Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000 pictures

Here are the first Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000 pictures. More info coming soon.

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  • Bob

    Thanks, good news.

  • bartb
  • Martin

    Swivel screen on either the NX210 or the NX1000?

    That’s what my sister would like to have… but not for the price of the NX20, I suspect.

  • Martin

    It’s amazing… such a variety of mirrorless cameras round now, but if you just put together a short list of features you want, you’re left with nothing:

    – APS-C
    – compact body
    – sivel screen
    – manual control features on the body (not in menu or touch screen)
    – low end to mid range model (price wise)

    hard to find… for me it’s still worse, exchanging APS-C for FF, even without swivel.

  • Kraaaaaazzzzy

    No external EVF, no buy.

  • Don Pope

    How can Samsung make two great looking cameras like the NX210 and the NX1000 and at the same time produce a lump of melted plastic like the NX20? Are those two different departments?

    • Dianne

      I guess it is subjective. In my humble opinion I just love the look of the NX20. I currently own the NX10 and absolutely love this camera. However, I just sold it today now that the NX20 has arrived!

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