Pentax K-01 to be announced on February 2nd, 2012

Penatx K-01 announcment

The Pentax K-01 camera is designed by Marc Newson and according to this press invitation received by stuff-review, the official announcement will be on February 2nd, 2012.

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  • Bruce
  • Huggs

    His work is amazing.

  • I wonder what would happen if they let a photographer design a camera… WHAT AM I SAYING??? AM I CRAZY??????????????????????

    Sorry, everyone, it was just a small slip of consciousness. I apologise to anyone I may have offended with my anathema question.

    Off to take my “sensible” medication.

    • Designer

      Designers do a lot of research before designing a product. Besides, All designs are tested by end users–both pros and casual. Most photographers have no training in industrial design, but it’s likely that an industrial designer is a photographer.

    • Vlad

      It’s not offensif, but rather annoying. People should stop thinking about designers as the guys who create the visual appearance of the product only. As an example, today’s nice curvy grips on the DSLRs were made by a designer.

      • lorenzino

        and also virtually all mistakes we see in modern Japanese cameras are due to designers. Not the menu interface ones (those are the programmer’s fault) but the handling ones, including the now-so-may “why the h… did they have to place the shutter release button there” or “why couldn’t they just add another damn button on the back of the camera instead of having me going 10 times through the menu just to change the ISO, for Chiwawa’s sake” (esp. considering that camera menus are becoming veritable engineering riddles), etc.
        Fact: all industrial products contain some degree of designing.
        Fact: old cameras with old designs still work great.
        Fact: many modern cameras with “roundy” “cool” designs are quirky to use.
        Conclusion: I prefer a camera where the design is secondary to its use, than a camera thought as a “cool” camera, where the UI is secondary to its look

    • If you let a photographer design the camera it might look like that horrendous drawing from a day or two ago. Even if this particular camera ends up in the flashy direction, it’s likely Pentax would offer a more basic-looking model or trim as well.

      Just because an acclaimed designer works on something doesn’t mean it will be bad. I believe Giugiaro was responsible for the design on a number of high-end Nikon bodies like F3 and many newer bodies.

  • could this be worse

    Just went to this Marc Newson’s website, all I can say is Yuck!


    I was hoping Pentax would have some sense.

  • Heaven help them if it’s as ugly as those Russian concept pictures.

    • Troll of Bifröst

      Well, I do not see that concept art resembles any picture leaks so far. Just a couple of days and we will see what they come up with.

  • Ozbaz

    Marc newson’s work is brilliant and his input will hopefully bring some style and improved functionality to Pentax. This is the type of camera I am hoping to see from canon. They probably don’t want to canabalize their rebel and 60d sales but if you don’t eat your own lunch someone else will!

  • BP2012

    It should cost at least 20% less than K-5 body or nobody won’t buy it.

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