R.I.P. Sony a55

After the a33, now also the Sony a55 camera ($799.99) is no longer in production according to DCWatch.

The Sony a33 and a55 translucent DSLR cameras were announced back in September of 2010.

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  • Robert Daniels

    dum dum dum…another one bites the dust…Fuggggg

  • ahah

    so? nobody cares

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t even news. It’s clear Sony have change their lineup. They’ve merged the a33/a55 together into a lower spec model (a35 now), then they have a65 then a77. 3 tiers.

  • I bought a Sony Alpha A35 a few months ago and I am very happy with it. As much as I would have preferred an articulating screen I do not like the bottom mounted screens that Sony cameras have, preferring the side mounted screen such as that on the Nikon D5100.

    I am very favorably impressed with the Sweep Panorama function on the Sony A35. It works remarkably well. I will post a few recent sample shots taken last weekend to my blog, two of these panoramas were shot hand-held using an old Minolta Maxxum 100-400mm APO zoom lens set at around 200mm!

    See – http://eyelovemontreal.blogspot.com

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