PocketWizard Plus III announced

Today PocketWizard announced the previously leaked Plus III transceiver. For more info check this dedicated site and the latest Joe McNally's post. The price is $139.00 and is currently available for pre-order at B&H.

Press release:

LPA Design Announces New PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver
Easy-to-use, feature-packed radio trigger is ideal for any serious photographer

So. Burlington, VT – February 20, 2012 – LPA Design, manufacturers of PocketWizard Photo Products, the world leader in reliable wireless control of cameras, flash lighting and light meters, announces the new PocketWizard Plus III – a feature-packed, easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering. This new simple but powerful radio provides professional and serious amateur photographers with the most reliable triggering system which they will never outgrow and never want to be without.

“Our goals in designing the new Plus III were simple: It needed to do more, cost less and offer the same reliability and simplicity as the legendary Plus II. We believe the Plus III achieves all of this and more in its sleek new design,” said Dave Schmidt, LPA Designs VP of Marketing. “Photographers need tools that will help them create images they couldn’t before and with less hassle and lower cost. The Plus III is exactly that tool.”

The new Plus III Transceiver features 32 channels and Selective Quad-Zone Triggering that enables photographers to remotely trigger flash and/or cameras in groups or individually all wirelessly from hundreds of feet away. Performance enhancing features include Long Range Mode and Repeater Mode to help photographers tackle the most challenging shooting environments and open the door for never-attempted image ideas. All features, channels and zones can be easily set using the soft-touch keypad and are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD display. *

The versatile new PocketWizard Plus III is compatible with all other PocketWizard radios and virtually every popular flash and professional digital SLR camera system. It also communicates with all PocketWizard-enabled photo gear including select Profoto, Dynalite, Norman and Photogenic flash systems and Sekonic light meters.

The new Plus III will be demonstrated at the PocketWizard WPPI 2012 Booth #621 in Las Vegas, NV, February 20-23, 2012 as well as in the JP Distribution booth at Focus on Imaging Show in Birmingham, UK, March 4-7, 2012.
* Please see PocketWizard PLUS III Features and Specifications documents for more information.

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  • I’ve several pocket wizards, but I won’t buy another. I will buy Phottix and the other competitors. There is no longer an advantage in technology, transmitting power and reliability. The only difference is multiples of price.

    • Paul H.

      Exactly my thoughts. Pocket Wizard has made themselves irrelevant with most shooters nowadays due to their uncompetitive pricing. Don’t they know there are easily half a dozen options with comparable technology for much less money?
      Resting on their laurels will be the end of a once great company…

      • Global

        It looks like they lowered their price by 20% with the new transceivers ($139 vs. $169 previously, according to B&H prices). So they might be starting to get the message..?

    • Skaas

      I chose Phottix for that same obvious reason.

  • liftman

    Hello there,

    could you tell if perhaps there is a solution to be used with film SLR cameras?


  • Jaques

    Nice looking device, I am sure they will work great but still double the price of the Phottix, well actually you can get a Phottix transmitter and receiver for half the price of the Pocket wizard.

    • That may be true for a simple radio trigger, but the Pocket Wizard Flex TT5’s are awesome if you like to use i-TTL of camera wirelessly. Except for RadioPoppers, I don’t know of anyone else who does that. Of course, those are way overkill for monolights. If that is all you use, then I tend to agree with you.

      • I currently use Radiopoppers PX and as a Nikon shooter I can tell you they are worth the price ( $250 dollars) since you can control every single thing in the remote flash, no longer need to do weird signs to the assistant in order to correct power output or mode

        the best way to extend the CLS system, dont know how it works with canon though

  • The biggest upside is the price on the Plus II’s in the used market should come down.

  • Pocket Wizards still have a place in the market for one reason:


    We’re talking 100% has-to-work-right-now reliability. I’ve tried most of the off-brand ones, and there is a significant variance. Some are junk, some are really good… but even I didn’t get 100% fire rate with any of them. When you’re making your living doing this, it’s of no negative consequence to just buy the best.

    • Reliability… until the Flex/Mini came along and ruined PW’s image.

      • +1

        I run the mini and two Flex TTLs.

        They suck. Right now my PW system is 0% reliable.

        Sean, you need to try new third party brands. not the $20 triggers, but pro quality triggers.

    • AXV

      It doesn’t mean they will survive. It’s like nikon trying to survive only in D3x sales, not everyone needs “the best”. More so when competition has just 2% firing misses at just 40% of the price.

      You can see it in the pricing, they are being affected by other cheaper not-as-reliable ones, so they reduce price but that means they need to sell more. They should have just kept their high prices for the people like you, that do not care for the price but need the highest quiality.

  • l

    Pls Nikon. Sb1000 w/ RF. Get rid of the pw middleman.

    • Ray

      Judging by Nikon’s accessory pricing policy, we can expect a Nikon branded PocketWizard alternative to cost a mere $799. I can’t wait!

  • I agree that PocketWizards are overrated but the flex/mini combo for TTL flash is amazing other that not being able to use high flash sync on my D300s at 14 bit raw. They are more seamless than radio popper for TTl. As for This unit and other non TTL I like that you can control it from the unit but really there are a lot of choices out the for plugging in a mono to get flash sync. Besides I am always back at the mono lights controlling power and feathering the light in various directions so dont really need these features!

  • AXV

    Nikon should just do an agreement with another radio-trigger brand so they get all the nikon “secrets” and they can make a product much like CLS but with radio, nikon could just get a % off the sales and the other company would get exclusivity, users get a very powerful tool, so it’s win-win-win.
    CLS is awesome, but line of sight and reach is a complete turn-off and makes it unreliable.

  • Adrian G

    Couldn’t Joe McNally have just used an intervalometer if the point was to get more shots out of the run? D7000 & D800 have the function in camera. Makes the whole relay deal kind of pointless in this case.

    • Dom Bower

      agree, but hes got to sell it some how.

  • Jeff

    I love my PW’s. But, the Repeater Mode fixes a problem I have never had.

    My only real problem with them is my ability to break the feet. Since I have a supply of spare feet, I see no reason to buy, for now.

    • Where did you get them from? I pay about a hundred bucks to the distributor every time a light stand falls over.

  • broxibear

    Talking about pricing, here’s something that was “suggested” to me by a Nikon dealer…
    The delay with the Nikon D4 has nothing to do with a bug or firmware issue, it’s to allow Nikon to sell remaining D3s stock before the D4 is available. Why ?…because apparently the tests and reviews of the D4 will show very little difference between the D4 and D3s in terms of stills, and people would be less likely to upgrade or they might opt for the substantially cheaper D3s…but if all the stock is gone you won’t have that option ?
    Don’t you love all these conspiracy stories…this is a rumour site after all lol. And we all know Nikon wouldn’t do anything like that, it’s not as if any photographic company would do anything underhand, like secret offshore bank accounts and missing millions lol ?

    • broxibear

      oops…sorry Peter/admin…this post was meant for nikonrumors not photorumors, sorry ?

      • that’s ok, let’s leave it here 🙂

  • Darkness

    Quick poll: Is this morally acceptable? Using the poor to demonstrate the resolution of your camera files? have the subjects been paid for this marketing? Just sayin”


    • broxibear

      Personally I don’t think it’s acceptable.
      There’s nothing wrong in covering a story regarding AIDS for the Red Cross but, using the images to show the resolution of a camera is not right.

  • Don

    Conspicuiously absent from everything I’ve read is any mention of the ability of the III to raise and lower levels of strobes with PW modules. Can it do it?

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