PixelPeers.com: a new social network for photographers

In November 2011 I mentioned about a new upcoming social network for photographers. PixelPeers is now life and can be accessed at pixelpeers.com. The new website offers many features tailored to photographers (see the entire list at the bottom of this post). Prices range from $7.97 per month up to $9.97 per month. I had the chance to try it out for few days and here are some screenshots:



Here are some of the PixelPeers.com features:

1. Integrated social networking for photographers. Everything on the website is linked with your page.

2. SEO management for photographers. It is going to help people understand SEO and then go one step further and help them generate a lot of backlinks to help members push their page to the top in search results. To say the least photographers that want better page rank and search results will find it.

3. All members receive a 3% to 4% discount on Adorama purchases made through Pixel Peers. It doesn't sound like much but 3% on a $6000 camera is a nice savings especially when Pixel Peers is one of the few online that can even offer any sort of a deal directly to its members from a major camera retailer.

4. Marketplace. Similar to what other photography websites have. People will be able to buy and sell their own photography gear, software, computers and just about anything related to cameras. Photographers will also be capable of selling their own workshops to other photographers.

5. Photo Stream. Members can upload photos to their account. They can share these photos with other photographers and get reviews, critiques and even have ratings on the photos. Photographers can secure their photos to ensure nobody else can download them from the site. To be clear any photos uploaded to the site remain the property of the photographer who took the photograph. Unlike other social networks Pixel Peers is just a tool to allow them to showcase their work with other photographers. This is similar to flickr with the exception that Pixel Peers allows drastically larger files.

6. Second shooter marketplace. This has been well overdue for a long time. We've seen on other websites photographers looking to second shoot and others looking for second shooters. We want to facilitate this and make the process as easy as possible.

7. Studio directory. Each member can place their studio within the Pixel Peers directory in order to obtain new clients. The directory is similar to other websites with a few key exceptions. It allow smphotographers to rate other photographers. Clients can also rate photographers. The photographer can choose what they want and don't want displayed on their listing. It will be one of the best directories for photograpmhers online. It's important that new clients can see what pro's think of a photographer. After all what a professional thinks of another photographer says a lot and there isn't another place online where this is happening to our knowledge.

8. Forums. Pixel Peers is offering a huge forum space for members to communicate on. It is similar to other forums just with a broader range of topics and some things like the SEO lounge that nobody else offers.

9. Pixel Chat. Quite simply a real time chat module where photographers can sit back and talk in real time. It may not sound like much but I find photographers like to talk to each other and it's great to have a way to do this.

10. Affiliate program. Pixel Peers is giving a 100% affiliate bonus. Meaning members will earn $9.97 for each member they refer to us.

11. Storefront. Each member has their own store. They are free to upload and sell artwork, images, photographs, etc. The storefront is designed to allow members to sell items directly related to their services. They can buy and sell equipment within the community marketplace. Their store can be
integrated with their own paypal or 2checkout information so their clients can make immediate payments using that store. Google Checkout is currently in development for another payment method.

12. WordPress blogs (upcoming feature). This is something Pixel Peers is working on very hard. It'll give our members the opportunity to have their very own wordpress blog hosted off of our site. We are currently working on integrating the blog script and secondly providing enough themes for members so they can make a unique website. All members really need to do is add a logo, change the colors if they want and they have a fully working blog. At that point all that needs to be done is to purchase a .com and have it forward to their Pixel Peers blog.

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  • JT

    Leicaimages, ZeissImages and Nikonimages has been around a while with very similar features just organized slightly differently a bit more original and Free. This sounds like a nice site but it’s reinventing the wheel.

    • Dymz

      Exactly how do any of those websites help photographers make or save a dime? I see people will save 4% on adorama purchases with their site. Isn’t that $240 off a D4?

      The way the website reads its a website that helps photographers make more money, save more money and network.

