Fuji X-Pro1 owner’s manual now available online

The Fuji X-Pro1 owner's manual is now available for download. The XF lenses manual is available here.

The Fuji guys now have a total of 24 X-Pro1 videos on YouTube.

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  • w a n t

  • Chris

    Doesn’t seem to mention anything about manual focus aids other than magnification window

  • Poor manual focus…

  • Dear Fuji,
    as you might’ve seen on X100 sales, we, enthusiasts don’t care really.
    Give us this, we might care:

    – 6 Mpix fullframe rangefinder
    – no, or poor AF (not a prio)
    – PASM
    – excellent MF
    – optical VF
    – might as well be EVF or hybrid, should you desire
    – small enough lenses. we will buy them for any price if they are good
    – some promise of future
    – AA batteries welcome
    – CF cards welcome

    Price under 2k.
    I would buy 4, probably more as i would equip whole class with it too.

    #godnonotanothterAPS #notrangefinder #expensive #lol

    • hexx

      PASM – you already have it
      6MP FF – no thanks
      AA batteries – no thanks
      optical VF – you have hybrid
      CF cards – no thanks

      • Harold Ellis

        thanks for your complex answer, but i dont need you to point out that there is yet another camera which doesn’t do what i want it to do

        • hexx

          get a DSLR that sounds like a camera for you

          • Harold Ellis

            i sure have few, just looking for something small to improve my day to day usage of such

          • hexx

            @Harold Ellis – X100 is what I have and am happy with it. I guess we’ll never be happy with whatever camera manufacturers give us 🙂 It’s hard to satisfy all of us.

    • camerageek

      God I love clueless luddites like yourself! The peasantry is so creative lol!

      • hexx

        piss off!!! what’s your problem? why do you leave comments like this on almost every single entry on these pages? have you been molested when you were young by inexperienced photographer or what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • hexx

    it’s the same as X100 apart from small additions I probably would never use (multiple exposure, new film effects) I can’t see from the manual anything else – nothing about setting sensitivity of MF ring, nothing about MF assist.

    • p.46 indicates that pressing the center of the command dial magnifies the view in the electronic viewfinder & LCD monitor for more precise focusing.

      The viewfinder focus distance & DoF indicators are cool too.

      • hexx

        X100 already has this. It helps a bit but not a lot (street for example)

      • Harold Ellis

        it will not help you when DOF is 1″ thin. There real rangefinder or good working AF confirmation helps. Sure it is 2012, so i can dream about sharp area coloring, zebra, and other features available on high end video systems since 1990

  • Marc

    There’s something about MF assist in the manual… page 45…
    You basically have an electronic version of the aperture brackets next to the focus ring on old manual focus lenses… Look at your focus range based on your current aperture and wing it 🙂
    Wonder if Fuji will have an auxilliary rangefinder accessory… (http://www.fotomancamera.com/product/2006111020919RF-Lg.jpg)

    • Camaman

      LOL that sounds funny

  • JG10

    Nice camera but much too expensive.

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