Pentax lens prices went up 15-90 percent!

After LeicaNikon and Sony, now also Pentax have raised the price of their lenses, in same cases up to 90%:

Lens Name
Price Before
Price After
DA 14mm $699.95 $949.95
DA 15mm Limited $509.95 $649.95
DA 21mm Limited $509.95 $649.95
FA 31mm Limited $989.95 $989.95
DA 35mm $169.95 $219.95
DA 35mm Limited Macro $539.95 $699.95
FA 35mm $475.95 $475.95
DA 40mm Limited $339.95 $499.95
DA 40mm XS $249.95 $249.95
FA 43mm Limited $569.95 $569.95
FA 50mm $359.95 $359.95
D-FA 50mm Macro $459.95 $559.95
DA* 55mm $639.95 $799.95
DA 70mm Limited $544.95 $699.95
FA 77mm Limited $784.95 $784.95
D-FA 100mm Macro $599.95 $849.95
DA* 200mm $959.95 $1199.95
DA* 300mm $1124.95 $1399.95
DA 10-17mm Fisheye $519.95 $649.95
DA 12-24mm $699.95 $699.95
DA 16-45mm $339.95 $399.95
DA* 16-50mm $799.95 $1499.95
DA 17-70mm $479.95 $599.95
DA 18-55mm $145.95 $195.95
DA 18-135mm $429.95 $529.95
DA* 50-135mm $849.95 $1599.95
DA 50-200mm $209.95 $249.95
DA 55-300mm $349.95 $429.95
DA* 60-250mm $1295.95 $1999.95

Via Pentaxforums

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  • What’s a Pentax?

    This isn’t going to end well for Pentax. Pentax does not have the market presence, brand recognition or reputation of quality to pull in high prices. Why doesn’t Pentax spend the money and hire competent people? The fresh out of college peeps are less expensive to hire and lack the experience to make sound decisions.

    Pentax is not a traditional marketing case. Pentax has been competing on the cheap since the 1970’s, it can’t change that overnight.

    I’m sure Sony, Nikon and Canon are glad to see Pentax mismanaged further. More sales for the photographic big three.

    • Not in N. America. I see as many Pentax cameras in Japan as I do Sony, Canon and Nikon.

    • mark

      LOL end well I see them out of business with in 2 years at this rate

    • Harold Ellis

      truth is that they can raise their prices of those “wanna be good” lenses, because nobody buys them anyway.
      pentax is brand which is 99% sold camera with kit (often even tamron or sigma) lens (and nothing more) to unsuspecting soccer moms who pick it because it is 10$ cheaper then nikon with same megapixel count and is recommended by retail guys because they get 17$ higher profit.

      • Warpig

        80% of posters of photography blogs are ignorants who know very little about photography and like to talk sh!t about brands that are others than the one they use.

        • Harold Ellis

          it is nice that you shoot pentax professionally and have all the load of “pro” pentax lenses, but you are exception, not the rule.

          keeping aside that i anyway dont believe you that you use pentax for any serious work

          • Harold youre dumb

            what about the k-5 which is known as a weather proof beast? What about the 645D…you really make it obvious that you don’t know much about pentax. Their limited glass is really great and I know multiple photographers that use one. Ps I do not shoot pentax.

          • Harold Ellis


            as K5 is weather proof, so is every nikon and canon. K5 is just overpriced crop camera.

            And about 645D dont let me start. Original film 645 was awesome, this one is crippled crop MF camera without interchangeable back and SD cards.

          • So is every Nikon and Canon? Are you crazy or just stupid? No Canon or Nikon in existence can match the weatherproofing of the K-5. PERIOD.

          • Alex

            Harold, you’re either clueless or a liar; or maybe both.
            Obviously, the entry level Canikons (Pentax too, of course) aren’t weather sealed so you can’t say “so is every nikon and canon”; you can only start to talk about sealing from the 60D and D7000, and that’s thanks to Pentax – who introduced the affordable weather sealing. And it is said the 60D has an inferior weather sealing.
            K-5 overpriced? Compared to what?

          • Harold =Dumb

            The 645D is not a MF camera, it has lenses that Auto-Focus. You know, like it will focus by itself when you half press the shutter release. And the size of the sensor is the same size as all previous 645 film, so it is not cropped in any way.

            Also, not all Nikons and Canons are weather sealed. I don’t know where you get your “Facts”, but I can imagine you are so blinded by your fanboyism and you make up truths in your head to make your brand feel better.