      • jt

        A 4% discount is good. Don’t get me wrong. But, there are many websites besides the ones mentioned above that have sponsors which give members more than 4% off on many purchases and without having to be a paid subscriber. In the above model, one you would need to spend close to 250.00 per month to cover the subscription fees required to get the 4%. I know its not a lot but it does add up over time.

        All I am saying is that the above is really no different than many of the different photography forums in existence right now. It’s just organized to look a little like facebook.

        • dymz

          the 4% is only the start. That’s not including discounts through arranged group buys. I view it as 4% off a retailer I buy a lot of camera equipment from. It’s a win win.

      • tim

        “Exactly how do any of those websites help photographers make or save a dime?”

        For starters they don’t charge. So instead of stealing a dime from you they let you keep your dime.

        The discount is a scam. Like the others have said, those discounts are not uncommon and can be had for free.

        Overall the idea of a social networking site for photographers sounds stupid.

  • pooh

    The name looks like “Pixelpeepers”.

    • Harold Ellis

      lessons learned from .com bubble

      #1: if you start paid only service, you will fail
      #2: however cool you think your new service is, it has been done before
      #3 without rich uncle, forget it

    • Gard

      @pooh: I actually didn’t notice it was NOT “pixelpeepers” before I saw your comment … 😉

      • same here,
        bad name, paid social service site? social+paid? social? paid? ha?

        • Not Surprised

          I actually thought it was “PixelPeeps.com” until someone pointed it out.

  • Michal

    Wow.. a paid social network dedicated to sharing pictures – that’s going to be a huge success before somebody comes up with a free alternative to it.. oh.. wait…

    • Dymz

      From checking the site out you are able to post huge 1600×2400 pixel images. They are offering a lot of things that free sites can’t. The word free doesn’t always mean you are getting quality for it.

      • Harold Ellis

        yea, so cool service. i with there was some free alternative. maybe i will create it and name id…. flickr?

        • dymz

          I think you need to see their photo stream before saying anything….

          The size of the photos is insane. It’s not often you see a website that allows photos of this size.

          They have a lot of advantages that sites such as flickr don’t offer up at all. Not to mention fickr only lets you post up small photos. Too bad peter didn’t post a screen shot of some of the sample images in the photo gallery. Some of them are approach full rez size.

          • Karl Guevara

            Sorry, dymz, that’s BS. This new network may be great and all, but let’s be fair: Flickr will let you publish any resolution you like. It’s just that many photographers prefer to upload low res images only, because of worries about copyright infringements.

            (And, of course, Flickr urgently needs an overhaul. It would be way cooler if the photostream was high(er) res, too, among other things.)

          • Harold Ellis

            all art sites offers it, besides own website is like what 2$ a month?

      • jt

        Zeissimages, Nikonimages, ieicaimages and RangefinderImages has been offering 2500 pixel wide free uploads since their inception. Again free without any fees.

  • El_Pickerel

    I wouldn’t even consider it until I could be convinced any meaningful content wasn’t buried under a pile of attention whores.

  • Andre

    Site won’t even open at the moment. I really don’t think they are off to a particularly good start.

    They would need to be one hell of a lot better than the existing regulars to entice a single $ from me.

    • Dymz

      I’m on there right now. There is a large volume of people on the site and trying to load the site…

  • innershell

    Looks like a photography website built for photographers. Normal customers looking for a photographer will not come here to find a photographer. I don’t understand the paid business model and how it would help professional photographers grow their existing user base.

    • dymz

      The directory they have lets you get feedback and reviews from other professionals. My understanding clients can physically see what other pros are saying about you and just how good your work is. I don’t know of any other website that will show your clients what actual pro’s think of your work. It’s a very different sort of review they use.

      I know one of the Admin’s on the site and they are looking to push the site up google page rank and search results as fast as possible to have their directory pushing clients to members.

      • Harold Ellis

        you have a typo in

        “what other photographers you wrote positive review on their crap thinks about you”

        • Harold Ellis

          besides, who wants to be rated by pro photographers and not customers?

