Those are the new Leica products

If you are not following LeicaRumors, this is what Leica announced today:


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  • James

    The X2 looks seriously disappointing….

    • pooh

      More so with the EVF mounted.

    • I agree, the X2 is dead – they may as well discontinue the entire line if they cannot keep up with the competition.

  • Leonardo

    7,000$ For Summicron 50 seem a little bit over… I doubt it would be 3 times better than current one. And 7k for a BW M9 looks like 1k more than logic would tell.

  • porkchop

    $50,000 for a leica m9-p hermes…..who would want that, for that price you could buy a d4 d800 and still have around $40k for lenses. I guess some rich joker will be dumb enough to piss away that amount of cash.

    • pooh

      That’s why there’re only 20 sets of those.

      • Spag

        10 will go to some oil cheikhs in Qatar / Dubai, 5 to the Russian mafia, 4 to the wives of some Chinese businessmen, and the last one will be a gift from Chris Brown to Rihanna.

      • porkchop

        Well 20 stupid assholes will buy them then

  • Sloaah

    Leica is getting absolutely ridiculous with those prices. It has to realise that the way to make a dent in the market is not by charging insane amounts, but by increasing sales through good value products.

    $50k for a Hermes edition: well there are always people stupid enough to buy such things.

    $7k for 50/2 is utterly ridiculous. I can’t even imagine how they justify charging that much. The current one is already overpriced; it’s certainly not good value. Leica risk making themselves the camera setup for the ultra-rich, as opposed to something real photographer (who are generally not that well-off) will use.

    • Dan

      “It has to realise that the way to make a dent in the market is not by charging insane amounts, but by increasing sales through good value products.”

      I’m not sure I agree. I will never buy a camera at those prices but you have to admit that they are doing something right when they can’t make the cameras fast enough for their customers. Same thing with lenses; they built a new factory to keep up with demand.

      Why lower prices when they sell anyway? They made a bold statement some time ago that their long term goal was one (1) percent of the market. If they make it they will be swimming in money.

  • justin

    Is it april fools day already?

  • Camaman

    Wasn’t the new 50mm supposed to be around 1k more expensive?
    I wondered how they were gonna justify 1k let alone this…

    I guess they want to jack up the 2nd hand market once the current one goes out of production.

  • Kenny

    Lets just wish they go bankrupt the second time round

  • kevin

    7k around my neck scares me. Especially 7 k worth of glass.
    I love cameras and design but come on leica…

  • Limon Wel

    obsolete and overpriced kraut crap!
    go back to making overpriced pos cars, ya kraut numbskulls!!!

  • Webelieve

    Leica has a rich history. These cameras and lenses are not intended for the general consumers. It’s about supply and demand. I use my Leicas to shoot film only. I don’t even have a digital m body or have any interest buying one. My 50mm f1 noctilux has gone up 100% in the last ten years, lol.

    • Harold Ellis

      in the time when leica made it’s name, it was actually made for photographers and was rightfully dream of many of them.
      nowadays it is just as a joke as diamond plated mobile phones.
      And whatever you want to believe, leica would be long dead without their P&S and P&S lens market.
      But let dumb people spend their moneys on whatever they want. They are not hurting anybody and they help german economy. God knows we need it with all that cash our government is pumping to help hopeless EU countries.

  • bjrichus

    My father used to love film Leica … in the 1970’s.

    Today they seem like just a cash generator for some investment banker.

    • Harold Ellis

      they are not making really moneys on the M system and lenses. They actually use it to keep it’s name on some kind of “level” to sell their P&S cameras and lenses to third party.
      They dont focus on M cameras and lenses and just think that once somebody really wants it that bad, so let him pay.

  • Filateko

    Many of these cameras and never will take photos, is for ostentatious. Those who purchase, nor will it be a true enthusiast of photography.

  • an onymous

    Laughing Out Loud… 50k, what would you chose, a German camera or… a German car?

  • How retro! Except the one that looks like a Panasonic and costs like four.

    • Harold Ellis

      dont worry, you will get another copy of Lightroom and tweaked firmware so it is practically like leica ;-).

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