Red Scarlet-X explained

If you were curious about the Red Scarlet-X, watch this two parts video from Cinema5d that explains the basic camera setup and operation:

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  • BH

    I don’t know why, but the constant spinning of the camera really annoyed me, like it was cool once, but it god old really fast.

    • spam

      Agree, funny how a small detail like that actually influence my impression of the video.

  • Pete Peterson

    No, but they just look like a younger Steve Jobs …

  • sam shoots all

    all i can say if that if you really want one of these system camera, it’s gonna cost your arms and legs. 😉

  • fred

    “Canon EF Aluminum mount”

    Stainless used to be the only material worthy of a camera mount. Then some people gave into chrome-plated brass, because even though it wouldn’t bear the same kind of stress, it was good enough for lighter lenses. Then some people gave into plastic, because even though it might wear fast, it would not permanently deform under stress.

    But aluminum? Forget it. Disqualified. Fail, Red.

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