Pentax K-r successor?

I received this image today of what appears to be an advertising for the Pentax K-r successor (Pentax K-r is already discontinued).

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  • Looks like “K-z”. I guess it won’t sell very well in Germany with that name …

  • devorama

    Or it could be K-s

  • Mike

    The Pentax Harlequin ? The Pentax Chicklet? VW did that in the 90’s… Where every panel was a different colour. I wasn’t a fan of it then! I dunno, I think Pentax should bring a FF camera to market, for their loyalists sake, instead of custom colour option K’s.

    • MuttonPuncher

      I agree Mike, I wish Pentax would leap way ahead with a FF LX style body. That is professional level with water and weather seals, including an interchangeable viewfinder with a waist level option, to me this would be more preferable than an articulating LCD. It would have at least a 300,000 cycle shutter, built in flash, 8fps and at least 24mp resolution. Man my complete set of SMC-A primes from 15mm-50mm manual focus lenses would love to couple with a body like that:^) Plus my 15mm ultra wide angle will be 15mm instead of a 23mm on my K5. Of course Pentax would need to complement this game changer with a new set of AF FF lenses, the LXD would be announced with a new pro quality 70-200mm f/2.8 AF lens.

  • Warpig

    About time…
    Anyway, all those color combination must be made at the factory, so I think western customers will have less custom options.

  • Wait For It

    It will be called the…wait for it…Pentax K-Y.

    It will feature a first of its kind, self-lubricating shutter capable of 69 frames per second.

    • KY FTW!

      In rainbow colours, it must be for the gay market.

  • Craig

    120,000,000 color combinations. Really?

  • Mark

    “10 bottom parts Color”

    Page 105 of Physician’s Diagnosis Manual.

  • Don

    probably a kr with all the new specs from the k-01

  • cloudwindhk

    It looks more like K-g

  • bokboi

    A company that brags that its selling point is multicolors nothing about IQ, ISO, speed or anything! Is this a camera or a paint company?

    • Bjrichus


      It does kind of look like the Pentax strategy is “Look how many colors we can put onto plastic!”


      • timon

        plastic + oil paint = a depressed toy company

    • IQ ISO and sped are irrelevant at this point of technological development any camera is good enough for what consumers will use it. It is not obviously targeted at pro-shooters. So relax

      • Boy79

        It is obviously not targeted for photographer, maybe for babies.

    • While Pentax changes the colour of plastic, Leica changes the colour of leather…

  • jarda

    The blurred camera looks as grey D70 to me. So when Nikon started designing cameras that look like Pentax, should Pentax make move to the opposite direction?

    • Warpig

      Looks more like a pentax pz-1 to me.

    • D

      Well you might be right that it is an early ad that didn’t pass muster but your rant about the number of product lines don’t mean much. My guess is that they will make it like the K-r – A few colour combinations for the international market and then a home market where they for an extra fee will make it on demand according to customer specifications.

  • madmax

    This is either fake or a very primitive company draft that didn’t even make it through revision. The word “Color” should be spelled in the plural: i.e 12 Body “Colors”.

  • piron

    Design is as important as IQ, durability etc in fashion industry at least.
    1.2 x 10^8
    that is a lot of colors. you will likely find the right one.

  • Mike

    madmax said: “either fake or a very primitive company draft”

    I agree.

    However, I also believe the “Mark Newson” designed K-01 is a fake primitive company draft that somehow managed to actually get produced. Probably the worst Pentax ever.

  • black, black, black, black, black, black, black, black.

    for chrissakes, if i want a frakkin parrot, i’ll buy a frakkin parrot. a dslr should be matte black to minimize any reflective light coloring in studio work. bah.

    pentax, pentax, why not make exceptional cameras instead of… IDK… parrots?!

    • but if it’s a hoax, alright. still, you know, it’s a shame enough that it *could* be taken seriously, knowing pentax and their colorful ways…

  • Well, I personally like the idea of choosing my own colours per camera.
    From a distance you can grab your own gear with the right settings you want at the moment.
    When the features are right for the rest, it is nice to choose the right body for you.
    And of course black or grey or a combination of them can be choosen too.
    Yes, in most cases black is just good but the more equipment…
    If you make it like many mobile phones with ‘interchangable body-parts’, you can choose your own colour-combination which makes it way more personal.
    Just like cars: some like them just black, others red, yellow or a combination of colours that fit the colours of the company they work for.

    About the name, K-I could also still fit… I cannot make sense of most names and numbers of the Pentax-bodies anyhow, especially if you compare the digital names also with the analog names.
    For me a nice name would be the MZ-D … my favorite body still at this time is the MZ-5

  • David

    I think the name would be fine. Don’t have an issue with it.

    Wonder what the K-5 successor will be; K-3 or K-03?

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