          • Bjrichus

            No… Wait… That can’t be right?

            Dear God!

            Harold … I never thought those odd people who actually PAY ME for taking pictures of them would have an opinion!

            So far, I’ve only been sarcastic, but being SERIOUS, can someone tell me reason for this new site? The reason WHY?

      • Bjrichus

        @DYMZ: “… feedback and reviews from other professionals.”

        Just what I have zero need for… My need is for a CLIENT to go “Oooh … That’s a nice shot!” and then write out a check, send a credit card payment, count out cash, and BUY FROM ME.

        Maybe it has escaped this sites owners but my fellow photographers (much as I love you guys), don’t do that…

        • Harold Ellis

          maybe some noobographers will love it,
          they can add

          “won 3 Monthly assignments on Pixelpeeps” to their Awards and Releases on their websites.

          • dymz


            If a client is comparing you with another photographer to hire you for a paying job and they can compare you to another photographer that has reviews from pro’s saying just how good they are it goes a long way. It’s a nice idea in my opinion.

          • Harold Ellis

            actually not dymz

            most difficult is that customer finds you, any more photographers they get in contact with AFTER the fact they found you, is not going to help you. directory of photographers sounds maybe like a cool idea, but it is distracting customers from your website, rating you from carefully built presentation to some third party site and shows your customers (some of them came to the site FOR YOU) list of alternatives.
            This is not what you, as service provider, want.

            as it is presented, it doesnt differ from model mayheym with removed models (reason for it).

            sure it will get some little traction, based on how heavy their marketing will be (and already fact it is on all rumors site, says something) but it will die, same as many way more meaningful services had to go.
            make it free, get traction, then make it paid as option for better services is the only way – well if you have something to offer. which they dont at this moment

  • Boing Wronkwell


    I had a look at it, and the design is nice and clean. But it looks like it is only 60% of what it needs to me. Much of what is there now needs to be PRIVATE to member photographers only, not public as it is now and then there needs to be a public area to help clients FIND studios and photographers.

    Am I alone in thinking that anyone who has done more than a handful of photo shoots and actually been round the block a few times won’t care about what is there now? There is a LACK of client space on there and it needs CLIENTS to be attractive. I am already using WordPress on my own web site and am selling prints and such via other sites.

    I’d much rather generate one sale each week from this site than have a small discount from Adorama (nice as that might be)… Tell me WHY I need to get onto yet another another social web site that does not have anywhere for me to sell my prints built-in and does not have any obvious reason for my clients to visit it.

    • Dymz

      Nah as I said I’m friend’s with one of the Admin and have an account on there. They do offer you your own storefront, just an FYI. It’s a complete plug and play tool. You can upload your own artwork to sell. It’s completely plug and play for your clients to buy things through your store. Right now it’s limited to Paypal but I believe google checkout is coming in the future.

      • Boing Wronkwell

        So once more, I ask WHY?

        A feature list that is essentially the same as everyone else does is not an answer.

        As others have said, a noob might find it interesting, and heaven knows, with the popularity of Coolpix cameras, there are plenty of those but FYI: I could not find mention of a storefront anywhere… Where is it? Or does one have to pay (using PayPal of course) to find it?

  • Stu

    Methinks this Dymz guy is a Pixelpeeps employee…

    • Boing Wronkwell

      Or may be DYMZ and our Peter (admin) are the same person? LOL…..

      Let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with this other site existing, it just seems superfluous to me, what with all the other sites out there that are goto places already for buyers.

  • McHunter

    After shelling out for the service, the entire site is bare of both content and listed services. The market place is a shell, no listings or ability to list. The forums are truely inactive with zero posts, and total members currently are 16…. yes 16! Looks to be an oversold and under delivered service for photographers in it’s current iteration.

    • dymz

      You realize photo rumors was the first to launch the site before other sites mentioned it. The membership base will grow rather fast this week.

