Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta released

After spending my first day at CES 2012, I will be catching up with the latest news from the past 24 hours.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta is now available for download. Here is a video covering some of the new features:

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  • Phil L.

    doesnt work on core duo 1.83 macbooks

    • dmgabe

      The system requirements state that it will work with any multicore Intel chip with 64 bit support. Your system unfortunately is only 32 bit.

  • LP

    Works perfect on my AMD 6-core Windows 7 PC

  • dmgabe

    Seems to work just fine on my MBP 17 (first round Unibody). Gonna take a bit of getting used to the new controls in the Develop module, but it seems to be a little more capable than the last version. Also looking forward to doing some serious side by side comparison of the noise reduction capabilities of both.

  • grrmpff

    Cant test it. Windows XP no longer supported. Another way to say: You’ll need a new and fast machine.

  • Spooky

    Okay, finally you can change the warmth in the adjustment brush. Soft Proofing means hopefully also that I can check images in sRGB instead having to change them everytime in Photoshop from ProfotoRGB to sRGB to readjust saturation/color shift. If yes, then they solved 2 of my 3 biggest problems with lightroom.

    But still looks like you can’t save your virtual copies as .xmp šŸ™

  • no surprises he doesnt give tutorials on photography!

    he just likes his expensive toys.

    thanks for creating the video, i did watch it and learnt about the new features.

    it would be nice if you could add geo map co-ordinates with the new map tab. and perhaps if you have paris as a keyword, see it on the map in paris. I think iphoto and aperture do this and is a great feature

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