Fuji to release a new firmware for the aperture chatter/clacking issue in the X-Pro1

The Fuji Guys hinted on Twitter that a new firmware update for the X-Pro1 that will address the aperture chatter/clacking will be released soon. Now if only Adobe can add RAW support for the camera...

Here is a video demonstrating the X-Pro1 aperture chatter/clacking issue:

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  • hexx

    where in that tweet do they say anything about FW update? 🙂

    • The Fuji guys have a sense of humor – I have been following them for a while.

      • hexx

        So have I, that’s why I asked if I’m missing something 😉 I’ve heard about upcoming major FW update when they release M adapter (I hope they add focus peaking or at least 2 step magnification).

      • hexx

        🙂 so it’s out – you told me so!

  • Harold Ellis

    typical fuji.

    they put a “pro” in name

    even didnt forgot to add “X”

    and “pro” price

    but it is still over-hyped P&S

    • Michael Switzer

      What a miserable life you must lead.

      • bob2


        • CHD


          Harold….do you even think before you speak?

    • Alex

      Couldn’t agree more with Michael, Harold you’re a typical troll, posting about things you know nothing about… shoot one for a week before writing such crap.

    • Robert Falconer

      Yeah, with a sensor that smokes every other APS-C camera on the planet.

      Not bad for a P&S.

      • Harold Ellis

        you never shot D7000, did you?

        • Robert Falconer

          Actually, I OWN a D7000.

          End of discussion.

          • eric

            I own a d7000 and a d700. and besides the DOF difference shooting fullframe. I prefer the x pro 1 sensor.

            sorry harold

    • Al Buzz

      Is: “didn’t forget “you grammar wiz!
      If you don’t like it just don’t buy it!
      But of course, in a free world you have all the rights to make any comments no matter how useless they are.

  • H.

    Let’s say : Pro Garbage..
    Now wait for a Zeiss Ikon Digital ?

    • fred

      When Cosina gets around to it.

  • R yu

    I think there is no need to be haters. Just don’t buy the camera and wait for your unicorn.

    • D


  • Sweet. Looking forward to this one! Thanks for the update!

  • Roeder

    I picked up this camera in a store today. It had the 18mm lens on it.

    It’s a “unique” camera. There really is nothing like it on the market.

    Example: what other DSLR offers film simulation bracketing?

    Also, it’s odd. The menus and controls and view finder are all just….odd.

    BUT – the image quality is STUNNING. The sharpness and detail has to be seen to be believed.

    It’s no point and shoot. Just a few years ago I don’t think there was a top level pro DSLR that could touch it.

    So there… an opinion from someone who has actually held this thing for 10 minutes.

  • Mike

    I don’t understand why the aperture is opening and closing to meter the scene. I’m serious, can someone please explain why it does this vs a DSLR having a wide open aperture until you press the shutter button? Even on shutter priority the aperture stays open. Thx!

    • daniel

      I’m not sure of the technical reasons why, but the AF system on this camera requires the aperture to be stopped down a certain amount based on meter readings to be able to lock on focus . With Power save mode ON, the camera doesn’t constantly adjust aperture based on scene exposure (the source of the chatter), but it slows down the AF process substantially due to having to stop down the aperture first an then open back up.

      So unless Fuji has come up with a substantial firmware fix to improve the AF to not require the constant monitoring of exposure to give semi-decent AF with power save OFF, I’m not sure how they can stop the chatter without slowing down an already sluggish (but very useable) AF.

      So I guess what I’m saying is that if they fixed the chatter then I’m assuming they’ve pepped the AF as well.

      (I am an xpro1 user, not an ignorant read-forums-and-spout-garbage xpro1 hater)

  • Kevin

    hmmm that would be nice to have. the blade chatter doesn’t bother me much though… i would prefer the AF improvement they hinted earlier. (not sure the AF improvement is a rumor or not)

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