  • McHunter

  • McHunter

    image of forum in current state, as of 12:20pm 1/22/2012


    • dymz

      Again, it’s not even day 1 on the site. The site is being announced by other sites today and later this week. I think Peter was given priority to make the announcement.

      This is what I like.

      Normal view.


      Full Res view.


      Knowing one of the Admin on the site I know the two reasons why it’s not a free site. One for sure is companies won’t offer any sort of a discount unless they have control over it. I will be ordering my D4 through them and will save $240 on the overall cost of it. It pays the membership alone.

      The other is the SEO aspect. They are provide true backlinks to people. Seems facebook, flickr, blogger, and so on give us not a whole to be desired. I think it was several years ago they started pushing the nofollow tags since people would use the sites more for spam and to get backlinks.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how big the site grows this week.

      • Harold Ellis

        only not really smart people put their valuable photos on high res on the internet.
        i am fairly unknown photographer, watermark even small sized images and even that i found on some chinese, hong kong and US and brazilian sites, with watermark removed and used as “their” photos or by agencies.
        putting up anything highres calls for theft for all those cheap local “galleries” and stock image sites and calendars.
        no thanks.
        web is for preview, rest printed or if digital, then paid

        • Bjrichus

          +1 (or more if possible).

          Hi-resolution previews need to be under *MY* control, not easy to hijack, which anything on the internet is.

  • McHunter

    I would like to apologize for jumping the gun. It seems they have not officially launched yet, that would explain much in regard to the few services unable to be used. I received an email from an admin stating that this is the pre-launch phase. I retract my complaints, on a positive note… the site is smooth and formatted nicely. Lots of potential here for sure.

  • Andre

    I really can’t see how this one is ever going to fly —

    Images can be simply dragged of the pages. Is there any security in place at all?

    The very naming of it suggests that it will only ever appeal to photographers and will hardly be noticed by potential purchasers of works.

    Who are the “pros” that are going to offer peer reviews? Are they the same ones that leave comments and reviews on all the other existing (free) sites and forums?

    Who in all seriousness wants to see a photo of a child sitting on a toilet training pot???? Maybe some “pro” will review that one positively. 😀

    It has been done before. As a quick example of another site that has been established for quite a while and markets works on a commission based system but with no monthly fees and yet struggles to have any meaningful impact, redbubble.com is still out there plugging away.

    Their “terms” are rather badly defined IMHO, they appear to have a ban on adult oriented content. Some definition of that point alone may be worthwhile or are they simply going to be censor, judge, jury and executioner?
    Sounds like they are setting out to market to the prepubescent facebook crowd to me.

  • Dymz

    People can upload a variety of photos. They can also choose which photos they want people to comment and rate on.

    What website these days doesn’t say no adult or graphic material? I’m fairly sure the idea is to keep out nudity and scenes of sexuality. I’m sure paying clients would love to see a photographer associated with any kind of adult related content.

    • Harold Ellis

      my little PR friend, trust me, there is lot of moneys in nude material. and not just in pron, but fine art and conceptual art, maternity shots, etc.
      i have yet to see any sold art without nude content. sceneries from death valey are cute but 8$ in home depot

  • K. Presleywell

    No ban on U-18’s from using the site!!!

  • JB

    It’s a good idea, but I wonder about how it’s going to be implemented. For a website like this to work, it needs a critical mass of people, and I don’t see a rush of people heading there right now to shell out $8-$10 a month for services that they can mostly get elsewhere on the web for free right now. Photo Shelter, Photrade, and other websites have made big claims and never delivered.

    • dymz

      Well maybe it’s just me. They have a built in invite system that pays you $10 to refer your friends aka other photographers to the site. I’ve already got 4 referrals in my account.

      Having a referral system in place that pays a 100% commission on that signup is nice.

      Another point to make. I’ve been using fredmiranda for years paying a similar amount of money just to buy and sell and upload images. They are offering the same service and taking it several steps further.

