Adobe Photoshop 6 sneak peek video #5

This is the #5 of a series of Photoshop 6 sneak peek videos from Adobe (via Photographybay).

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  • LP

    Oh my God I have this rash “down there” that I can’t get rid of, can someone help!?!?!

    • Felix

      yes, use the healing brush 😉

    • Felix


      Use the healing brush 😉

      • Felix

        or as in my case the clone tool 😉

        • Global

          The internet is very bizarre.

          Adobe is doing the right things. They better keep their egos on straight though. The feature creep is nice, but the price needs to be right.

          Keep the pricing right and the new generations will keep playing and paying. It only takes one generation to die.

          Adobe is doing the right things so far.

  • Simone

    When I read the title I was thinking about the actual Photoshop 6 (the one from 2000).

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