but it is in need of some major changes – Leica should keep the traditional M but the viewfinder eyepeice is a pain in the arse’ to use when options or changes could have been made years ago. They have continually sat on the M. The Fuji – again, if it performs as advertised, shows what can be done when a company isn’t afraid to change and invent new product that crosses over designs.

            Too, I have to say that the Leica M is way overpriced for what it does. Even after all these years the rangefinder is SO expensive to produce? The M9 should be half it’s price, oh, I still mostly shoot film – transparencies actually – what I consider to be the best medium – nothing like like a carefully exposed transparency. But this Fuji (who have made some excellent glass) will have an impact on Leica – even in the PR side of the biz’.

          • Banksie

            Seb, I own the M9 and I’m interested in this Fuji (and in all the current mirrorless technology now coming out.) And so are other Leica users. There is a thread right now on LUF about this new Fuji.

            The M9 has great IQ although that has a lot to do with the lenses, of course. What you’re really paying for is the build quality and ergonomics of the M system. Although I have to confess that my two M6 film cameras feel a LOT better in my hand over the fatter M9. They also feel a lot more robust and bombproof. And with the M9 there’s the current issues of the sensor cracking, the rangefinder going out of spec, and the wonky firmware. It’s not an ideal camera unfortunately. And if Kodak goes belly up, then sensor replacement is also questionable. Given the very high price of the M9, it’s really not a perfect choice.

            I’m seriously considering selling my M9 (while I can still get some good money for it) and wait out the mirrorless wars between Sony and Fuji (and whoever else comes along.) If I can use my M lenses I’ll most likely end up with the same IQ as the M9. The only thing that might be missing would be the M’s feel, its bright optical viewfinder, and solid build. Again, that’s where a lot of the cost goes and you have to determine if that’s really worth all the extra expense.

        • josh

          Leica is from Hesse, not Bavaria. So, no Lederhosen… They might be fond of Sauerkraut, though ;o)

  • TaoTeJared

    If the sensor matches the X100 ISO control, I’m going to have to rethink this next years purchases or finely offload all of the film gear.

    I just hope each of the lenses are not in the $1000 range. $2,200 for a whole setup with a flash and that would be a good price for this class.

    • photonutz

      I doubt it wil be that cheap. I expect it to be around $2000 to $2500 for the body and lenses around $1000 each. Even at that price a complete system is still $2000 less than a M9 body by itself

      • Seb

        Yeh well, thats like comparing a Rebel T3 with a 5DMkII. Still, noone who needs a decent camera will get the T3, even if you put L Glass on it it wont be better than a MKII. No matter how much cheaper it is, if you need quality you will need to dig deeper into your pocket. You get what you pay for, you know.

      • fants

        The rumor is 1300€ for the body and 35/1.4 as a kit. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

  • chris

    as usual, i believe they will play the expensive game…

    • MJr

      and it will be worth it…

  • Du

    im expecting at least sensor size APS-H 🙁

  • Cass Roads

    Re: sflxn
    Sony higher quality than m4/3? I owned a Nex-3 and a GF1 side by side for a bit, and there really isn’t much difference in quality. The GF1 is a little bit better built, but at some point it’s splitting hairs. Maybe the Nex-7 is built to a higher standard, but I think you’re exaggerating the differences. It’s kind of like the Nikon/Canon arguments – in the end it’s all really the same kind of thing and will give you very similar results despite what internet fanboys would have you believe.

    • Cass Roads

      not where this comment was supposed to go, but I guess it still works.

  • APS-C hater

    Man… building a damn full frame camera must be too tough for most. Bummer. I dont need another APS-C digital.

  • zyl_oiliuff

    There is a full article about the Fuji X-Pro 1 in the upcoming february issue of the french magazine Reponses Photo

    You can get the article pages from here:

    also a link to the whole magazine in pdf is available;)


    • hexx

      thank you very much for sharing this, any French speakers on here who could do a quick translation of this article, just few interesting bullet points please.

