Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 ZF.2/ZE teasers continue

Zeiss revealed another piece of the specs for upcoming Distagon T* 2,8/15 ZF.2/ZE super wide angle lens: focusing range will be 0.25m to infinity. The lens will be announced this Friday (March 16th, 2012).

Update: the new lens will have 15 elements in 12 groups.

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  • stepper

    Didn’t we already get a leaked, full image of this lens?

    • Harold Ellis

      it is like teasing about release of DVD player.

      • Global

        Definitely over doing it. Normally, I like these teasers — but Zeiss is going too far. This is not creating lens lust, its just getting absurd. Teasers are only as good as the new information they present. These are presenting none.

        • MJr

          We learned it goes to infinity after 2.5 meters ? 😉

  • Recent Convert

    It would have to be truly awesome for me to retire my 14-24mm Nikkor. By the way, looking at the EXIF, I seem to utilize the 14-24mm about 70% of the time at 14mm, 20+% at 24mm, and less than 10% in between. So: for roughly $2000, I have a superb, though slightly distorting, 14mm lens, plus a practically non-distorting 24mm lens (both at f/2.8). What will the Zeiss cost? And where is my bonus 24mm lens?

    • Harold Ellis

      i am sure there will come later somebody saying you need zeiss to have some microcontrast and 3D effect. but don’t worry, 14-24 stays as fine as it have ever been :-), including autofocus and nice mettering

  • Mike R

    Wao… My first shots with that lens are amazing ! Incredible low level distorsion (I measured 2%) and corners (even @f/2.8) are very sharp.

    • Arthur

      Wow, you’re so interesting! Tell us more, tell us more! We don’t know cool guys who already have things before they get released!

  • Craig

    Will be a killer lens for video on DX format.

    • sony

      …or on the sony nex 7

  • So many leaks. I take it it’s not weather sealed.

  • Daryl

    Although not of interest to me, 15mm is too wide, I hope Zeiss will show advancements in lens design, elements or glass that can be used in other lenses. Extreme wide angles that are sharp into the corners for a slr would be a great option to have.

  • Any chance of a Leica M-mount?

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