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Some interesting links that I did not cover in details on the blog:

  • ReWo cage for the Sony NEX 7 camera:

  • New Kenko extension tubes for macro photography with autofocus and exposure control announced for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX cameras:

  • The Pentax K-01 got pretty good DxOMark test results - it took the second place in the mirrorless category:

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  • Trigger Happy is idiotic, it already exists, its called IOshutter and it won’t work for the simple reason that you need cables, the whole point of an iPhone is that its wireless, unless they can make something that connects view bluetooth, why wouldn’t I just get a mechanical or electronic cable release which will work better, and let me play games on my iPhone while doing a time lapse or long exposure?

  • It happens that I’m making a custom portrait grip for the NEX7 right now. Owner doesn’t want a trigger, which is lucky because there is no remote cable socket.

    • BklynPigeon

      I have already seem grips and cable release sockets on the NEX7. this asian guy at Adorama last week was marketing them.

      • This chap offers a grip, but it isn’t what I’m supposed to make. I am to make a full grip.


        There is no cable release socket. The camera doesn’t have one.

        The only work around that I can think is to strip a IR remote and run an extension to place the emitter over the receiver. There would be a delay, though.

  • Mog

    It would be useful to cite the original source of the rumor; EOSHD. So proper credit, when its right (or wrong) can be made.

    Engadget is so full of it, and this needs article needs a correction. EOSHD has the rumoured price of 4K NEX camera at $8,000, nowhere does it say $9k.

    Also, the Scarlet isn’t $9,000, its $16k+ for a minimum working unit. Not sure where Engadget is pulling that out of, even on Red’s website it doesn’t say that. Not even for just the basic “brain”.

    Engadget is just plainly fabricating numbers out of nowhere.

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