      • sjunnesson

        some basic info is based on my very non existing French skills is

        1300 Euro for a 35mm kit
        other lenses in the 600 Euro range

      • guix

        yes, here is a quick translation for the technical parts :

        – Pricing : around 1300€ including the 35mm lens. The other optics being around 600€ (“according to their informations”, and “to be confirmed”)
        – Sensor : APS-C 1.5x, CMOS, Fuji “X-Trans” technology. Photosites pattern is 6 sides (as opposed to Bayer 4 sides). There is no anti-moiré filter, which will allow better resolution. [Note that there is no word about an organic sensor]
        – Lenses are full metal. “Fujinon XF optics are announced as exceptional”, They are 18 f2.0, 35 f1.4, 60 f2.4 macro (equiv 27, 53, 90)
        – New mount is “X-Mount”. “tirage” [flange-back distance ??] is 17,7mm. “Diameter is large enough to let the rear of the lens get inside the camera (up to 7,5mm to the sensor)”
        – “Viewfinder similar to the X100, which allows to switch between optical or electronic sight.With a welcome addition : the optical viewfinder will adapt its enlargement to the lens focal length”
        – “Other news : an external auto-focus, as hinted by the window above the lens” [???]
        – aluminium build
        – “an optional grip will be proposed”

        that’s about it

        • hexx

          thank you guix, looks very promising 🙂

          this bit ““Other news : an external auto-focus, as hinted by the window above the lens” [???]”

          isn’t it AF assist lamp they talk about?

    • hexx

      looking at the pictures, it doesn’t look that bad. at first I wasn’t sure if I’d like the all-black finish, but it looks great, so does the grip. from the post yesterday it looked like the grip will be all plastic/rubber, on pics from your link it has the same finish as the rest of the body (well, most of it)

    • hexx

      if i’m reading correctly, body should be 1300 € with 35mm f/1.4 and other lenses around 600 €. lenses should be 18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and 60mm f/2.4 Macro. grip looks removable.

    • zyl_oiliuff

      there is also some info about limited black version of x100 but without price…

    • Seb

      Quick translation
      -avaibility: march
      -around 1300€ with 35 mm, 600€ for other optics
      -APSC CMOS with “X-trans” technology”
      -no resolution communicated yet, just a word about it equals, an maybe more, a 24×36 sensor
      -new irregular pattern of six colored photosite (instead of 4 regular on a bayer mosaic)
      -No aa filter
      -Hood included
      -17,7 focal flange
      -same evf/ovf as x100, with a contax G2 like zoom depending on optcis
      -external af sensor (personal note: finally an active AF on a digital compact ?)
      -Body in aluminium alloy
      -Grip, letaher case and flash are optional

      • seb

        Oups, too late.

        • Mark

          ok now you’re just trolling.

  • hexx

    it looks like fuji has been listening to X100 customers regarding AF mode, they changed the order and af-c is in the middle 🙂

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    I’m ok with APS if the resulting setup is fairly compact.