            I think the prices will come down eventually, but again, this is not a very smart move for them at the moment when they just released the K-01 and had a good price push on the K5 in the previous weeks.

            Harold, please do some research before sounding like an idiot on the internet.

          • Alex

            I’m sorry, “Harold = Dumb” (should use another nick, btw), but:
            – MF in that context meant Medium Format, not Manual Focus
            – the 645D is indeed cropped compared with the film 645 format (its sensor is 44x33mm)

          • Warpig

            Harold, in any way I’ve said I’m a “pro” photographer. At least in my country, a “pro” is just a person who receive 51+% of their income by photography. I have my job, and photography is just one of many hobbies I have and enjoy.

            And I do have a variety of lenses, but I don’t think of them as “pros”, just tools for specific needs. And some of my most used tools aren’t even lenses, as the inveter ring.

            Being that said, when you think of photography as a tool, you’ll be much more happy about taking photos. Imagine a hammer, you have lots of brands, some for small nails, some for break concrete, some for wooden dowels, but it doesn’t matter wich brand it is, but what you can do whit it.

            I’ve used many camera systems in the last 15-20 years, but I started with Pentax, my first, so I’ll always have a little place in my heart for the brand.

          • Don’t feed troll

            You’re arguing with the same guy who claimed nobody would be able to focus medium format cinema. This guy chimes in on nearly every post with some assinine argument as to why a brand he doesn’t like is going to go out of business and how “nobody” uses their gear.

            This guy is clearly just an immature troll. Please try not to feed him.
            I’m a Canon 5D2 user, but I had a K-5 and it was a wonderful camera. I was sad to sell it, but I shoot weddings so full frame makes more sense. If Pentax made a full frame I’d be happy to use it.

    • timon

      Japanese BCN sales statistics 2011 about the interchangeable lens cameras.

      Pentax is the lowest total number at the sales rank 20 models in BCN sales statistics.

    • mark

      I could not agree more I never see anyone in the US with a Pentax Camera
      My first SLR was a Pentax Spotmatic Great camera and a good price That was then
      now they are nothing more than a second tier manufacturer trying to charge Zeiss prices I would never own a Pentax Camera now be it a DSLR or Point n Shoot

  • Jack

    Hahahah, implying that Sony is anywhere near the same level as Nikon or Canon

  • up to 90% you have got to be kidding me, Pentax??

  • FMJ

    16-50 F2.8 for $1500 ?????

    is it waterproof? (not weatherproof)

  • mark

    Pentax used to be a good brand Its a second tier brand now at best
    Are they kidding me with these prices They will be out of business FAST

    • Second tier? Yet their image quality is better than anything made by Canon. Try BEST.

    • Second tier? Yet their image quality is better than anything made by Canon. Try BEST.

  • When I started doing photography, I bought pentax because their prices were cheap. I switched to nikon and I always thought it was the best move and would never go back to pentax. I wonder if this move is going to help pentax but in my opinion I think no one would be dum to go for pentax anymore. All rental place have canon and nikon. I haven’t seen any local rental place in california carry pentax. good luck to pentax but I think is a bad move.

    • Pentax lenses and cameras are SUPERIOR to anything made by Canon, and only recently has Nikon caught up. Pentax is for those that want to make a quality image. Canon and Nikon fans, they’re just morons IMHO.

    • Pentax lenses and cameras are SUPERIOR to anything made by Canon, and only recently has Nikon caught up. Pentax is for those that want to make a quality image. Canon and Nikon fans, they’re just morons IMHO.

  • MK

    I have thought about getting a K-5 for the past year. Sorry to say that there is no f***** way I will buy a 16-50* lens for 1500 knowing about the problems with the SDM and the fact that pentax wont even acknowledge it.

    gg pentax its been nice knowing you

    • pablo

      I had that lens when I bought my k20 camera. It was a nice lens but sometime it would just stop focusing and it was ridiculously expensive to have it fix, it was cheaper to buy a new one. I sold the lens for 300 dollar to a friend who didn’t care about that problem. now this lens sells for 1500? wow, my best advise to you or anyone is don’t buy it. canon or nikon way better.

      • MK

        i bet this is a strategy by ricoh to slowly phase out pentax. they dont care about the brand – will keep all the inventory and sell outrageous prices to people who already bought in. after a while they will run out and start a whole new line of ricoh lenses and products. checkmate.

        its like a reverse fire sale, when companies are coming out with new products to replace old ones and just want to dump inventory.

