This is the full frame Pentax K-3 DSLR camera

The first Pentax full frame DSLR camera will be called K-3. Here are the detailed specs:

  • Sensor: 24.0 MP CMOS (full frame)
  • ISO Range: 100-25,600 (50-102,400 expanded)
  • Autofocus: 29-point SAFOX X w/light wavelength sensor
  • Shutter: stepless, 30s-1/8000s rated for 200,000 actuations
  • 6 fps at maximum resolution
  • Video: 1080p/720p recording at 60/30/25/24 FPS, VGA recording at 120/30FPS
  • Image processor: Dual PRIME M
  • Media: Single SDXC/SDHC/SD card
  • Body Color: Graphite black

Via PentaxForum

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  • befocus

    1° april…

    • Vitor Silva

      Maybe !

      But since Ricoh bought Pentax maybe there is gonna be some nice plans for Pentax =)

      • Discontinued


        since Ricoh bought Pentax there are plans for DSLRs as nice as the Ricoh ones.

        • While the 4-1 jokes continue, I could also just as likely see this being true as well. Maybe not the color, but if someone posted the new Pentax K-01 or the Pentax-Q without doubt, everyone would sake fake, or April Fool’s Day. The specs for Pentax K-3 seem much more realistic than the Q or the K-01.

          • Mistral75

            > The specs for Pentax K-3 seem much more realistic than the Q or the K-01.

            In particular the 12 Mpixels APS-C crop for a 24 Mpixels 24×36 sensor…

            24 ÷ 2,25 = 12 -this is well known 😉

  • St.

    this looks like April 1st modification of the Limited silver K-5 edition…. 🙂

  • Boing Wronkwell


    Same sensor as the Nikon D3200?


    • chase

      I dont think so, the D3200 is a cropsensor if the K-3 is ledgit it is a full frame sensor as stated in the article. So they will be different.

  • georghill

    April Fool’s joke 🙂

  • Arthur

    I actually like that metal body!

  • Geoff

    Congrats guys, this was the first April fools joke that actually got me today.

  • Art K.

    There will be a K-9 model in the future, registering the smells and sounds beside the pictures. Wof wof!

  • hsteeves

    this was the one story I wanted to believe …

    • DF#

      LOL yes, I agree, but the date makes it obviously not true.

  • Hello

    If Pentax is going to release a 35mm sensor and make significant sales to gain some Nikon-Canon Sony users they need THREE more features

    NON alias filter
    a double intelligent SDXC/ CF card
    a less rectangular ratio in the finder ( like the 5:4 ratio of the new D800) would be a VERY nice addition even if not as important for most users as the 2 first ones


  • No seriously this was a good one ..

    even if the Photoshopping is kind of obvious , april 1st joke !!


  • The real joke is not the camera… it’s the available Pentax lenses that you can use on this thing 🙂

  • rich in tx

    after waiting FOREVER for my D800, finally got it yesterday from Amazon.
    Aparently they are having issues however because they double shipped it; I received two of them. I am offering one of them to the first person who contacts me at
    for the price of $3100 (unopened)

    • FSDF

      LOL nice try. Wrong date.

  • cosinaphile

    april fools

    whats not so funny is this camera which will never be… looks better than any amorphous lump that canikon ever made, sigh

  • malez

    the hover tripod news had a more possibility than this.

  • Affordable FF Pentax – cruel joke. What next, a Sigma with decent build quality, good high ISO performance and/or more than two frames per second?

    • J Shin

      Hmmm… A new product testing/PR strategy, to float a product announcement on April Fool’s; if people like the idea, go for it, if not, disclaim all knowledge?

      If this is a total fake… check out those frame lines showing on the mirror? Is that swiped from some other brand?

      And what is the square and triangles logo thingy on its left (our right)?

      The “3” does look a bit dubious…

      But, I’m still excited about the possibility. I’d consider it. Is PR Admin going to let us know some time soon if this is real, so we don’t fake-salivate too long? 🙂

      • J Shin

        Sad… very sad…

        The PentaxForum post already has a April Fool’s disclaimer on it… 🙁

        • ASF


          People are so scared of being sued these days it’s not funny.

          OF course SOPA won’t help that.

          • Gex

            Of course!!! Pentax realized they would make a lot more money with sueing people about the fake K-3 than they would with the K-01 sales…

        • If you have a disclaimer, then it is not a joke 🙂

  • Raffwal

    Of course it is/was an April fool’s prank. But photorumors made itself more a victim of the prank than a prankster by spreading it further.

  • Donkies

    I really hope Pentax does pull something off like this, at a decent price. I would buy one.

  • Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • Alan

    Well crafted spoof – it got me for a while.
    People who want to believe this give way too much credit to the slow, overly-conservative and timid leadership over at Pentax that have destroyed the brand over the last 15 years. As they refused to offer FF, they lost market position and got into a spiral of un-challending mediocre quality products.

  • malchick743

    Very effective April Fools prank that got us all (almost).

    Also from PentaxForums
    “Update: If you’re gotten this far, we hope you also realize that today is April 1st. With that said, we hope to have the pleasure of making this announcement for real at some point in the near future!”

  • BP2012

    Since I bought my first Pentax digital camera I’m buying full frame lenses only.
    The only lens that is not full frame is the kit lens that came with the first camera.
    Hope dies last.

  • Gex

    That white balance symbol on the rubber grip is just priceless…

  • Scotch

    seriously if Pentax pull out something like “economy full frame” I am sure it will be a great hit

    problem is with the lens collection thought, but I think some 28-105 f4 zoom will be a very good start

  • hexx

    it took me 2 hours to realise that this is a 1st April joke, done research about available lenses and so on – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

    Good one 😉

  • clrs

    You got me. But you also broke my heart. How could you.

    • Warpig

      /hug off

  • No name

    In the presumption (wrong one in my opinion) that this camera will truly be a FF. A single card slot? Seriously? Only this shows it’ s a fantasy made by somebody (meaning there are no such plans for it to be built) , or clearly it isn’ t a FF.

  • mat

    finally it’s not full frame

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