Fujifilm partners with Globe-Trotter to release a limited edition suitcase for X-Pro1 mirrorless camera system

Own a Fuji X-Pro1 mirrorless camera system, want to travel in style and have £5695 ($9,000) to burn? Get this Globe-Trotter limited edition suitcase. From the press release:

Global digital camera brand Fujifilm is delighted to announce its partnership with luxury British luggage manufacturer, Globe-Trotter. The two companies have collaborated to create a limited edition, Vulcanised Fibreboard suitcase for the latest in Fujifilm’s coveted X series, the much-anticipated X-Pro1. The 12 cases are launching exclusively at Harrods Technology.

The Vulcanised Fibreboard suitcase is handmade on original Victorian machinery at the Globe-Trotter factory in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Vulcan Fibre was invented in Britain in the 1850s and is formed from 14 layers of specially bonded paper, coloured to specification. The brass rivets and locks and tan leather trim contribute to its luxury aesthetic. The case is finished with an embossed leather ‘Harrods Exclusively’ tag and brass plaque. Each case has handcrafted compartments to house the X-Pro1, the flash, filter and the camera’s three lenses and lens hoods: 18mm, 35mm and 60mm. The X-Pro1, the latest in X series range of Fujifilm cameras, is receiving phenomenal reviews for its image quality, versatility and cutting edge technology. Its retro styling is perfectly matched to Globe-Trotter’s timeless aesthetic and craftsmanship.

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  • VT

    I’m not sure if it’s crazier that someone came up with the idea of this product, or that someone will actually buy them.

    • matg

      hmmm… camera and lenses are not gold plated??? this is crap!

  • Fuji a LOL company?

    3 x D800 or 1xD4 + D800, hummmm….I’m undecided

  • Harold Ellis

    dear fuji.

    if you want to rob your fanatics from their money like apple and leica does, then:

    1) you need to have some fanatics
    2) you need to have products worth something, or at least unique
    3) built your fanbase
    4)????? (wait probably)
    5) profit

    such so it looks silly. and probably not many ppl would buy even gold plated crappy P&S for that moneys

    • BP2012

      “you need to have products worth something, or at least unique”

      I like your definition of Apple products: “unique garbage”.

      • Harold Ellis

        it is true. nobody makes shiny white computers which glow apple logo into the dark. very little pc makers focus on style and design, so yes, it is “garbage” in many ways, but unique for somebody who puts style (even weird) over sense

        • Zaph

          It may be true (that Apple has understood the use of style in industrial design and the others have not), but it is a very small reason in a multitude of other reasons. If you don’t get that, fine, but to go on with rubbish about it on a photo rumors site? Use whatever you want, and leave me to use what works for me.

          • Harold Ellis

            i am not hatin’

            as said, it is fine you prefer design over functionality or price/performance ratio.

            but this fuji offers none. it is not stylish, it is not good, it is not unique, it have no brand recognition, it have no fanbase and is even paired with weird company which make clothes and bags.

          • Duke

            Most people don’t buy macs for pretty design. They buy it for OS X and user experience and the apps that go with it. Theres a reason why people in top internet startups use macs almost exclusively.

            People don’t interact with the hardware they interact with software. Its silly to dimiss that when you talk about price performance ratio. Good news is Windows is improving.

            Apple can be pretty shitty as company sometimes. But there products aren’t overpriced and they aren’t a luxury brand like Leica.

            Leica lenses are pretty awesome. But they definitely play up the luxury brand card. Thats fine, whatever works for them.

            Fuji seem to be positioning themselves are a premium brand with prices within reach. These limited edition releases give me that impression.

          • Zaph

            “as said, it is fine you prefer design over functionality or price/performance ratio.”

            As said, I don’t prefer design over functionality, for me it is the best performing tool for the job (on many levels). Also, price/performance is misleading if you leave out ROI, productivity and longevity, which you seem to be.

        • hexx

          garbage others tried to copy and failed, guess where – on price, performance, quality – so what is garbage then???

    • Ben Y

      “if you want to rob your fanatics from their money like apple and leica does, then:

      1) you need to have some fanatics”


    • John

      People need to realize this case isn’t made by Fuji.

  • “Fujifilm partners with Globe-Trotter to release a limited edition suitcase for X-Pro1 mirrorless camera system” or how give a second rate gear eligibility. Despairing !!