        • mark

          Then why eve buy them It makes no sense Ricoh were and always have been junk cameras They are going to run Pentax into the ground

        • mark

          It makes no sense as to why Ricoh purchased them To run them into the ground? Ricoh cameras were and always have been junk cameras They are going to ruin Pentax

        • Alex

          People here are funny, posting BS about Pentax without having a clue.
          Ricoh recently gave control of their (ex) camera division to Pentax Ricoh Imaging. That’s how important is the Pentax brand to them.
          Pentax also presented lens roadmaps for their 3 systems – 8 new lenses for the K, 4 for the 645D and 4 for the Q. Doesn’t this sound like… I don’t know, continuation of the Pentax product lines?

          We should see how this pricing things evolves; I’m not sure the prices will really stay at MSRP.
          I don’t care much, either – since I live in Europe.

          • befocus


          • Adam Maas

            Prices won’t stay at MSRP, they’ll drift back down. Same thing happened when the Hoya buyout occurred and the prices eventually came back down to sanity.

  • Alan

    Pentax & their unilateral pricing policy in the USA:
    (1) Buy from the UK – a lot cheaper now, even after shipping
    (2) Pentax will loose even more market share in USA.
    Perhaps extinct in 5 years. I think they have poor leadership.

  • Nimbo

    Sigma/Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 is about 1/3 of that price. How the heck are they going to sell these lenses?!

    • Adam Maas

      The Sony is half the price, optically better and has much better AF.

  • Warpig

    Well, now US have the prices for what we all around the world buy our Pentax lenses. Stop being crybabies.

  • piotr

    And this is it. I have been with Pentax for 67 years. Me and my pictures grow up with Pentax. For two years I’m waiting for something like bigger sensor (maybe 24×36). Few weeks ago I heard that its rather impossible – Pentax prefer to be different, smaller and like no other. Now I’ve heard lens prices are going up.
    Pentax – I am really sorry, I have to change my system for Canon or Nikon. I wont be you ambasodor any more.
    Greetings from Poland!

    • piotr

      I mean 7 years

      • Marcin

        And just how this news affects your situation – as a buyer of Pentax lens – in Poland?!

        Jeez, people are you able to read AND understand what you’re reading at the same time?

        The prices’ increase applies only to the U. S. market. Everywhere else (with exception of some Asian countries, perhaps) Pentax lens’ prices have been on this level for year. So, what are you bitching about?

    • Alex

      Have you seen any lens price increase in Poland, or in Europe in general? No?
      Then, what’s the problem?

      • Hausen

        Pentax are a worldwide company and need healthy sales in lots of markets. One region of decent sales will not finance new tech or more depth to the range. It’ll be an ever more destructive circle of lower sales and lower investment leading to poorer products until they fade to nothing.
        I’d say that’s a problem….

        • Alex

          You don’t even know if the prices will stay that way (and yes, IMO some of them are insanely high. Like the 60-250’s, a lens I have and appreciate).
          And European people jumping ship when no such price increase was seen in Europe nor is it expected, that’s just silly.

          • oh no!

            Just hope European street prices won’t mirror US MSRP!

  • MJr

    ‘The hell is going on ?

  • I think part of this is trying to emulate Nikon and others to allow smaller retailers to participate rather than allowing a couple of internet retailers to get all the business.

    Some of these hikes are pretty outrageous though — I expect to see frequent and generous rebates or other official specials/discounts.

  • Twitch

    The 3 DA* zooms with huge price hikes are now out of production to be replaced by improved (FF?) versions, the prices are to preserve stock while new ones get made.

    This is speculation of course, but pretty likely IMHO


      I agree with you, Twitch. I’m sure Ricoh was smart enough to realize people would not go for this, thus allowing them to focus their manufacturing efforts on new lenses for their new cameras. I fully expect a FF DSLR to be introduced soon.

      With that being said, I will not be surprised to see their new lenses going for a premium, but when something is introduced from the onset, it’s much easier for people to grasp, as opposed to seeing a 90% spike on a product that’s been around at a particular price for so long.

      Now, I won’t mind paying a higher price for the newer lenses, so long as their optical and mechanical quality are parallel with what Pentax is asking. On the other hand, if the new lenses end up being only average/slightly above average performers, and have similar problems the SDM lenses have often suffered from, then forget it.

  • oh no!

    Oh no! I have a Pentax K7 and I’ve realized I’ve outgrown kit lenses… I was saving the last penny to buy a k5&good zoom, but these prices push me to my second choice, Canon. Oh no!

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