First leaked (partial) image of the Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera

This is the first partial image of the Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera from a Chinese forum (as seen on dpreview).

Here is another crop, probably from the front of the camera:

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  • Huggs

    YUCK! Definitely not interested. 😀

  • Albert


    • Huggs

      It’s the “nip slip” of camera leaks.

      • Not Surprised

        This isn’t even a nip-slip — this is just a macro of a nipple hair. Off-putting. Pentax needs to show some skin if they want attention.

  • Camaman

    Lame atempt of producing hype. To late Pentax.
    You should learn from Olympus.:-)

    • Olycanipennikfucapol

      What? embezzlement?

    • Tim

      Camaman should learn too spell before he atempt to post on forrum.

    • Troll of Bifröst

      What from Olympus? Yakuza scandal?

      Damn, every now and then there are troll wannabes that try to lower the standards in any given opportunities.

  • Summit

    Lol, that was the let down of the day!

  • bidou

    2012 new trend : microleak of dials. Can’t wait to see the dial of leica M10 …

  • KnaP

    you guys are missing the obvious: that K looks like the K from the K1000 or other k-series SLRs, so it may have some retro design/ergonomics/built/whatever

  • j

    You’re all trolls. Or really stupid people.

    Probably on the payroll at cannikon. Or just obsessed with stupidity.

    • hexx

      thank you for very informative and constructive comment which pretty much describes you – or did I get it wrong?

    • Troll of Bifröst

      J, you are stirring up a hornet’s nest there. There are a lot of people that peg their self worth with big brands, especially those two.

  • D0n

    tells me the K-mount is confirmed…
    tells me the finish is nice and grip-able.
    fuels speculation that it ay in fact be weather sealed!

  • Hell yeah, old-school K-series typography! I like it!

  • Ben Y

    This is the part of the camera they chose to leak? Guess it’s doomed to be ugly.

  • Chris Stone

    The lettering style is the same as what was used when the K-series was first released in 1975. Perhaps Pentax are refering back to their K-mount beginnings?

  • This is absolutely sensational.

  • WoutK89

    Maybe I want it to look fake, but why do the letters have so much artefacts around it, and the rest of the black of the camera is as it should?

    • WoutK89

      Seems like Admin posted a higher res picture 😀 nevermind my comment now

  • cameralover

    one thing that I always fail to understand is, why there are so many people hate pentax?
    what sin did pentax commit to you? I’m a Nikon and Lumix user, but this phenomenon is just stupid.

    • j

      Yes, and you’re a member of pentaxforums, right? 😉

      Anyway, that’s why I raged earlier in the thread. It’s as if canikon got spambots that are activated when a topic with “pentax” is posted…

      Always the same shit in Pentax rumors, but not as often in other brands. Wonder why.

  • D0n

    Aside from the fact that there appears to be a marketing firm hired to bash this brand through trolling anti-viral marketing brand bashing….

    the images released thus far are encouraging.
    the second image reminds me of my days in the early eighties of cafe racer motorcycles…
    the finned aluminum painted black cylinder heads were prominent features of air cooled engines of the era… even today cpu’s and gpu’s inside modern computers used finned aluminum heat sinks to dissipate heat from hot components..
    I suspect that this camera will use the aluminum body as a heat sink to improve cooling of the sensor and cpu to improve it’s video capture abilities making it the best video shooting camera Pentax has ever made, and also a top performer in the evil class market…

    imagine the still capabilities of a k-5 combined with the video capabilities of the k-5 BUT without sensor overheating issues… and therefore longer record times..

    • j

      Sorry, but with SR (and for other reasons) the sensor can not be cooled by the aluminium chassis. The guru Falk Lumo explained this at pentaxforums.

      • falk who?

        Falk Lumo is a guru? Hardly. Measurbator maybe. Kerrick James more likely. At least KJ has an impressive portfolio which spans decades and encompasses Pentax 35, 645, and 67 offerings.

        Falk Lumo? Not so much.

      • D0n

        you mean directly cooled through contact..
        but there is still a lot of heat transfer capacity from the electronics and the sensor (through radiant heat) … the more heat that gets dissipated the cooler the camera will stay internally that would include the sensor.

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