Sigma APO 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens to start shipping in Spring

Sigma "confirmed" on Twitter that their APO 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens will be available this Spring. Any believers?

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  • Martin

    I still want the old one back, without OS but only half the wait and size of the new one. OS is nice at this focal length range, of course, but not at this (weight) price.

    • ZZPhoto

      E-mail me at live dot com as I have LNIB very sharp cherry picked copy for sale.

  • Toli

    Sigma is carrying on traditional with lips service announcement are untruth…go for plan B people…:)

  • Enrico

    Too late, Slowigma. One week ago, after a year and half of waiting, I bought the 50-150 2.8 II version, and I’m very happy of it. Superb quality and great construction.

    • Martin


  • Ojoj

    Many DX users have been crying out for this lens for ages. Way to go Sigma – release it as many of them are switching to FF!

    • Martin

      same here – at least considering it, maybe once d800 price drops below 2000 euros – or used d700 price below 1000 euros.

  • FMJ

    should have done 50-135 like Pentax & Tokina to make it smaller/lighter/shorter.

    but good too see some APSC substitute for 70-200

    • Martin

      Actually, the old 50-150 II is rather compact and light. And I’ve been using it at all of it’s focal range. I’d guess a lot between 50 and 80, and then again a lot at 150! So I would not really make it shorter in range.

  • Sigma announced this lens when I was still shooting on a crop sensor camera. Since then, I’ve upgraded to full-frame. I would say “you snooze, you lose, Sigma!!!” …except for the fact that I actually LOVE using my current (mk1) Sigma 50-150 DC on full-frame, even without the crop mode. (Of course, that is only for theater / stage work where the corners of the frame are black anyways!) …And now with the Nikon D800 hitting the streets, I see a bright future for crop-sensor lenses. Even though I’m still totally on the fence about the D800 in general, and will probably end up getting a D3s instead…

    So, YAY. I think…

  • man oh man i’ve been looking for this lens for a while now. really hope the price point is well below the 70-200 os. it needs to be sub 1k. cuz as d7000 shooter my 55-200 is my work horse believe it or not. wont be going fx anytime soon, so i’d like a lens like this. given what i can do with a 5.6 lens, f2.8 would really help. sigma! send me one on the house! :p

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