First picture of the Samusung NX20 mirrorless camera?

This is supposed to be the first picture of the upcoming Samsung NX20 camera. More to come, stay tuned.

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  • Christian M.

    Could be NX20 but I do not see EVF, so it may also be a beefed up replacement of EX1 / TL500, with larger sensor like Canon G1X. Both the swivel display and the wheel-button look like my EX1.

    • Christian M.

      no, sorry, the more I look at it the more I agree it most likely is the NX20.
      EX1 replacement would probably be more edgy and metal.

    • chris

      guys.. the evf is above the display .. see the black line.. thats the edge of it.

      stop spreading stupid rumors that the nx20 wont have evf.. thats the whole point of the nx 10/20 that it is a nx100/ 200 with evf and better specs.

  • krazyyyy

    If it doesn’t have an EVF, they can stop developing now and go back to drawing board… what a wasted opportunity that’d be.

  • Paperman

    I’d be astonished to see an EVF at the bottom of a camera…

  • Sadly, the EVF still appears to be located in the middle of the body.

    Note to MILC camera designers: Photographers have noses!

    • Raffwal

      But you know, some people tend to use their left eye when composing as opposed to right. Perhaps that’s why most EVFs are located ion the center.

      • fants

        I would think that having the EVF all the way on the left would be better for left-eye-dominant folks as well, actually. Your nose would hit the LCD rather than the dials and buttons on the right side of the camera.

        Booo to the mini-DSLR look!

        • JG10

          Are you certain it’s a mini-DSLR look? I can’t tell much from this pic. I’d heard a rumor it was supposed to be more retro. Anyway, mini-DSLR is okay if they’ve corrected the issues with the NX20. And the upcoming Olympus has a DSLR look and is quite stylish. Looking forward to more pics of this Samsung. Samsung is so close to making an awesome camera. The problem is, they now seem to want to take a page from Sony when it comes to pricing and treat everything they do as if it deserves a premium price. Note to Samsung, you’re the little guy in this market. If you want to be competitive you have to make great products AND be aggressive when it comes to pricing. If you don’t do both those things you will continue to have massive losses in your camera division.

          • JG10

            That should say “issues with NX200”.

          • What issues do you see with the NX200?

            What I hope is they fix the issues with the NX10 🙂

          • I agree that pricing the NX200 at $900 is excessive. It also doesn’t bode well for the NX20 pricing, which I can’t imagine costing less than $200 more than the NX200, putting it at $1,100 to compete with the Sony NEX-7. And at this point, the marketing department will step in and say this price will make us seem inferior to Sony, so let’s price it at $1,200 so people know we’re just as good.

            Start saving up, guys! 🙁

  • JB

    Looks glamorous.

  • John Deacon

    samsung NX20 is best quality camera of samsung.

    Samsung NX20

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