  • NaNa

    OCR->google translate

    FUJI X-News has a PRCI I ites A technical daring
    In The News
    16 MP FOR RICOH GXR Solon site Ricoh Japan, the brand prepares to haul a module for its compact gamma GXR a sensor / optical interchangeable. This module will be the first to combine a large sensor (CMOS 16 MP APS-C) with a zoom (24-65 mm equivalent). Station to the compactness …
    At the Salon of CP + in Yokohama next Nyder. CompactFlash Association will present the XOD memory card, which replaced a place in the future pros pparei Is the Commission pactFlash (the Nikon D4 is already compatible). Its port PC Express I will achieve throughput us thoorigue 5 GB / s! At its launch, it will have a speed of re decritu 125 MB / s. It will be smaller quo CF
    A “LEICA PARK” IN 2013 The company has bases 3ClU011eMOM Solms find the end of 2013 his villa nata on: the oven out in the headquarters of Leica Wetzlar construction. Leitz Park site, which will also ate unit of production, Proposers visitors a tour of Lesina, year museum and gallery workshops retracing isto ry of the Leica, not to mention us store “memories”!
    AMENDING the Dart anicle decrNam our test procedure, by a half per month 110, noes have cited the log icial designed by the company or utihsons DX0 quo we complement our own methods … never sleep his torn right. Ils’agit well DX0 Ana lysis log icial specifigue test – not on DX0 Optics, software that puts a punnet of the inner g ua lite images are post-processing … and who himself is destined year public. We apologize for this omission.
    The X-Pro an arrive in March and should be talked about as much for its design quo gualite his image …
    ast month, the nova did not surlesrumeurs entou-rant the X-Pro 1, the future of interchangeable lens compact Fuji. Debutjanvier, Fuji has confirmed the content of these rumors in the ren-ever public caraoteristiques of the device. It will however wait until March before seeing comptoirsphoto win. With as demiere unknown, the rate that, according to our infomm-grants, should be around € 1 300 in about Idl with 35 mm, other optical Ins being offered to around € 600. If con rates are valid, they may seem expensive compared to other sys-compact. But when you throw us in the eye of the bottler or characteristics of the objectives have noticed Fuji quo does not play the same category duns quo let other “hybrid”: the brand is serious photographer with the id of the material that makes few concessions techniques
    Three fixed focal light accompany the X-Pro-1 a 18 mm f: 2, 35 nun C1, 4 year at 60 mm f: 2.4 Macro.
    esthetiques.Rdi and confirms the presence of a sensor of a new type: the CMOS APS-C size (coefficient x 1.5), adopt technology X-Trans-veloped by Fujifilm. A sensor inspires silver films The definition has not been com-municated, the brand preferring to use “equal resolution, voirc greater than, that of a 24×36 sensors.” And for good reason: thanks to one new provision of photosites colored random pattern of six (instead of four regular on the classic mosaic of Bayer), we can dispense with the tradi-tional filter memory (which actually blurs image) and thus gain in optical resolution aver one definition pixel equivalent. An idea inspired by the silver film-tion! What siren all the juice of optical Fujinon XF announced as exceptional: benefi-CIANT full metal construction (including barrier Solel found), diaphragm-ment perfectly circular and bright optical formulas, Truly the local fixed 18 mm 12, 35 11.4 mm and 60mm 1:2.4 Macro (equi-worth in a 24×36 27 nun, an 53 mm and 90 mm year) will be the first to adopt the new horse “X-Mount”. This edition is distinguished by weak ties (17.7 mm) and diameter largeafin enough to render fake mumfarriere year maximum of the objective of the bolder rint-maker (up to 7.5 mm sensor). The X-Pro 1 mprendra
    Viscidi the hybrid X100 allows you to switch between any one or electronic optical sight. With a welcome adaptation: adapt the optical viewfinder magnification lied to the local climb. In other nouveauM presence of an external auto focus as anticipated in the window on top of the lens. As the cello opti questions, finishing the alloy bottler e deluminium should envy, and hope Gaoler ergonomics improve certain debuts the X100. A grip, an exclusive leather case and flash it will also be offered as an option.
    unk VERY UMIT
    Also in March, Fuji will market a & & limit of 510,000 copies of the X100 in black, more discrete than the version meta Ilisee. West not confirm the price, this set 5col hand lector ° with leather case at L will pass Sfirs niservio aunt lectian neurs fortunes …
    responses photo – No. 229 2012 Myria

  • broxibear

    Here you go guys, it was in the same French magazine the D4 appeared in

    • broxibear

      Oops, zyl_oiliuff posted it above…this silly blog glitch is annoying lol ?

      • zyl_oiliuff

        hehe, don’t worry 🙂

  • Richard

    This is a clever scam. Neither the source or the website is genuine. The stated source is not a newswire but a standards agency and the website is a phishing copy.

    • Rob M

      Wrong. and are both hosted on the same network, which is also owned by wells fargo. and are also both domains owned by wells fargo.


