The latest patents from Canon and Panasonic

  • Canon patents for a 400mm f/4, 200mm f/5.6, 300mm f/4 lenses.
  • The next Canon patent is for a 18-45mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for a APS-C mirrorless camera:

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  • grumps

    I cannot understand why Canon wishes to introduce slow zoom lenses, I rather they kept it at f/4 for slowest and f2.8 for their more expensive zooms. Being slow to the market and offering less doesn’t make sense.

    • WoutK89

      Interesting part MIRRORLESS APS-C! All you read was “slow apertures”, then you are not reading it correct. Slow(er) often means small(er), therefor better for a mirrorless combination.

  • 200 mm at 5.6 doesn’t make that much sense

  • photonut

    Yikes! APS-C mirrorless format… the same pitfall Sony stumbled upon. No chance for a small and lightweight system. Small body, but large lenses …

    • c.d.embrey

      I’m very happy to have a small/light NEX 5n hanging from my neck. It’s MUCH lighter than a Canon xxD, which also doesn’t fit in my pocket 😉

    • Ke

      Samsung have APS-C sensors in their NX cameras, there’s a few pancake primes for those.

  • Ben

    A built in ND is here ion looooooong time even my aging Canon PowerShot G3 has it.

  • pooh

    Goodbye Nikon.

  • hoop

    Goodbye Canon.

  • fred

    Goodbye Kodak. F’real.

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