Any idea what this Canon lens cap is for?

A reader sent me this picture of what appears to be a smaller Canon lens cap. Does anyone have an idea what kind of Canon product uses this type? The size looks like 2/3 of a regular Canon lens cap. Could this be for Canon's mirrorless system?

Update: this is a rear cap from a Canon video lens. Sorry, false alarm.

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  • shadowfoto

    it may as well be from canon’s broadcast tv lenses

    • bingo ! canon’s broadcast zoom cap

  • Rob L

    Yep – that’s a rear cap for Canon video lenses – either from an ENG style camera or XL1 or XL2

  • Ruben
  • Jim

    Y’all got excited over a video lens cap. lrn2 research


    • Ruben
      • Jim

        0h brO. u MAD OR WHAT?!

        • Rory

          Researching is all fine and good, but sometimes its fun to figure something out in open discussion.

    • I did my research, could not identify it.

      • Gil

        Canon EF mount – 54mm, Canon XL mount – 42 mm… looks about right to me. What you got there is the back cap to a XL1 or XL2 lens just as folks have been saying. Its been at least 10 years since I’ve used one, but it sure looks familiar.

  • Camaman

    Must be Canon is branching out… Canon Kool-aid, or maybe Motor oil…
    Screw mirrorless, everybody’s got one… Now camera branded soft drinks… that’s 2013!

  • neely fallon

    Wow! Slow news day. Well at least my 2nd wife is not out there trash talking me about my love for fitting my zoom lens into any adaptable, mirrorless body…. oh wait…. 😉

  • Vince

    How about an old FD or FL cap…

  • nunya

    Reeses cup.

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