      You can see both IP’s are hosted on the same subnet

      $ host -t a has address
      $ host -t a has address

      This subnet is owned by Wells Fargo

      $ whois | grep OrgNOCName
      OrgNOCName: Wells Fargo Company

      All of the domains are registered by wells fargo

      $ whois | grep -A4 Registrant
      Domain Administrator
      Wells Fargo & Company
      420 Montgomery St
      San Francisco CA 94104
      $ whois | grep -A4 Registrant
      Wells Fargo & Company .
      Wells Fargo & Company
      420 Montgomery St
      San Francisco CA 94104
      $ whois | grep -A4 Registrant
      Domain Administrator
      Wells Fargo & Company
      420 Montgomery St
      San Francisco CA 94104

    • read my other comment, this is not a scam

  • matgay

    on kenrockwell’s website, see the posts regarding fake wellsfargo for:
    10 January 2012, Wednesday
    NEWS: Nikon D4 (forecast).

    • Rob M

      and he’s just as wrong. What part of what i posted did you not grasp?

      • lynn

        hmmmm… should i trust ken rockwell, or anonymous rob? what are ur credentials?

        • Stu

          Let’s see… one of them is known for making up facts and posting reviews of gear he’s never even touched on his site, the other gave you the accurate Whois info on the sites in question. I know who I’d trust.

        • hexx

          it’s not about trusting KR or Rob M, that’s whois info Rob posted 🙂

        • WT21

          Google Wells Fargo Advisor, and then navigate through that URL to this news item. It would have to be a pretty sophisticated scheme to get Google to give them a top posting, and then to replicate the entire WF advisor site, but hey, if you want to believe Ken Rockwell, well, that’s your business.

        • Rob M

          Well Lynn,

          Apart from posting factual evidence that is easily verified, I’m a senior network and software engineer for one of the largest networks in the world. Cheers 😉

          Also, it’s clear now through other sources, like the french article, that this is all legit.

          I can’t wait to see how this all works. No AA filter, EXR sensor, potentially awesome lenses, etc. I’ll have to sell the NEX7 and lenses if this turns out well.

          • Frakus

            Cant wait ! Just did not like the handling of Ne7. Hope the iso performance is good.Although with that lens line up we have some nice fast glass.Lets see 🙂

        • Mistral75

          You definitely shouldn’t trust Ken Rockwell 😉

          And the pdf version of the complete February issue of Réponse Photo, which includes both previews (Nikon D4 and Fuji X-Pro1), is too big and written in too good a French for this to be a fake.

        • Trust your intelligence, KR is wrong (as usual). This is my comment from the [NR] post on this issue:

          Ok, I guess some blogger with the IQ of my dog (I will be nice this time and will not mention names) claimed that the Wells Fargo website is a phishing scam that was published on some “useless rumor site”. It will take my 9 years old daughter 2 minutes to find out that there is a direct link on the official Wells Fargo website to the article I published in this post: go here

          and press the “General News” link under “News”, then make a search for Nikon and you will get the article. You see, it’s easy – even a caveman can do it!

    • David Olsson

      Trusting Ken Rockwell? Really. He can be entertaining for sure but he’s also an idiot.

    • again, KR is clueless

  • Camaman

    I remember in the first leaked photos taken with a cell phone that there was a mention of a mid rang zoom lens…
    Here: “More details: the new camera will be called Fuji LX and probably will have an APS-C sensor. It will be announced with three lenses: one pancake 18mm f/2, the second will be 35mm f/1.4 and the third lens will be a zoom. A fourth 60mm lens is also a possibility.”

    • MJr

      Hey that was pretty close don’t you think ? Fuji’ll have to start somewhere you know, and they’re basically making a statement about their idea of the system by not even showing a zoom at the initial announcement. People might get the wrong idea there would be superzooms and tele-lenses too in the future, well there aint ! 😉

  • MJr

    Oh yeah, told you it would have a Hybrid Viewfinder !!! 🙂

    LOL ‘Fuji-non lenses’ is that a typo ? That dash is no good.