      • Harold Ellis

        FM have list of high profile photographers and can be used 100% without paying a dime.

        the paid service is to be able to sell on the site and store unlimited images. it is something you DO NOT NEED to use the site, but is there should you want it.

      • Oh goodie, referral links. That should attract the microstockers.

        Photographer ratings. Really? By who and how are the ratings qualified. As an editor the last place I would go to hire is a site full ego massaging and childish sniping.

  • ATK

    Now It is nothing in there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How want to pay $8/month

    Free 3 months trial Please..

  • xatnep

    weirdest online-startup of the year. can it be worse ?

  • RG

    I wish the Admin labels blatant advertisements as such.
    Guys.. its a wordpress theme template… for those who don’t know, its BLOG with a fancy template…(from themeforest for $35)

    Any business can give Adorama discounts.. there is nothing new about it, *I* offer it on my blog.
    “Welcome to the Adorama Affiliate Page
    Your Portal to Passive Profits, earn a cool 3% commission on all their purchases”

    cannot believe 2 of you guys signed up for this!

    • dymz

      Big difference between a 3% commission and them letting you get a 4% rebate on purchases.

    • dymz

      Are you trying to say this site is just a wordpress blog script? Having been in the site and a paying member I can tell you the coding is similar to what you’d expect from facebook.

      Care to tell some more lies?

      • RG

        all you need to do is Right click> View Source.
        You can see its a WordPress/CMS theme.

        Affiliate program gives you 3-4% commission and you pass it on as rebate customers… not a big deal. Here are other stores which give same deals on Adorama purchases:

        why dont you disclose that you are an employee (or the founder..). Dude not trying to burst you bubble here… but if you had offered it as a free service with ads, then premium service for $5-10…then its ok – but $9/m with no trial period is not very cool. I am just trying to help other photographers.

        • Bjrichus

          The Calibre theme from Theme Mechanic costs $49.

          I actually like the “look and feel” of the theme. It works well for selling things like upmarket watches, which seems to have been its main use so far according to Google anyway.

      • Harold Ellis

        are you really paying member, or paid member?

  • Cam

    OMG! what a rip off !

    Admin sounds like they have a stake in the venture if not built it themselves. Sounds to pushy from this DYMZ chap to say hes just curios and knows someone at the site. He knows to much and so does Admin. How long did that press release Admin announced on here take? Admin did we just wake up under a stone? Come on admit it you know whats going on and we dont buy it.

    • Harold Ellis

      i dont think Peter have anything in it. he got free account in exchange of promotion, but i think he is just too nice, trying to help somebody, but being used for free promotion.

  • Gummyrabbit

    So you have to pay to join? Good luck with that.

  • Mandrake

    A free trial would do wonders to get the site up and running. How many people would start paying right away without any real content? Future D4 owners? Plus the free trial would have to be at least 3 months in the beginning.

    Plus the monthly price is a bit of a drag, cut the price in half and have it be a yearly subscription.

    Free trial + $50/year = I’m in.

  • Mark

    I don’t know anything about this site, who knows, it might be incredible. I know I’m not paying for it.

    • Harold Ellis

      nobody wanted to pay even for site like youtube or facebook.

  • McHunter

    Emailed then called requesting a full refund. Have not received a reply or a call back.
    What actions should I take if this refund is not issued?

  • McHunter

    Currently having extreme difficulty canceling my membership and receiving a refund. I view this business tactic as detrimental to your own development. I feel taken advantage of and request a refund. Otherwise I will pursue further action.

    Contacting Canadian Better Business Bureau

    Linking business to:


    please don’t post personal information on a public forum -Admin-

    • RG

      Was there a return policy specified? Did they say they will return your money if you dont like it when u signed up?

      If not, you made a bad purchase… move on… It looked like an aweful site, i wasnt even curious to signup, but u went ahead and paid for it knowing full well what u got urself into.

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