First Canon mirrorless camera specs

Here are the first set of specs for the rumored Canon mirrorless camera:

  • Two cameras
  • G1 X sensor size
  • APS-C a possibility in one camera
  • 14 & 24 megapixels
  • EF compatibility, but not EF mount
  • EVF on one camera
  • 3-5 lenses announced at launch

If those specs turn out to be true, Canon's solution will be just another mirrorless camera - similar to what other manufacturers have been producing for years (meaning no full frame sensor).

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  • Jacob

    Would be nice if it will be a G1x-like body with nice primes (:

  • “EF compatibility, but not EF mount”

    Somebody had to work very hard to make that up. What does it supposed to mean, that you can use EF lenses with an adapter? Wow, really, shocking concept.

  • Mark

    Seems like they’re chasing Nikon, only with a bigger sensor.
    I don’t think the necessary innovation lies with the sensor size though. Bigger sensors only lead to increased prices, which isn’t what the consumer target group wants.

    Instead, the camera should function like an Iphone. That would still be possible with given specs, though not likely.
    But if they manage to make it, they’ll score for sure.

    • spam

      My HTC function like an iPhone. I’d like my camera to function like a camera. Maybe a bit oldfashioned, but I excpect quite a few will agree.

      • Mark

        Indeed, quite a few. The pros do.
        Consumers take pictures to share them as quickly as possible with a public as wide as possible in an easy and convenient way.
        If you still don’t believe me:

        • lorenzino

          Thom has never said cameras should work like iphones.
          He stated that sharing capacities, and other iphone features (such as an open software so that third-party software producers can add features to the camera) should be added to the existing functions. Without devastating the current UIs.
          Besides, who said that “Consumers take pictures to share them as quickly as possible with a public as wide as possible in an easy and convenient way”? I am not a pro, but I don’t want to share my pics with whomever, and I am preatty sure that the vast majority of readers of this website consider sharing pics online just as a “first step” for their pics, waiting for something bigger and better (whatever it will be).

          • spam


        • Kevin

          well, it will take at least 5 years for connecting a camera to the internet.

          it would be nice if we had a product that did everything we wanted — but the technology is not ready for it yet.

          they probably need to solve these problems:
          – monetary cost of uploading pictures via cellular network
          – software need to be developed to connect to social networking servers and upload
          – battery drain due to uploading pictures, on-camera image processing before uploads
          there’s also a lot more problems my puny brain cannot think of at the moment…

          • penguin

            There are cameras that can connect to internet already… like canon elph 320hs or 530hs.. both cameras can connect to internet via wifi and upload photos to facebook, tweeter etc and most phones can be used as personal hot spots to get wifi

    • There are enough cameras aimed at the “consumer target group” already. We need something that stands out. A FF will do that. Doubt it’ll happen though…

  • Kevin

    wow… that market is going to get even more crowded

    if they can release a few pancake zooms on an aps-c sensor, i think they’ll capture some market

    • pdc

      The APS-C sensor MILC market is crowded with Sony, Samsung and Fuji in there already. The G1X is a much better sensor size (and aspect ratio) to develop a new line of Canon MILC, and have a slight IQ edge over m43. However, m43 will have a slight compactness edge over the slightly bigger sensor based system. Being invested in m43, I would much prefer Canon to join the consortium, but Canon can feed off brand loyalty much better if they go with their own format. If they are really smart the flange back distance will not be less than 20mm so as to avoid the edge fall-off issues that plague NEX – I would expect it to be about 21-22mm.

  • pdc

    APS-C MILC is already crowded with Sony, Samsung and Fuji there already. Canon can lever brand loyalty if they go with a MILC based on the G1X sensor, claiming superior IQ over m43, despite a slight disadvantage in compactness when compared to m43.

  • Why can’t one of these guys just make make a decent rangefinder? When a $7k Leica is your only competition the market should be open for someone to try.

    • Lester

      I agree!

    • spam

      They could of course, but they all know that very few would buy it.

      • Michael

        No, I would buy it. Shooting events, I realise I really need the extra angle of view to look around without taking my eyes off the camera. If only AF would work with rangefinders, or at least hybrid rangefinders…

        • spam

          I wrote that few would buy it, not nobody. The rangefinder viewfinder give you the advantage you mention. There is no reason why AF couldn’t work with a rangefinder, but you’d have the costly and mechanically complex rangefinder mechanism for nothing. You’d also need a complete set of new lenses and a new mount to support it the AF/Rangefinderfocus combination. Maybe Leica isn’t that expensive anyway…

          But what you want sound more like a Fuji X-Pro1 than a rangefinder.

          • Harold Ellis

            i dont care about rangefinder, just give me full frame with 35 f2 and optical viewfinder under 2k and they can stick AF wherever they want.

            i dont care about slow focusing crop mirror less cameras which cost more then DSLR, are almost as huge as DSLR, yet are worse in every way.

    • I agree

    • Michal

      Because obviously the market is not big enough and there isn’t enough interest. Two random post from the Internets do not create a brand new market. Also, creating a new range finder involves as well creating a whole new line up of lenses.

      The first lesson is – just because you my dear original poster seem to think that you want something, it does not mean that everybody wants it. The second lesson is – creating a brand new camera line is not easy, involves a huge effort so it’s not easy to make a business case for it. If you think it’s just SO easy and EVERYBODY would get one of those, why don’t you start your own company manufacture them – should be easy…

  • Nathan

    It’s a good idea, but I’ll wait and see if image quality comes close to the Olympus E-M5. Don’t like the idea of another proprietary mount, but if I had a lot of Canon glass, this would be a godsend. The one thing that can really hobble a new mount is lack of proper glass for it- and compatibility goes a long way toward correcting that.

    Nikon should have done a large sensor in their interchangeable lens camera so that their APS-C lenses could be useful on it. As it is, there’s almost no reason to buy the Nikon 1.

    • There’s very little that’s good about putting SLR lenses on MILC bodies… they completely defy one of the primary purposes of MILC which is compactness.

      The first thing people want to do when they get their first MILC in a certain mount is buy a whole heap of adapters, but the fun in that wears off, imo. In the long run it all comes down to lenses of the native mount.

      • Harold Ellis

        that is what many people think, then they realize one fact:

        if it is not purseable (girls) or pocketable (men), it is not replacement for iPhone camera or S95, therefor you can as well carry DSLR in a bag.

  • peterw

    David Riesenberg dit a great job.
    the best of Canon nicely put together.

    Perhaps it shouldn’t be called AE-D, but Canonette D?

    (I wonder what the function for the akwardly place ‘rewind-stop’ button is? Or does it refer to the -1.5 EV exposure compensation button of the AE-1?)

    • peterw

      (uh, the questions are off course just void thoughts about a beautiful but fictive camera)

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