    • Harold Ellis

      it matches ok, as globe trotter is not really something to lust for, their shoes are bad, clothes nothing special either. what is weird is final price

    • Robert Falconer

      The X-Pro 1 is FAR from second rate gear, but this definitely IS a second rate attempt at pretentious nonsense.

      • Harold Ellis

        however you paint it, it is still P&S

        • Kelvin

          P&S?!?!?! Please do some research before you type!!

          • Harold Ellis

            and what it is then?

            premium crop sensor camera with slow user interface and mediocre image quality?

            be my guest, spend your moneys

          • Ignore him. I’ve been badgering Admin for an Ignore Harold Ellis button for years.

  • Zaph

    Hmm, how much is the X-Pro1 + 3 lenses?

  • bob2

    Fetish, for the camera fetishist. Maybe aimed at the Japanese home market?

  • Camaman

    9000 for the case and the system or just case?
    Anyway… $900 would be on ok price for the case…

  • beavis

    What about faster autofocus instead of the case?:)

  • Craig

    Did everyone miss this? The case is made from paper.

    • Zaph

      Yes, essentially it’s a $4000 Globite school bag.

  • fiatlux

    > The Globe-Trotter case, including Fujifilm’s X-Pro1, lenses and accessories will be available exclusively in Harrods for £5695 (extract from the full press release).

    It looks like you’re getting the camera and lenses for free if you’re insane enough to buy the case.

    • Sahaja

      Nobody, except those who have a lot more money than sense, buys anything from Harrods except in their January sales.

  • Chase

    Only a A$$hole would buy this.

  • Mark

    Smart comment about the high price.

  • SoftonDemand

    in the end its still a fuji… get a leica!!

  • Luke

    commenters needn’t disparage a camera that they have never used. It’s a brilliant camera and the files it puts out are stunning. Perhaps many aren’t aware of the long history of excellent Fuji professional optics. Yes, they make tons of point and shoots, but so does Canikon.

    Now about the case. It’s hideous and overpriced. Whomever buys it gets exactly what they deserve.

    • Harold Ellis

      where exactly is this camera excellent and different then all other P&S, mirrorless and other sub par cameras?

      • Zaph

        Just so we can get a relative range, what do you think is the highest quality P&S available Harold?

        • Zaph

          Didn’t think you’d answer that one, limits your trolling.

  • andy

    When would you ever use this? It’s not something practical you could use in the field or walk around with in the street. You might as well wear a big sign that says “ROB ME”. It’s only good for storing your camera at home or transporting by car in which case no one’s going to see it anyway. It’s no more classy looking than a billingham bag and nowhere near as useful.
    I like the idea of a high end bag but I’d want something practical and made from space-age materials. Carbon fibre, kevlar, titanium etc.

    This is just lame.

  • I am a big fan of Fujifilm. I own maybe a dozen Fujifilm cameras, all legends in their own right. I have been itching to buy the X-Pro1 since the first rumours came out. I had the money saved up and a pre-order placed. That pre-order was filled a couple of days ago. I had the box in my sweaty hands. Yet I did not buy it. It just didn’t make economic sense at that point in time.

    It’s big and bulky, certainly not a compact. It is not fast enough for me, not a competitive system package versus a DSLR of a comparable price point and size. The only way I could justify it was as a high quality imager for my M lenses, so I did the only logical thing and bought a second hand GXR + A12 Module, with which I am totally satisfied. The X-Pro1 would no doubt be a slightly better M body, but the difference in cost was huge and the GXR not only has has a cavernous mount with no contacts to get in the way, its ergonomics are excellent and the user experience is pure Ricoh (I am also a big Ricoh fan).

    Despite my personal reservations about the X-Pro 1, there are people out there, the same kind of people that buy limited edition fashion-branded Leicas, Swarovski clad Rollei 35’s, or a candy apple 645D, who wouldn’t think twice about buying a Globe-Trotter edition X-Pro1.

    Not me though. My cameras are users and beaters. I buy to shoot and not for show.

  • the new russian and chinese millionaires will probably buy these things personally cant afford it if i could i would get something i could use like a d4 or eos1x and a lens

  • John

    Harold, I bet any camera you use is a point and shoot. Do you even know what you are doing with a camera?

  • Global

    Does this come with any lenses & a camera?

    Or its just an empty case….?

    • Yes, everything – cameras, lenses and … iPad

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