The rest of the 2012 CP+ show

The Nikon D800 and the Olympus OM-D E-M5 were probably the most exciting cameras announced during the 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan. Here are some additional images from the 2012 CP+ show:

Olympus OM-D with the $2,500 Zuiko Digital ED 150mm f/2.0 (photos courtesy of gqtuazon)

Agfa at the 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan

Agfa released a new point and shoot camera at the CP+ show: the AP15.

Agfa at the 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan

Even GE had a booth:

Panasonic booth:

And few more images from the show's floor:

2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan

2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan

2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama Japan

Images credit: Jeff Chen

Last image credit: Samuel Morse

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  • Discontinued

    Damn, this OM-D looks good and I love(d) my old OM-Zuikos. Just sold one. Well, I can’t keep and buy everything without becoming suspicious of being a collector and struggling with another kind of divorce, right? I ordered the other of “probably the most exciting cameras announced during the 2012 CP+ show in Yokohama”.
    Nonetheless I am happy for everyone who kept old Zuikos until today and finally becomes a body that is worth the money for an adaptor. Enjoy your 50 1,2s, 1.4s and 100 2.0s and 2.8s or the good old 85-250. Focus will hopefully be no pain.

    • Harold Ellis

      sure, enjoy expensive average lenses which perform like 50 2,4s, 2.8s and 100 4.0s and 5.6s

    • pooh

      100/2.4, 2.8 and 200/4.0, 5.6, more precisely regardless of the light value. Some crazy dudes gonna drive the 21/2 price up even higher..

      The new system has nothing to do with the OM system other than the look only, plus maybe the first two letters. If the E-M5 is “the body worthy of an adapter”, I bet the Panasonic G3 does as well…

  • Art K.

    Don’t You find that the new Olympus looks VERY MUCH like the 80’s pro cams from Nikon and Canon? Nikon F3 with the drive – exact styling, and Canon New F1 – viewfinder. I was kinda wishing for a return to those designs. Now that it’s been done, I feel perplexed. Can’t really bring back the past.

  • The ZD 150/2 is Oly’s best lens, imo… at least for FT. Much nicer than their ZD 300 2.8 and ZD 90-250 2.8.

    It covers full frame too. Adaptability to FF (or even APS-C) is the issue because it’s focus by wire.

  • gobsmacker

    Any rumors about new product announcements coming from Panasonic? New MFT lenses? Too soon for the release of the GH3?

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