    “” The lenses include: the 18mm (27mm equivalent) f/2.0, 35mm (53mm equivalent) f/1.4 and 60mm (90mm equivalent) f/2.4. “”

    Hell i better start saving up 😐 ! I might have to cancel the D7000 idea after all.

    There better be a 35/2 equivalent in the future tho. Maybe they’re saving up to impress us again later on with F/1.4 for that one too … now that would be one helluva kit. When we’ve saved up a bit of new money again ;).

    • Frakus

      hahah now im really on the fence about the 5DII

  • Nobody Special

    Well, if the spec’s are correct, etc., then assuming it works as hinted, then they’ll have a winner – probably a big one. What caught my eye is the ‘second generation’ finder.

    It appears that Fuji is quite serious and not wasting any time using their imagination with product development. Something that another company, Leica, has shown very little interest in doing. It goes to show what can be done if a company/someone shows the iniative, has the imagination and drive to see if those ideas can work, then go ahead with production.

    Again, this assumes that it will perform as well as has been hinted. Good for Fuji, who by the way, designs some excellent glass. What? Did I hear a voice from the future saying Leica will be an after-thought in the market if they don’t wake-up?

    • broxibear

      Hi Nobody Special,
      Funny you mention the viewfinder, from what I’m hearing Olympus have developed a new viewfinder that’s apparently even better… it might even make an appearence at CES in a few days.

      • Nobody Special

        The tech is now moving into a new age.

        For example – once modern film started then the technology grew really fast, then stabilized. But with this ‘new tech age’ things are really ‘morphing’ quickly. Even the minds behind it have evolved into thinking and creating with it in a different way – it’s not a ‘traditional’ mindset any longer. As long as it doesn’t make last years product (investment!) completely obsolete, it’s okay by me.

    • Banksie

      Nobody Special, I’ve been a Leica user for 20 years now. I own the M9 (and a couple of M6s, and six Leitz/Leica lenses.) But I also own a Nikon D3s with an investment in lenses (Zeiss and Nikkor), a few Canon point and shoots, and have gone through various brand names of digital cameras over the years like most people have. The Fuji does interest me as a potential alternative (see my response to ‘Seb’ above.)

      But I will say this: Leica is a very conservative company and has always been about photography (look at LFI, the Leica Fotografie International magazine. It’s primarily about photographs.) It’s been about the connection between the photographer and the tool, in addition to just the IQ. It’s not a company that puts out the latest technology. It never has been (it took a long time for them to even get into digital.)

      The point being is that don’t expect Leica to immediately jump into the fray of cutting edge mirrorless technology. It’s not in their DNA to be a cutting edge tech company that looks at billion dollar annual sales and millions of global customers (like diversified corporate conglomerates such as Fuji and Sony.) Leica is a small company building a specific product with a specific philosophy. It’s always been that way. It never even entered into the SLR market at the time when Canon and Nikon were drowning the world with their latest reflex cameras (and Leica never did really successfully break into that SLR market.) And Leica entered into the digital age only by partnering with Panasonic.

      Leica is not in the same league as the big Japanese corporations. And it seems pretty content where it is right now (although that somewhat depends on Blackstone’s agenda.) It’s highly profitable now, too (it’s been near bankruptcy a few tines in the past.) I personally would not compare Leica with what’s going on in the general consumer (and pro) world of mass produced cameras.

  • Nat

    Did everybody on photorumors miss the other post on wellfargoadvisors leaking the CES announcement program ? Here it is :

  • Mistral75

    > “if the spec’s are correct

    Réponses Photo is a nice French magazine but not a very professional one. For instance, I’m not sure I would believe them when they write:

    Autre nouvelle : la présence d’un autofocus externe comme le laisse présager la fenêtre au-dessus de l’objectif

    i.e. “Another piece of news: there will be an external autofocus, a sure sign of which is the window above the lens

    when the so-called “window” hasn’t anything to do with a rangefinder and definitely looks like a focus-assist lamp surrounded by the two holes of a stereo microphone ;).

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